Dan's Albums, 1994-2000

These pictures are scanned from four albums belonging to Dan Parsons. They're mostly arranged in a vaguely reasonable approximation of chronological order on this page, although the file names are not as methodical as usual.

The photos are taken by a number of people, particularly Dan and Claire Hill. Attempts will be made to establish who took what after I've scanned Claire's albums.

Gothic Vampire, possibly early 1994
Oli and Belle

Dinner at Dave's, December 1994?
Sara and Mary
Duncan and Dave

Wine tasting at Dave's, 6 April 1995
Colin, Helen, Penny
Dave, Craig, Bronwyn

Watchtower, early 1995: Jillian,?, ?, ?, ?
Q's birthday, June 1, 1995
Boxing Day 1995: Duncan, Dave, Belle, Oli, Dan
Helen; Oli, Dan; Mike, Dave, Duncan; and Colin, December 1995?


Rocky Horror in the Ngaio Marsh, Orientation 1996
Front three rows: Sonja, Claire, Bagel, Jeremy, Belle, ?Shoei? (obscured), Sarnia (obscured), Mary, ?, Oli, Zilch
1996 Politburo
Front: Dan, Chris, Matt, Mary
Middle: John, Belle, Gold, Karl, Erebus, Shoei (obscured)
Back: Carl
First meeting execution, 8 March: ?, Joe, Dan

Bagel's trial in the LCR, 15 March
Fridge, Mike, Dan, Chris, Bagel, Mel, Tess, ?, Bob, Jason, Aaron, Karen, Kara
Brent, Fridge (obscured), Dan, Bagel, Mel
The defence sums up: Bagel, Mel, Bob, Karen, Jason
Execution by Birdie Dance: Fridge and Bagel in front of the library

Toga party, Ryland Ave, 15 March
Puppy pile on Chris Rigby's bed: Caitlin, Morbid, ?, Ethan (SCAdian from Antarctica), Bagel, Olivia, Pixi (top), Matt?, ?
?, Morbid, Ethan, Pixi (top, obscured), Matt?, Bagel (obscured)

False Messiah Olympics, 22 March
Robyn, Chris, Dan, Morbid
Chris, Dan, Robyn, Morbid
JSR, the MC
Chris failing to walk on water

Sara, Al, Jillian
Gold in the UCSA amphitheatre

Perversion party, the Watchtower, March 30
Belle, Oli, Dan
Oli and Belle, later that evening

KAOS vs Alfs Imperial Army, 7 April
Dan and Bagel (Navy Seal and cavalry)
Rakaia Rough Riders hide from the Alfs behind a tree
Alfs' cannon wreaks havoc on KAOS. Hamish in blue, Simeon dying right rear, Bob front right
Random mayhem. Bob standing in foreground, Matt? on ground
Chris, ?, ?, Bob, Mike?, Matt, Claire, ?, Simeon (on ground), Adrian, ?, ?, Richard, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Finishing off the wounded. Chris with KAOS jacket, Dan dead in wetsuit center right
Alfs prepare the Dalek charge
KAOS stands firm: Menolly, Richard, Gold, Bob (obscured), Dan, Chris, Hamish, Adrian, Andrew? Simeon
The enemy advances: Chris, Gold, Simeon, Bob, ? (very obscured), Richard, Bagel, Andrew?, Adrian, Tim?
Conga line charge. Steve in camo trousers. Tim beyond Steve, Mike beyond Tim. Adrian, Hamish, Bagel, Richard, Simeon and Bob identifiable in right-hand middle ground.
Confused melee. Steve charging with Rough Riders, Chris duelling in center, Tim at the back, Adrian on ground. Dan and Richard left and right in foreground.
Dan, ?, Mike

Sara's birthday: Dave, Dan, Duncan, ?, ?, Sara, ?, ?, ? (obscured)
Dan's 20th, Bealey Ave: Duncan, Dan, Jillian, Dave, Sara, ?
Hamish and Andrew's trial, LCR, 7 June
Officers of the court: Ian, Dan, Fridge, ? (obscured), Helen
Jillian, Dave and Dan at the Watchtower

