January 4-15: Clyde Rd, Jenny's 21st, James Bond cocktails, Nick's birthday

Clyde Road games day, 4 January 2000

Marybeth & Charlotte
Jennifer & Wulf
The rare braided sloth. Dillon lurks in the background.

Jenny/Iuliana's 21st, Epsom Road, 8 January 2000

Jenny and the cake
On the doorstep: Aaron, Morbid, Ashes
Flatmates-to-be: Beast, Rebecca, Meredith
The boogeyman cometh. Alex Verdonk. Ashes and ? in background.
Dancefloor: Sharon?, Robert, Fluffy, Wulf, Jennifer, Paul, Meredith, Todd, ?
Fluffy, Charlotte, John, Vanessa, ?
Quiet room. Clockwise from bottom left: Aaron, Vanessa, Mike, Lisa, Troy, Dennis, Del, ?, Vanessa

James Bond cocktails, Churchill Street, 14 January 2000

The bar. Amy.
Bond girls: Charlotte and Diana

Nick's Birthday, Memorial Ave, 15 January 2000

Cute lemur in a tree. Angela.
Nicholas Smeaton and JL
What do I do with her now? Anna and Mel.
Gary takes Dan for a spin
Look Ma, no hands!
Dave, Hadley?, Shaun, ? (in garage), Theresa, LX, JL (garage), ?, Trond, ?, Mel. ? in foreground
Dancefloor. And the lens is dirty again... Karen, ?, Anthony, Pixi? (foreground), ?, Sophie, Adam?, Chris, Andrew?, Picasso, ?, Fluffy, ?, Cutter?, Sarah

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