Phil Anderson's Photos: pictures of KAOS, MRS and SCA activities

The pictures on these pages were originally primarily taken at events associated with KAOS, the SCA Barony of Southron Gaard and the University of Canterbury Mediaeval and Renaisance Society (Ordo Cygni), none of which should be blamed for photos associated with the others! A few are from other occasions, but generally involve at least some people from the same extended social group. They are a mixture of current and historical; the current ones are taken with a digital camera and the historical ones scanned from photographs or taken with an older digital. I generally have higher-resolution copies available; I reduced the size of most on-line images to save bandwidth. There are also quite a few photos of current events that don't go on line.

Current photos from any given event are generally in chronological order as far as can be established. It's rarely possible to do this for the historical shots.

See the change log for information on what's been added recently.

I'm always looking for people with albums from the history of KAOS, Southron Gaard and the MRS which I can borrow and scan. Also, I'm always happy to receive extra information about the people or places in any of the photos -- eventually I'd like to list all the names and venues depicted. Let me know if you can help.

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All pictures are Copyright © Phil Anderson, 1998-2012 unless otherwise credited. You should contact me if you want to use any of the photos -- I'll normally give permission for non-profit use. If it's a photo of you, there's no need to ask.

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Last updated: 13 December 2012

early '80s-mid '90s:  Vix's and Belle's albums
1987:  The Alien Ball
1988-1989:  The Rat files, part one
1988-1989/90:  The Rat files, part two
1988-1990:  Diana's album
1989:  48-hour Party
late '80s-mid '90s:  Fitz's photos
1990-98:  The Rat files, part three
1993-ish:  Dillon's photos
1994-ish:  Dillon's photos
1994:  Jo's albums
mid-late '90s:  Euan's collection
mid-90s-2000:  Simeon's collection
1995-Jun 1996:  Claire's albums, part 1
Jun-Aug 1996:  Claire's albums, part 2
Sep-Dec 1996:  Claire's albums, part 3, featuring Blue Peter
Jan-May 1997:  Claire's albums, part 4
Jun 1997-May 1998:  Claire's albums, part 5
1995-2000: Dan's albums
late '90s:  Evan's collection
1998-1999:  Dillon's photos
1998-1999:  Labyrinth Party, 1998; New Year's Eve 1998-99; Claire's Party, 1999
1998-1999:  Dr Who party, 1998; final Airdmhor party, February 1999; Meredith's birthday, February 1999; Grahams Rd party, February 1999; toga party, March 1999
1999: Zilch and Rachel's farewell, Clyde Road, Slave auction party, Morbid and Troy's 21sts, Sarah's party, Dictator's Ball (End of the World?), Puriri St beta, Maidstone Road, SCA Ball, Angela's birthday, SCA Yule, Tinks and Dan's party, Gothic Vampire and one or two other photos
December 11-18:  Euan's Xmas Party, Memorial Ave flatwarming
Dec 19-31:  Puriri St BBQ, Xmas Eve, Alastair's birthday, museum, New Year's Eve
Jan 4-15:  Clyde Rd, Jenny's 21st, James Bond cocktails, Nick's birthday
Jan 20-25:  Sloth and Wombat walk the Abel Tasman Track.
