Canterbury Fair 2000

Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days over Waitangi weekend. This year's Fair went off very well, with the rain confining itself to times when it wasn't too inconvenient and the sun appearing when it was needed. There sure were a hell of a lot of sandflies, though!


Setup day.

It's green this year! Lower field before setting up, composite shot.
The marquee is laid out as the Mangy Mongol takes shape.
Some of the setup crew do something productive as the weather outside gets a little dreary. Manfred, Michael, Eleyne, Marie, Duncan? (obscured), Rowena.


People begin arrive, but not much scheduled.

Preparing the first meal plan dinner. Nerissa?, Beatrice, ?, ? and some white tortas
The Mangy Mongol.
My tent is guarded by bear and snake. (And now a frog as well.)
East and a little north of my tent lies the hamlet of Bruceton...
Arnfridr and Adele test the swimming hole - a bit cool this year, but large and deep.


Fighters practices, small feast (which I was involved in cooking, so I didn't get to take many photos...)

People gather under the marquee.
Singers in the Mong. ?, Alys, Rosalind, Iuliana, Isobel, Morella, Isolde
Puppy piles in the den... Names withheld to protect the guilty.


St Thomas's Market, Tournament of the Rose, Ball

Llewelyn making pattens from scratch with hand tools.
Musicians: Isobel, Iuliana, ?, Rosalind
Inside the Mong: Vincent, Arnfridr? (obscured), Francesca
Gamers and merchants at the market. Clockwise from front left: Del, Beatrice, Ayeshah, ?, ?, ?, ?
Feran and Jarnulf's emporium.
Watching the archery: Becs, Leonie, Kelly (obscured)
Archers and watchers.
Haggling. Alison and Marie bargain with Callum for a shirt. Magnus lurks under his hat.
Fighters at the Tournament of the Rose.
Alaric presents a rose to Cristia. Heloise and Madelein in background.
The ball. ?, Joanna, Becs, Valerian, Ava, Adam?, Eleyne, Llewelyn
Terese de la Maunch


War fighting, things wind down.

At last! Me in armour once again.
And fighting... Rosalind, Inigo, Natal'ya, me, a couple of people too obscured to identify, Iuliana? marshalling, Sigurd on his knees, unidentifiable Wihagen fighters, Eleonora and Ulfric kneeling.
Jarnulf's smithy.
The disorder of the bath? Khalid, Llewelyn, Jarnulf, Bastian, Inigo, Manfred? (obscured), Feran, Duncan, Ulf, Magnus, Teresa?, Ava
Bathing belles at the Mangy Mongol: Teresa and Rowena


Time to pack up. No interesting photos.

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