March 5: First meeting, first party

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First Meeting, S4, University of Canterbury, 5 March 2004

Helen (very obscured), Duncan, Theuns, Carolyn
Setting up: Storm, Luke, Leon, Carolyn, Scarecrow, Dan
? (hands), Vanessa, Mel (obscured), Mouse, Brett (obscured), Helen
Cat, Ashes
The brute squad: Brian, Vania, Tony
Chris, ?, ?, ?, Amy, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Nicola, Scarecrow, Andre, Luke, Storm, Emma, Mel, Leon, Liz? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Vania (obscured), Mel, Luke (obscured), Leon? (obscured)
Top to bottom:
?, Russell?, ?, ?, ?, ?
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Binky, Yani, ?, ?
Top to bottom:
Spike, Caleb (obscured), Amy, Leon
Norman, Brett (obscured), Belle
Storm, Mary Anne, Dennis, Shannon
Vanessa (obscured), Mouse, Dan, Allanah, Celia, Dawn, Ines
Duncan, Frank, Matthew, Sebastian, ? (very obscured)
Robert, Peter, Sonya, Amy, Amy
Andre, Liz, Nicola, Theuns?, William, Fluffi
Heather, Emma, Jenny
Top to bottom:
Cat, David, Beast (very obscured), Meredith
Ashes, ?
Kirsty, Maizy, Rosie
Jodi, Paula, Hamish (obscured)
Simeon, Cutter, ?

Background: Norman, Allanah (obscured), Belle, Shannon, Brett, Ines, Caleb
The politburo: Amy, Luke, Leon, Storm, Mel, Carolyn
Blowing on the big pink thing: Luke, Carolyn (obscured), Leon, Storm, Scarecrow
Weapons demo: Nicola, Leon, Amy, Storm, Liz? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
An attentive crowd
Pacifist warfare explained: Simeon, Leon, Storm, Luke
Storm, Luke, Carolyn, Mel, Amy, Scarecrow, Josh
There is no cult.
Carolyn works her wiles on Dan
Armed insurgents: Brett, Norman, Amy
Bodies pile up: Fluffi, Brett, ?, Amy, Amy, Cutter, Norman, Ashes
Power to the people! Brian, Caleb, Tony (obscured)
Next! Dan, Carolyn, Tony
Brian, Tony
An enlightened audience

First Party, Gladson Avenue, 5 March 2004

Dan, Carolyn
Mouse, Duncan
Norman, Megan (obscured)
?, Jordan
Liz (hair), Binky, Daria (obscured)
Vanessa (obscured), Theuns
Leon, Norman, ?, William, Josh, Luke, ? (foreground), ?, Matthew, Fiona, Megan, Russell, Angie, Alex
?, Matthew (obscured), Russell
?, Norman, ?, ?, Megan, Russell, Leon, Fiona, Luke, ? (foreground), William, Josh
Amy, Sonya, Peter
Morbid, Andre, Schmoo
Al, Mouse? (obscured)
Kirsty, Cody
Nick, Diana
Matthew, Cameron
Background: Vanessa, Mouse, Al, Matson?, Yani, Binky (obscured)
? (hand), Ines
Bethany, Andrew
Erin, Fridge
Sweeties: Heather, Nicola, ? (obscured), Tria
Mia (obscured), Aaron, James
Daria (obscured), ? (very obscured), James
Matson, Andre
?, Theuns, Megan, Storm, ?, Shannon, Norman, Haz, James, Celia, Allanah, ?, ? (very obscured)
Charlene, Ashes
Beth, Angie, Cat? (obscured), Alex, ? (obscured)
Jodi, Nick, ? (obscured), Adam, Cameron? (obscured), Danielle (obscured)
Danielle (obscured), James, Chris (obscured), Bethany, Liz? (obscured), Paula, Andrew
Caleb, Erin
? (obscured), Hooch, Nick, Tony (hands), Troy (hands)
Matson, Kirk
? (obscured), Nick, Rebecca, Angie
Yani, Al, ?
Alex, Angie
Glenn, Nick (background)
Dawn, ? (obscured), Karl
Storm (obscured), Bastian
Pip's new corset
Haz (obscured), ?, Russell
Nick, Emma
Sarah, Storm, Karl, Fridge (obscured)
?, ?, ?, Joe, ?
?, ?
Duncan and jellyshots
Adam (obscured), Roman, Simeon, Daria (very obscured), Al, Nick (obscured)
Duncan? (obscured), Troy, Kat, Chris
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Sophie, Vaughan
A sudden attack of dwarfism: Vaughan (very obscured), Ben
? (obscured), Allanah, Haz
Josh, Paula (obscured)
Paula (obscured), Jonty, James
Danielle, ? (obscured), Jodi
Rebecca, Claire
Claire, ? (foreground), Belle, ? (obscured)
Belle, ?, ?
Russell, ?, ?, ?, Ashes, Al
?, ?Sam?
? (hand), ?Sam?, Joe
Terry (obscured), Pip (obscured), ?, Bastian (obscured), Shekinah (obscured)
Amy, Shannon
Josh? (obscured), Shekinah, Jess, ?, Shannon (obscured), Storm
Background: ?, Morbid, Nicola, Heather (very obscured), Binky
William, Hamish, ? (elbow)
Jennifer, Ashes
? (obscured), Mel (obscured), Sebastian, Becky, Brett, ?, Fiona
Sophie, Morbid (obscured), Lubie, Andre, Vaughan (obscured), Jodi, Duncan (obscured), Dan
Andrew, Vania
Fridge, ?, Dan
Fridge, Lex
Cutter (hand), Brett, Nick, ? (obscured), Fiona
Trond, Carolyn
?, Amy
Joe, ? (obscured)
? (obscured), ?, Roman, Carolyn (obscured), Troy
Karl (elbow), ?Beth? (obscured), Heather, Eamon, ? (very obscured), Matthew
Mouse, Vanessa, Pip, Terry, Neil
?, ?, ?
? (obscured), Yani
Schmoo (obscured), Belle
Fiona, Leon
Scarecrow, Mel
Eamon (very obscured), Simeon, Claire, Nick, Hamish (obscured), Luke
Lisa, Schmoo
Brett (hand), Peter
?Ryan? (obscured), Slim
?, ?
Celia, T
Meredith, David
Michael, Charlotte, Nick
Background: Copper, Laura, ?
Daria, Adam
Ben (obscured), Sarah?
Chris, Schmoo, Ozy, Frank, ? (obscured), Binky, Glenn (obscured), Heather, Nick, Spike, Amy?, William, Ashes
Copper, Shaun
Background: Neil (very obscured), Belle, Schmoo, Lubie, Kat, Glenn
Fiona, Amy, Ben, Cody, ? (obscured)
Jordan, Charlotte, ?Trond?, Sarah, Mia
Frank, Fluffi
Chris, Kim, Angela
Jess, Kat
Charlotte (obscured), ?, ?, Daria

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