Feb 3-7:  Canterbury Fair 2000
Jan 28?-Feb 13:  Simeon's birthday, Dave Maclagan's farewell drinkies, House-test party, SCA/Puriri St misc
Feb 19-24:  Meredith's birthday, Clubs Day
Feb 24-March 1:  SPIS sailing, John Seaton's 21st, SCA archery and first meeting
March 3-5:  KAOS 2000 first meeting and first party, SCA archery
March 10-11:  Kahu Rd drinkies, SCA tourney, toga party
March 17-April 5:  Dollhouse drinkies, SCA archery and A&S, SCA Southron Gaard Anniversary, Mad Scientist party, Labyrinth drinkies, LCR
April 7:  Perversion Party
April 8:  Rat and Pip's wedding
April 14-16:  Beast's Birthday: Where the Wild Things Are, SCA archery
April 21-25:  SCA Easter Grand Tourney
April 28-May 6:  Kahu Rd drinkies, Puriri St BBQ, KAOS vs Cthulhu Cultists, Cthulhu Mythos party, Elizabeth St party
May 13-21:  Psycho circus, Plunkett St drinkies, Andrew Brown's birthday, Leonie's farewell
May 27:  SCA: Reannag Fhara First Feast
June 3-4:  Johanna's farewell, Heather's 22nd
June 10-11:  Wellington trip
June 17:  SCA ball and party at the Bordello
June 20-July 1: Robyn's birthday, Ilam Rd drinkies, Sophie's flatwarming, Dollhouse dinner, bye-bye rugby party
July 8-16: Cat and Lisa's birthdays and Traci's flatwarming, whiskey drinkies, World War II party, Black Company dinner, SPIS office warming
July 21-29: Schmoo and Cat's drinkies, Ilam Road drinkies, Heroes & Villains party, LCR and Foundry, SCA College Anniversary, Dress to Get Laid party
August 3-5: Bentleys, Angels and Demons party
August 11-19: Party at the Labyrinth, an Affair at the Bordello, hot chocolate at Vanessa's, Gold and Sally's wedding celebrations, drinkies and flatwarming at Ilam Road
August 25-27: The 48-Hour Party
September 2-14: SCA Ball, farewell to Gold, Sally and Andrew, SCA Darchester Naming Day, SCA farewell to Ulf and Alys
September 15-October 4: Puriri Street drinkies, Heather's chocolate evening, Surreal party, Bentley's, Rags to riches party, Pajama party, Emma's birthday, Spring picnic, Freeman Dyson lecture
October 7-21: Darcy's 21st drinkies, Zombie party, party at the Labyrinth, Black Company armouring, Sunday archery
October 27-November 5: Schmoo's drinkies, picnic for Sean and Susan, Seth's birthday, SCA archery and dance, Vernon's flat's Halloween party, Del's engagement drinkies, Guy Fawkes
November 7-11: Teri's farewell, End of year party, Robyn's farewell
November 10-19: SCA: St Jude's Fair and St Catherine's Fair
December 8-10: Rocky Horror, Ashes' 21st, Dodgy party, SCA Christmas Revel
December 15-22: Charlene's 21st, Euan's Christmas party, SCA archery tourney, Dollhouse at home, ritual at the ziggurat
December 25-31: Christmas, Al's birthday drinkies, Orana Park trip, New Year's Eve
January: SCA barbecue, Mel's farewell, SCA Twelfth Night, Scantily clad party. It was a quiet month.
Feb 1-7: SCA Canterbury Fair 2001 and Night of Champions
Feb 10-24: Plunkett St party, Del's retro party, Clubs Day, SCA demo tourney, Gothic revival party
Mar 2: First meeting, first party.
March 4-17: SCA archery tourney, Peter's birthday, toga party, SCA A&S, St Patrick's Day party
March 23-31: Del empties the liquor cabinet, Murder Most Fowl, SCA Baronial Anniversary
April 7: Perversion Party
April 13-May 4: SCA Easter camp, Teri's 21st, Dillon's farewell drinks
May 5-19: SCA First Feast, LCR, Dillon's next farewell drinks, Heather's flatwarming, games evening, Dollhouse drinkies, Bordello flatmate warming
May 26-June 2: Trond's birthday Hitchhiker's Guide party, Gladsone Ave party
June 8-23: Nigel's birthday, SCA bardic evening, Tina's housewarming, Trivial Pursuit at Spud's, Kahu Road drinkies, SCA Feast of Tarts
June 29-July 7: Indian dinner, Cat's 21st, Carthago Delenda Est, Josie's drinkies
July 13-14: Gothic Vampire party, the Den of Iniquity
