May 13-21: Psycho circus, Plunkett St drinkies, Andrew Brown's birthday, Leonie's farewell

Psycho circus, Gladson Avenue, May 13, 2000

Putting on the war paint: Belle and Matt
Killer Klown: Matt
Ringmistress: Belle
Fortune-teller: Meredith
Wild Beast
?, Traci, John, Matt
Heavily disguised ring-tailed lemur: Angela
What is he describing? Cutter, ?, Daniel, ?
The quiet table: ?, ?Chris?, ?
This woman is incorrigible. Why do people keep incorriging her...? Meredith
Another incorrigible individual: Anthony, Heather, Mel, Jenny, Traci, John

Plunkett St drinkies, May 19, 2000

Disreputable individuals gather... ?, Andrew, Hadley, Erin, Alex, ?
Dice emerge... Clockwise from bottom left: ?, Garth?, ?, Debra, Mia, Leon, Andrew, ?, Hadley?
A young dictator consults minions: Michael, Garth?, Erin, Colin, Alex, Troy
An old dictator dozes: Mia, Leon, Andrew, ?, Dillon
New arrivals: Mian and Leon (obscured), Andrew, Erin, ?, Lesley, Rebecca
Jess and a cat
Relaxed cat and Lisa

Andrew Brown's birthday, Memorial Ave, 20 May 2000

Crow and Angela
Terrace crowd
This man wants to be a teacher... Mel
Caleb, Lesley, Ashes, Cody? (obscured), Matthew
Mmm, dessert
Driveway drinkies: Jason, ?, Dillon, Colin, Teri
Lesley, LX?, Teri (obscured), Cody, Jason, Mel (background), Josh, Julie, Michael?, Beast, Morbid?
Redneck Jedi Cody
Fran? posing for the camera
In the yard: ?Lisa?, ?, Nick, Caleb, Jason (hat), Sarah, Matthew, Cameron, Angie, Chris, Cat, Andrew
Sparkly Mia
Dancers: ?, ?, ?, Michael, Trond

Leonie's Farewell, Strawberry Fare, 21 May 2000

Early arrivals: Ian (almost invisible except in mirror), Pogo, LX, Schmoo, Evan, Leonie, Murray
Menus out... Charlotte, Pogo, Ian, Simeon, Nicola, Leonie, Evan, Murray
Food arrives
Almost everyone...
Near side: Simeon, Ian, Pogo, Charlotte, LX, Del, ?, Becs, Brendan
Far side: Peter, Schmoo, Evan, Leonie, Murray, Theuns, ? (obscured)

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