December 9-22: Sunday barbecue, Brian's farewell, Euan's Christmas party, Trond's "I Hate Christmas" drinkies

Sunday barbecue, Puriri Street, 9 December 2001

Al, Dave and heat haze
Extreme marshmallow toasting: Dave's hand, Jenny, Nathan, Zane

Brian's farewell, Tandoori Palace, 12 December 2001

Clockwise from left: Meredith's hands, Brian, Rebecca, Belle, Peter, Sonya, Amy, Rachel, Bob, ?, ?, Zane, ?Jenny?, Duncan, Charlene, Beast, Tina, Simeon?
Duncan at left, Meredith and Belle standing.
Around the table clockwise from the foreground: Simeon, Zane, Jenny, Michael, Tina, Charlene, Rebecca, Rachel, Peter, Sonya, Amy, Brian

Euan's Christmas party, Puna Street, 15 December 2001

As the sun sets in the west, people head for parties...
The host: Euan
Sarah and Fran
Caroline, Michael, Alan
?, Picasso, Mogs
Mmmm, chocolate... Angela and Lesley
The goblins: Andrew, Angie, Chris, James
Ashes and Todd
Jenny, Heather, Ben, Nicola
On the deck: Angela, Cutter, Tony, Ashes, ?, Lesley, Charles, Kat, ?Rachel?, Todd?, Aaron?, Jenny
Foreground: James, Angie, Tria, Chris, Emma
On deck: ?, ?, ? (obscured), Krispy, Tim, ?, ? (obscured), ?Tess?, ?, Schmoo, ?, Karl, Jenny, Claire, ?
?, Nicole, Jenny, Caroline, Claire, Rachel, Karl, Nick, Rebecca, Brat, Angela (foreground), ?, Ben, Michael, Kat, Vanessa, Morbid, Cutter, Lesley
Schmoo, Seth, Jenny, Mary? (outside), Claire, Brent, Aaron, Neil, Ozy, ?
? (obscured), Al, Karen, Nicola, Hamish, Aaron?, Todd, Jonty, Victoria, ?, Belle
Claire, Aaron
Anthony, Claire, Nick, Rebecca, ?
Ryan, Tim, Linda
Collectable dictator cards
?, Brat, Rebecca, Cutter, ?
Nicole, ? (obscured), Cutter
Seth contemplates sparklers
Tony, Andrew, Charles, Aaron?, ?
? Schmoo, Heather
Time Warp: Simeon, Caroline, Ben, Rebecca, Nicole, Jonty, Trond

Trond's "I Hate Christmas" drinkies, Ilam Road, 22 December 2001

Kaye and Robert
Jacqui and Schmoo
Schmoo and Del
Simeon and Theuns
Diana and Theuns
?, ? (head), Emma, Tria, ?, Chris
Diana, Tony, Del
JL, Caroline, Todd
? and Nicola
Al, Jacqui, Todd
Al and Nicola
Mary, Aaron, Victoria, Schmoo, Glenn, Brian
Mary Anne
Caroline and Paula

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