July 18-August 4: SCA A&S, Plunket Street party, SCA Tavern Revel, Lisa's 21st, the last Bordello party of all
August 17-23: 48-hour party, SCA trip to A Knight's Tale
August 25-September 1: SCA Darchester Anniversary, miscellaneous, New Bordello flatwarming
September 15-22: Nicola's '80s birthday, Spring picnic, Flatwarming drinkies, Laura's 23rd
September 29-October 6: SCA spring tourney, Anderson family gathering, Get Drunk party, Decadence, Drunkeness, Depravity & Debauchery party
October 12-27: UCSA, Brain! Braaain!, SCA Beltane, White Palace drinkies
November 3-5: Halloween party, Rebecca's birthday, Guy Fawkes
November 8-15: Phil & Bec go to Nelson
November 10-24: Communist Party, Chris's 21st, Jess's 21st
November 16-25: SCA St Jude's Fair and St Catherine's Fair
November 30-December 8: Kahu Road drinkies, Leon's 21st, White Palace party
December 9-22: Sunday barbecue, Brian's farewell, Euan's Christmas party, Trond's "I Hate Christmas" drinkies
December 25-30: Christmas, Al's birthday, games day
December 31: New Year's Eve
January 6-16: Sunday barbecue, Alex's wake part 1, wake part 2, post-funeral drinkies
January 18-21: Zane's submission party, Storm's birthday, Elevenses at Jo's, Theresa's farewell
January 26-February 15: Simeon and Pixi's birthday party, Schmoo's birthday drinkies, Seth's drinkies
February 1-6: Canterbury Fair
February 16-23: Zilch, Rachel and Suzanne's birthdays, John's flatwarming, Nelson to Christchurch, the "Trond Hates Theme Parties" Party
February 27-March 8: Clubs Day, Dollhouse drinkies, Classical Sparks, first meeting and party
March 10-23: Peter's birthday, toga party, SCA baronial anniversary
March 30: Perversion Party
April 6-14: Cameron's 21st, Carolyn's flatwarming, Nigel and Natalia's engagement party, Barnett Park walkway
April 20-27: Four birthdays, Port Hills walk, B Movie party
May 3-23: Krispy's birthday, White Palace drinkies, SciTech Daily promotion and drinks
June 1-18: Phil & Nina's trip to the Coast, games night, UCMRS celebrates the sacking of Lindisfarne, Fascists, Tyrants, and Republicans party, Black Rose Ball (perhaps), snow in Christchurch
June 22-July 6: Mel in Korea, Mays Road drinkies, Sunday market, Kahu Road dinner, Kahu Road drinkies, the real dictator's birthday, the acting dictator's birthday: demigods and deities
July 12-20: Phil and Nina go skiing, Angie's 21st, games evening, back to school party
July 27-August 3: Election drinkies, Alex's birthday, SCA Reannag Fhara Anniversary, '80s party
August 10-18: Quail Island, slave auction, SCA Darchester Anniversary, Zane's birthday
August 23-25: 48-hour party
August 30-September 7: Kaotic Winter Weekend, Linda and Ryan's farewell, Tank's birthday
September 13-22: Gothic Vampire party, spring picnic, post-picnic party
September 29-October 5: Gladson Road party, Ben's birthday barbecue, Dollhouse party
October 12: Comic/cartoon character party
October 19-November 7: Blenheim Road party, SCA Beltane, Guy Fawkes and lots of little gatherings and drinkies
November 9-12: Stonking Party of Glug, Kahu Road incident
November 16-17: British comedy party, Operation Warlord
November 22-December 7: SCA St Catherine's Fair, Kahu Road drinkies, MRS feast, Discworld party
December 13-30: Kahu Road Drinkies, Nina's graduation, Christmas Party, Christmas Eve, Christmas, West Coast/Nelson trip
December 31: New Year's Eve
January 3-11: Games day, Jess's farewell drinkies, Bec's farewell dinner, Bordello party
January 17-23: Blenheim Road Expiration party, MRS ball, Welcome Amy drinkies, Angie's drinkies
January 25-February 2: Come as Someone Else party, Nicole's farewell, Drinkies/games evening
February 2: Operation Kumquat (an intimidating number of photos have to be worked through for this!)
