July 18-August 4: SCA A&S, Plunket Street party, SCA Tavern Revel, Lisa's 21st, the last Bordello party of all

SCA A&S, UCSA LCR, 18 July, 2001

Einar does his Tycho impression
Kat, Iarnulf, Jonty, Bethany

Plunket Street party, 20 July, 2001

Paula tries to avoid the camera...
Josie and Spud
Ben (background), Michael, ?, Del, Morbid?
?Josie?, Mary Anne, Dennis, Trond
James and someone obscure worship Julie

SCA Tavern Revel, Matai Street West, 21 July, 2001

Katharine, Hercules, Clarice
Phoebe amidst the chaos behind the bar
Singers' circle: Russell, Einar, Sonya, Geoffrey, ? (head only), Becs, ? (foreground), Valerian, Amy?
Roland (obscured), Blain, Brian, Jonty

Lisa's 21st, Suva Street, 28 July, 2001

Russell, Julie, a rather tipsy Storm, Adam
Mary Anne's hands, John, Ben?, Jess
Darcy the gargoyle
Lisa and Troy
Mia presents the cake to Lisa
Josie and Ashes
A shiny deity
Model and cake
Neil and Russell
Adam dodges an incoming drunken Nigel
Alex and Leon
?, Mia, ?
Outside view
Jenny? and Laura

The last Bordello party of all, 4 August, 2001

A number of these photos were taken by Wayne and/or Pixi on Pixi's camera, and scanned for me by Pixi. Many thanks.

John lurks in his den
Auctioneer's equipment...
Ashes?, ? (obscured), Mary Anne, Andre, Storm, ?
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Pip and Lubie
Jo and Bastian
? and ?
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Nigel and Michael
Jonty and Giles?
In the foyer: Jaqui, Damon, Beast, Daniel, ?Al?, Rebecca, Debra, ? (obscured)
?, Pixi, Michael, MaryBeth
Leon and Storm
Brent and a toy
Tess?, Karen?, Al, Pixi, ? (obscured), Andi, Schmoo (background), Simeon
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Big Gary
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Crowd reaction to that dress
Seated: Stefan?, Al, Pixi, Tess, Andi?, Karen
Midground: Morbid, Michael, Alex, ?Charlene?, Mary Anne, Cat?, Russell, Simeon, Brent, Claire, Jenny, Simeon (obscured)
Background: ?, Spud?, ?, Damon?, ?, ?, Nick, Michael?, ?, ?
Pip, Nicola
Pip, James? and Jonty
Dennis, ?Giles?, Stefan, ?, ? (obscured), Phil, Zane, ? (obscured), Meredith, Nicola, Al, Gary, Andi, Alex, Pixi, ?Morbid? (background), Tess, Euan, Mary Anne, Nigel, Karen, Russell, Spud
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Steve (obscured), Pip, Dan
Pip, Troy, Schmoo, John
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Auction crew: Steve and Pip
Tony. No, that's not a shirt...
Pixi abases herself before ex-auctioneer Schmoo as he goes on the block. Duncan sells the merchandise and Tony lurks in the background.
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
John, Duncan, Tony, Diana
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Bidding for bunnies: ?, ?, ?, ?, Simeon, Robert, Simeon, Julie
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Potential bunnies: Jess and Pip. They went for $240.
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
A slave reclines with his owner: Zane, John, Andi
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
At the Playboy mansion: Jess, Pip, Simeon, Lubie
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
?, Phil, ?, Euan
Courtesy of Wayne/Pixi
Danny and Paul
Diana applies UV paint
Charlene's collection: Russell, Tony, Troy, Charlene, Hooch, Cat, Alex
Del and ?
?, Mia, Adam
Pixi, Jonty, Karen
Karl, Pauline, Schmoo

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