Claire's albums, part 1, 1995-June 1996

These pictures are scanned from an album belonging to Claire Hill, and the photos were generally taken by her. The album has considerable overlap with Dan's albums for 1996, and I haven't duplicated things here that I've already published on that page.

First meeting, March 1995

Claire and Dan

48-hour party, September 1995, ?

Hamish and Gevan
Background: ? and Shoei?
Scarecrow and Mike
Joe and Tina
Gold, John, Zilch
Pixi, Sonja

LCR, September? 1995

Hamish, Idiot
?, Kirk, ?, Jamie, Scarecrow, Claire

First meeting, 8 March 1996, UCSA amphitheatre and LCR

Joe, Al, Jason
? (foreground), Jeremy, Picasso, Wintermute

Bagel's trial, 15 March 1996, LCR and library

Lynch mob: Aaron?, ? (obscured), Bob, ?, Jason, ?, Picasso, Jeremy, Matt (obscured), Chris, Matt, ?, Bagel, Dan, Fridge, Morbid, Charlotte, Mouse
Duncan, ?, Bagel, Fridge
Bagel faces death alone
Bob T. Bunny

Toga party, 15 March 1996, Ryland Ave.

Picasso and Matt
?, ?, Belle, Matt?, Picasso, Dan
Belle, Dan
Matt, Bob, Joe
Gold, Danny, Robyn
?, Picasso?, Oli, Dan
Mike and Bagel

False messiah Olympics, 22 March 1996, UoC

Dan walks on water

Perversion party, 30 March 1996, Watchtower

Bagel and Olivia
Mary, Olivia, ?
Mike, Picasso, Matt, Sonja, Jason
Karl, Sarnia, Zilch
Mel, Traci, ?
Dan and Gold
Shoei, ? (obscured), Richard, Karen (obscured)
Caitlin, Pixi, Charlotte, Morbid
?, Erebus, Chris
Dan, Olivia, Gold
Matt, Picasso, Pixi
Picasso, Gold, Olivia
Jillian, Dave, Dan

LCR, March/April? 1996

Damon, Kirk, Duncan?, Chris, Dan, Joe, ? (obscured)

Chris's election, 17 April 1996, UCSA amphitheatre

Chris and Gold
?, ? (obscured), Jeremy, ?, ?, ?
Joel (foreground), Traci, Nick, Andrew, Bagel, Karen

Awards party, 20 April 1996, Watchtower

Sara, Donna, Oli
? (obscured), Sonja, Hamish, Davita
Bagel, Kath, Chris, Gold, Danny, Wombat, Euan, ?, ?, ?Mike or Fitz? (foreground), Dan
Bob and Sonja
Euan (obscured), Puppy (obscured), Pauline, Dan, Hamish (kneeling), ?, Robbie (sitting), Menolly, Starz?, Helen, Colin

Bealey Ave., 11 May 1996

Caitlin and Jeremy
Gold, Sonja, ?

Fancy dress party, 18 May 1996, Puna Street

Jodi? and Vivienne
Kara and Simeon
Oli, Belle, Zane
Belle (obscured), Davita, Bob
? (arm), Bagel, Zane, Puppy, ?
Shoei, Jillian, Jeremy, Chris

May 1996, Bealey Ave

Hamish and Sonja

Dessert party, 25 May 1996, Curlett's Road?

Sara, Jillian, Dave, Dan, Gold, Mary
Dave, Dan, Picasso
Sara and Dan

Dan's 20th, 1 June 1996, ?

Dan, Jillian, Oli, Duncan, Dave, Sara
Idiot and Matt
Dan's hat...

Donna's birthday, 2 June 1996, Bealey Ave

Gold and Donna
Claire and Jason
Helen, Jillian, Bob, Dan
Robyn and Zane
Fridge and ?
? and Caitlin
? and ?Andrew?
Sarnia and Jillian
Simeon, Picasso, Jeremy
Sonja and Charlotte
Bagel and Mike
Idiot and Agent 99
Sara and Dave

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