February 6-10: Canterbury Fair, Night of Champions
February 12-15: Baby-eating dinner, Silk, Satin, Leather and Lace party
February 21-26: Angie's flatwarming, Schmoo and Andre's birthday, Fairy Ball, Clubs Day, Bec on ice
February 28: First meeting, first party
March 8-9: Operation Launchpad, Dunedin's first party, the anti-protest
March 14-22: Toga party, Adam's flatwarming
March 23-29: Tina's farewell, Riccarton Road flat-cooling, MRS mini-feast, White Palace flat-cooling
April 5: Perversion party
April 6-19: One-hour killing round, Frankleigh Street housewarming, Pip's drinkies, Tess and Shoei's wedding vows and party
April 20-May 10: Nelson trip, games day, dictator's drinkies, MRS fighters, Jenny's birthday, Nick's birthday
May 16-25: Medieval ball, Keenie's drinkies, drunken teen party, Mia's birthday, Mike's flatwarming, Pip's drinkies, SAGA games day, Hooch and Karen's engagement party, Lubie's farewell
May 30-June 1: Operation Spartacus -- Toast, Ludi Natalis Dictatrixia, Dictator's birthday party, battle, ball
June 7: MRS feast, Matrix party
June 12-21: LCR, Gothic vampire party, Trond and Carolyn's engagement party, terrorist party
June 20-22: SCA Ildhafn Bloth and baronial investiture
June 24-July 5: Midwinter swim, Gypzy's flatwarming, John's flat-cooling, snow, '90s party
July 11-13: Buckets of Dice, Martuccio's birthday, Homer Place party, Operation Fountain, Curletts Road party
July 16-August 1: Palmerston North clubs day, baby bats, and spooky kids party, fire and ice...cream, end-of-killing-round party, games evening
August 2: Come in your pants party and slave auction
August 8-16: Keenie's drinkies, Zane & Jenny's farewell, umbrella duel, Cat's drinkies, Copper's birthday
August 22-24: 48-hour party
August 28-31: Kaotic Winter Weekend, Gypzy's drinkies, Bec with balloon
September 5-6: Otago 48-hour party (Operation Shock and Mild Surprise)
September 12-26: Carolyn's birthday, games evening, Bordello drinkies, pirate movie, pirate party, smokers cafe, SAGA minicon
September 27-October 4: Robert's party, Fluffi's birthday, Zane and Jenny's drinkies, 30-something barbecue, Heaven and Hell
October 5-16: Spring picnic, party at Keenie's, a christening, Ilam Horror, frotty birthday party, Smokers' Cafe
October 16-25: University hijinks, road trip, end of term party, Danny's birthday, Becky's birthday
October 31-November 7: Halloween drinkies, Nigel and Natalia's wedding, Guy Fawkes, Peer Street drinkies
November 13-15:  Bordello drinkies, Frankleigh Street drinkies, end-of-exams party
November 21-23:  SCA St Catherine's Fair
November 29-December 12:  Discordian party, Cat and Spike's housewarming, Sarah and Troy's drinkies, Gypzy's farewell
December 13-19:  Pre-Christmas nibbles, Christmas party, Zilch's drinkies
December 20-26:  Reprise party, ROTK expedition, Christmas, games day
December 31:  New Year's Eve barbecue and party
January 1-8:  Picnic, Operation Sandcastle, barbecue, games day, Amy's birthday, Coes Ford trip, Godley Head walkway
January 10-23:  Hooch and Karen's wedding, winery trip, wine and cheese, MRS dance, Luke's drinkies
January 24:  Scantily clad party
January 30-February 2:  Amy & Tria's flatwarming, Number 8 flatwarming, Frankleigh Street drinkies
February 4-9:  SCA Canterbury Fair (warning, large page)
February 12-20:  Jess's farewell, Number 8 party, Operation Valentine, Josh's drinkies, shiny party
February 27-March 4:  Otago first meeting and party, Canberra first party, Laser Force, Andre and Schmoo's party, clubs day, Frankleigh Street drinkies
March 5:  First meeting, first party
March 7-13:  SAGA barbecue, a night at the beach, killing round, toga party
March 19-23:  Life-change party, naval battle, Leon's stag night, Fiona's birthday