Ragnar's trial, UCR, 7 June
Mouse, Chris, Fridge, ?, Simeon, Hamish, Ian, Kara?, Tim?, ?, ?, Dan, ?Tim?, ?
Cross examination: Fridge, Simeon (defence counsel), Chris
Watchers: Karen, ?Daniel?, Trond?, Aaron?, Morbid, Tess (background), Tim, Richard, Kara, Andrew?, Matt, Robbie
Staked for execution: Ragnar, Simeon, Fridge, Mouse
The bodies: concussed Simeon, Ragnar, Dan

The lift stunt, August
Robbie, Dan, Hamish in the Modern Languages building (also done in Law and Chemistry)
?, Dan, ?
The team: Dan, Fridge, Hamish, Chris, Robbie

Olli and Belle, Decadence and Deviance party, 17 August

Spring picnic, September 1
Helen, Sara, ?, Oli, Meredith, Belle
Gold, Belle, Oli, Helen, Colin
After the spring picnic, snooker at the Corner Pocket: Helen, Colin, Oli, Mouse

Gothic Vampire, 20 September
Mel and Mike
Chris and Karen

Noel, Mike, Charlotte, Oli at Chepstow Ave
Daniel the fudge boy. Sugra on unicycle.

Hamner, December: Mouse, Colin, Belle, Oli, Mike, Dan
Colin, Oli, Mouse, Belle, Dan, Mike


Canterbury Fair: Oli & Belle
Tablero da Gucci: Belle, Mel, Jodan, ?, Ulfric, ?, Brother Stephen, Callum (foreground), ?

Karen and Colin, Chepstow Ave
Karen and Chris
Karen, ?, Chris
While the Mike's away, the mice will jump on his bed: Chris,?Colin?, Dan

Gold, Colin, MaryBeth recovering from a Hinau St party. Colin may by now be able to count his limbs again...

First meeting, 14 March
Politburo: Traci, Mouse, Hamish, Dan the Dictator, Chris, Robbie
Andrew?, Alan, Dan, ?, Picasso, Schmoo
Mouse (Q)
?, ?, Hadley, ?, Duncan, ?, MaryBeth, ?, Mel, Sara, ?, ?, Robyn

Dan's 21st
Clockwise: Mouse, Karen, Duncan, Murray (Dan's dad), MaryBeth, Helena, Dan, Lubie, Chris, Colin

Colin, Mouse, Matt at a hot Cinerator evening, Chepstow Ave
Later that evening...

Colin, Chris, Matt, Robbie, Mouse, Al and Mike's Viva
Matt and Chris
Mouse, Colin, Matt, Al

Colin's birthday: Colin, Mouse, Julie
Chris and Karen's door, Chepstow Ave: Mouse and Colin
Chepstow Ave before the SF party: Chris, Colin, Dan, Mouse, Matt
Halloween 1997, waiting for trick-or-treaters: Karen, Dan, Matt, Mouse, Duncan
Dave pretending to be Chris, Chris pulling the strings
Julie, Dan, Mouse, Dave, Chris
Dry ice weekend at Chepstow Ave
They were being noisy...MaryBeth and Julie

KAOS vs Cultists, December 1999
Colin, Trond, Duncan, Darcy, Dennis, John, ?, Alex, Michael, Leon, ?, Julie, Joe, Andrew?
(see also: Euan's pictures)
Cultists: A Bruce, John, Schmoo, Dillon, Tim, Simeon, Daniel
?, Michael, Darcy, Varnia, Trond, Schmoo?, Dennis, Leon, ? (obscured), John, Menolly, Duncan, Tim

Moving furniture: Mouse, Matt, Dave
Gothic Revival, 19 Feb 2000: Pip, Dan, Gold, Chris, Tria
(see also: Phil's pictures)
Dave, Dan, Duncan, February 2000
Chris & Tria's wedding, date unknown

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