March 23-31: Del empties the liquor cabinet, Murder Most Fowl, SCA Baronial Anniversary

Del empties the liquor cabinet, Churchill Street, 23 March 2001

Peter, Schmoo, Bastian
Jacob and Amie
Friends of Del
Del's alcohol collection
Tess, Angie, Rebecca, Jenny
Dillon and Simeon
Charlotte and Del
Cat and her unGuinness
Schmoo, Belle, Tess, Jacob, Seth, Theuns, Simeon
Zane and Jenny

Murder Most Fowl party, Gladson Ave, 24 March 2001

Cody and Chris
Copper, Charlotte, Rebecca, Robert (foreground), Peter, Darcy, Russell, Leon
Del, Michael, Andrew
Phil and his pterodactyl
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Storm painting Darcy
The meaning of life?
Peter and Storm

SCA Baronial Anniversary, Omaka Scout Camp, 31 March 2001

Callum and Chrettienne
Iarnulf. Stephen, Chrettienne, Brian, Bethany? (obscured), Ashleigh, Einar, Sonya (obscured) in background.
?, Rowena, Vincent, Sigurd, Heloise
Distant background: Gryphon? (obscured), Iarnulf, Sinech, Lughaid, Eleanora, ?, Martuccio, Ulfric (obscured)
Closer in: Bethany, Brian, Ashleigh, Stephen, Sonya, Aliena, Katharine
Iarnulf, Gryphon and Callum examine Heloise's Elizabethan table and toiletries for the Arts Championship
Erica, Bartholomew, ?
Cooks: Edward and Duncan
Beatrice and Jacob
Their Excellencies recognise their heavy and archery champion: Clarice (obscured), Callum, Chrettienne, Lughaid, Vitale, Sinech (obscured), Martuccio, Beatrice (obscured), Einar
Audience at court: June, ?, Rowena, Sinech (foreground), Amy, Roland, Lauren, Geoffrey, Beatrice, ?Storm? (background), Michael, Copper, Ashleigh, Andre, Eleanora and Sigurd, Brian, Yani, Iarnulf, Aliena, Katherine (foreground), Alexander, Gryphon, Cristia, Martuccio, Lughaid (corner of cloak...)
Ceina, maker of the soteltie
The soteltie
Sinech's new garb

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