March 27:  Storm and Leon's wedding, Canberra toga party
March 28-April 2:  Mel's wine-tasting and boardgames, perversion party
April 3-10:  MRS expedition, poker drinkies, Number 8 drinkies, ziggurat party
April 11-24:  Boardgames day, Arthur Street drinkies, Dollhouse drinkies, Troy's birthday, Arthur Street flatwarming, Number 8 drinkies
April 30-May 2:  Dunedin Gladiatorial Games and Dictator's Birthday Celebrations
May 7-14:  Al and Melissa's drinkies, MRS repast, Wainui Street party, games day, MRS dance, Arthur Street drinkies
May 15-27:  Number 8 party, Mia and Sebastian's birthday, Reading Street flatwarming, Picton Avenue party, miscellanea
May 28-June 6:  Simeon's departure, Troy and Sarah's engagement party, MRS Lindisfarne feast, Euan's return, MRS Lindisfarne ball, Party of Loathing
June 11-25:  George Street drinkies, Natasha's birthday, decadent dodgy dessert drinkies, Number 8 cocktail party, games day, Raj Mahal expedition, Colligan Street drinkies
June 26-July 3:  Natalia's farewell, games day, Number 8 drinkies, Beast's gathering, Greers Road flatmate warming
July 9-17:  Pole-dance drinkies, Buckets of Dice, Martuccio's birthday, more Buckets of Dice, glorious French party
July 20-25:  SAGA gaming, gothic fairytale party, MRS pot-luck, games day
July 29-August 1:  SCA St John's Fair
July 31-August 7: Kat's olding, slave auction, Number 8 party
August 13-21: Gothic vampire party, MRS drinkies, James and Paula's 21sts, snow, end of term and Number 8 drinkies, Frankleigh Street drinkies
August 27-29: 48-hour party
September 1-18: Lisa's farewell, Winter Weekend, karaoke evening, Dictator's birthday, Liz's birthday
September 19-October 3: Spring picnic, SAGA games night, Fluffi's birthday, twister drinkies, SAGA barbecue and games, Slosh's birthday, Sophie's birthday, Tim Burton party, Stacey's halfway dead birthday
October 9: Karl's fantasy birthday party
October 10-31: Frankleigh Street games day, Rebecca's birthday, D&D's birthday, Euan's games day, Danny's birthday, Cat's Halloween party, Bastian, Jo and Rachel's Halloween party
November 5-7: SCA Lochac crown tourney
November 5-20: Guy Fawkes, Frankleigh Street drinkies, games day, pajama party, lesbian attack ninjas party
November 27-28: Al and Melissa's wedding
December 2-11: MRS dance, cocktail drinkies, SCA Christmas revel, Spike's birthday, Quinn's farewell, MRS meeting, Beast and Meredith's at-home, Gladson Ave party
December 12-25: Games day, Euan's Christmas party, Gold's welcome drinkies, Christmas Eve, waifs and strays' Christmas, games day, Al's birthday
December 31: New Year's Eve
January 1-22: New Year's aftermath, Beast and Meredith's dinner, Amy and Sonya's birthdays, Akaroa harbour cruise, Number 8 flat-cooling, sunset, SCA pas d'armes, beach trip, dictator's return drinkies, home alone drinkies
January 23-February 5: Oliver's farewell, burlesque ball, Maize Maze amd Hallswell Quarry, MRS silliness, MRS dance picnic, Heather et al's flatwarming
February 11-15: SCA Canterbury Fair
February 18-21: Filming, Janine and Simon's wedding, drinkies at the Y, cocktail Sunday, MRS dance
February 26-March 3: Otago first meeting, first battle and first party, Fiona's farewell, Clubs Days, MRS first meeting
March 4: First meeting and first party
March 5-18: Naval battle, Yaldhurst Road drinkies, games day, toga party, SAGA barbecue, Schmoo and Rebecca's flatwarming
March 19-26: SCA Baronial Anniversary feast, Seth and Gold's housewarming, Bec and Matt's wedding, Trond Hates Easter drinkies
April 8-9: Vic's birthday, perversion party
April 15-23: Mia's graduation drinkies, Justin and Vania's engagement drinkies, games day, MRS Feast of the Garter
April 23: Piratical slave auction
April 30-May 13: George Street drinkies, Cinco de Mayo, B-grade horror movie party
