April 6-19: One-hour killing round, Frankleigh Street housewarming, Pip's drinkies, Tess and Shoei's wedding vows and party

One-hour killing round, University of Canterbury, 6 April 2003

All photos courtesy of Marsden.

Cutter, Al, Duncan
Chris, Diana, Nick, Carolyn, Simeon, ?, Norman?
Diana, Nick, Fiona
Tony, James, Trond
Daniel?, Thomas, Jarrod
Laura, Miche, Naomi, Joe
Jonty, Donnelle, ?
Naomi, Miche, Laura
Tony lurks in wait
The morgue: Laura, Trond, Duncan, ?Cutter?, Daniel? (on ground), Carolyn, ?, ?, Fiona, Norman?, Naomi, Miche
Diana, Nick
Fiona, Daniel?, Naomi, ?, Al, ?, ?, ?
Cutter, Diana, Nick
Chris? (foreground), Trond, ? (obscured), Cutter?, John?, Duncan, Fiona (foreground), Norman?, Thomas
Final showdown: Jarrod vs James
Relaxing at the mall
Left table: ?, ?Rebecca?, ?Angela?, ? (obscured), Al, Carolyn, ? (obscured), John, Chris
Right table: Miche, ?, ?, Naomi, Jarrod

Frankleigh Street housewarming, 11 April 2003

Josh, Beast
Schmoo?, Karla, Neil
Al, ?
?, Belle, Lynn, Ken
Matthew, Peter (obscured)
Amy? (very obscured), Dan, Theuns, Amy, Robert? (obscured)
Belle, Keenie, Karen, Schmoo, Stretch
Danny (obscured), Blue Meanie, John
Amy (obscured), David, Meredith, Tony
Coffe bean hunting: Al, Martuccio, Cat, Stretch (obscured), Charlene
Cat, Belle? (obscured), Charlene, Josh, Robert, Peter (obscured), Amy
Martuccio, ?
Morbid, Amy (obscured)

Pip's Drinkies, Canon Street, 18 April 2003

Duncan (obscured), Al (obscured), Simeon, Tim, Karl, Jess, Wayne (foreground), Amy
JL (obscured), Jason, Pip (obscured), ?
Amy, Wayne
Al, Amy, Troy (obscured), Duncan, Sarah (obscured)
Clockwise from left: Al, Amy, Duncan, Troy, Sarah, Simeon, Tim, Karl, Jess, Rebecca, Amy (obscured), Wayne, Jason, ?
Wayne, Jess, ?
Duncan, Jason, Amy
Glenn, Jess, Pip
Tim, ?
Tighter! Duncan, Jason, Amy, Karl
Rebecca, Oliver, Simeon
Pip, ? (obscured)
Jess, Pip, ?
JL watches the invisible actions of several people...

Tess and Shoei's wedding vows, Greers Road and Christ the King Church, 19 April 2003

Photos of the ceremonies were taken with no flash or tripod, and are thus rather fuzzy...

Shoei, Tess
Beast (obscured), Anna, Rebecca, Amy, ?
JSR, Annette
Cameron, Karl, Charlotte, Rachel, Simeon
Karl? (obscured), Cameron, Rachel, Simeon, Sandra, Charlotte, Glenn, Beast, ? (very obscured), David, Meredith, Tess, ?, Stefan
Brian, Schmoo
?, Tess, Shoei, ?
?, ?, Shoei, ? (obscured), Tess, ?, ?, ?
?, ?, Shoei, ? (obscured), Tess, ?, ?, ?, ?
The baptism: ?, ?, Shoei, Tess (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?
Repeating vows: ?, Shoei, ?, Tess, ?

After-church party, Greers Road, 19 April 2003

LX, the Russian bear
Becky, Nick (obscured)
Carolyn, Cutter, Matson, Cat, Lubie, ?, Ozy
?, Troy
?, ?, ?
?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Jess, ?Chris?, ?, ?, Angie, ?, Danielle, ?Jody?, ?, ?, Lubie
Jess, Storm
Background: Lubie, ?, ?
?, ?, ?
?, Adam, ?
Secret agent Angie
Haz?, Fiona
Hamish, Paula
Karen, Hooch
Background: JSR, Becky, Nick, Annette?
Amy, Leon, ?Tess?
?, Amy, Leon
Troy, Sarah
Tony, Cat
Leon, Danielle
Matson, Lisa
?Matthew?, Amy, ?
Jonty, ?
?, ?Matthew?, Ashes?, Rebecca, Kate?, Al
?, MaryBeth, Nick
Ozy, Karl, LX, Carl, Nick?, ?
Background: Simeon, ?, ?
Matson, Jennifer
Amy, Karen, Carl, Carolyn

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