May 20-June 6: Suva Street drinkies, Trond's overseas drinkies, fire and icecream, games day, MRS Lindisfarne
June 11-24: Damzels in distress, Claire's birthday, pajama party, Port Hills walk, Beth's drinkies
July 1-3: 48-hour party
July 8-30: Martuccio's birthday, multi-theme drinkies, Dyers Pass walk, Pip's birthday, Frankleigh Street drinkies, Shannon's birthday, Jacqui's birthday, MRS dance, Dyers Pass walk, MRS dinner, Y party
August 5-6: Games evening, Operation Can-opener, barbecue, decadence and deviance party
August 6-28: Alison and Leah's birthday, boardgames, MRS Platina feast, drinkies with boardgames, Paula and James's birthday, boardgames, Winter Weekend
September 3: Otago dictator's official birthday party and games
September 9-23: Amy's farewell, Y drinkies, communist party, snow, the last Bordello party of all
September 24-October 1: KAOS ball, spring picnic, LFoD drinkies, Fascist Party
October 13-November 1: Drinkies for Ethan, Wine Club dinner, Rebecca's birthday, Gold et al's flatwarming, Beijing by Night, Danny's birthday, Anaura Bay walkway, boardgames, Claire's birthday, boardgames
November 5-11: Guy Fawkes midnight regatta, boardgames, dictator's birthday
November 12-19: Cat and Dan's wedding, Will's birthday drinkies, cat fencing, hair metal party
November 25-December 4: Otago 48 expedition, Dollshouse birthdays, boardgames
December 8-11: SCA St Catherine's Fair
December 13-30: Boardgames, Euan's Christmas party, Christmas Eve A and B, waifs and strays Christmas, boardgames, Al's birthday, evening walk, messing about in boats, Jacqui and Peter's wedding
December 31-January 1: New Year's celebrations
January 3-13: Orana park, Willowbank, 2006 first drinkies, Lyndon Street drinkies, Sign of the Bellbird walk, games day, Friday 13 drinkies, beach party
January 15-28: Crater Rim Walkway, Luci's birthday, Paula cooling and Alannah warming, games day
February 2-6: SCA Canterbury Fair
February 11-25: Shipwreck party, Ness's 21st, games day, Jo's Body Construct exhibition opening, Lyndon Street drinkies part I, Beast and Meredith's barbecue, Lyndon Street drinkies part II
February 25-March 4: Dunedin first party, Clubs Day, First party, sedate drinkies
March 10-24: Toga party, SAGA barbecue, glorious battle, LFoD party, Gypzy's birthday, Luke's 21st
etc, etc: Lots of catching up
June 9-11: 48-hour party
etc, etc: Lots of catching up
November 17-18: Otago 48-hour party
etc, etc: Lots of catching up
December 31: New Year's Eve
etc, etc: Some catching up
February 1-6: SCA Canterbury Fair
February 24-March 6: Otago first party, Brighton Spit walk, Clubs Day, Hanrahan Street drinkies, Will's escape drinkies, LFoD drinkies, games day
March 9: First meeting and party
March 10-17: SAGA barbecue and games, George Street drinkies, Worsley Spur walk, St Patrick's Day battle and party
March 24-30: Mt Herbert walk, toga party, sedate drinkies
April 6-14: Easter party, Easter drinkies, Easter lunch, Homer Place drinkies, pre-Armageddon drinkies, LFoD drinkies, Beast's birthday
April 21-28: Ludi Natalis Dictatoris, zombie movies
May 5: Perversion Party
August 24-26: 48-Hour Party
December 31: New Year's Eve
April 23-26: Boardgame evening, Sequoia's birthday, Andre's birthday, not-the-perversion-party
January 4: Expedition to Arthur's Pass
January 11: Sign of the Packhorse
August 6-7: Slave Auction Party, David's Farewell
December 4-6: A walk in the hills, a walk in the garden (contains arthropods)
December 8-11: More content from gardens and hills (contains arthropods)
Coming eventually:  Euan's collection (needs scanning), Chris Whelan's collection (needs sending and scanning)
Possibly coming eventually... Krispy's collection

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