December 12-27: Games day, Euan's Christmas party, Gold's welcome drinkies, Christmas Eve, waifs and strays' Christmas, games day, Al's birthday

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Games Day, Frankleigh Street, 12 December 2004

Handcrafts and Lord of the Fries: Beth, Beast, Meredith, David, ?
Bang!: Tony (obscured), Robert, Phil, Heather, Amy, Amy
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Bohnanza: Stacey, Cutter, Jenny, Matthew
More Bang!: Amy, Ethan, Tony, Amy
Background: Cutter, Jenny, Matthew
TransAmerica: Beth, Meredith, Beast, John, ?
Ticket to Ride: Gypzy, Jenny, Heather, Ethan, Amy
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: Tony, Robert, Cutter
Alhambra: Brent, Jenny (obscured), Meredith, Beth, ?, John
Tongiaki: Cutter, Tony, Belle (obscured), Robert, Gypzy
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Beth, Martuccio

Euan's Christmas Party, Puna Street, 18 December 2004

Melissa, Al
Background: Melissa
Meredith, Euan
Background: Todd, Damon
Photo courtesy of Jason
Damon, Todd
Robert, Amy? (obscured)
? (obscured), Chris, Amy (obscured), Allanah (obscured)
Ethan (obscured), Jason
Storm, Matson
Photo courtesy of Jason
Allanah (obscured), Sass
Kat (obscured), Karl
Terry, Jason? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Glenn, Matson (obscured)
Robin, Shekinah
Amy, Jess
Photo courtesy of Jason
Vania, Justin
Dust, Amy
Shekinah, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Michael, ?
Photo courtesy of Jason
Angela? (hand), Cutter, Robbie, Dust, Jen, Luke, Schmoo, Kat, Michael, Ethan, ?, Beast, Euan
Trudi (obscured), David, Damon (obscured), Meredith, Jason, Jess, Jonty, Storm (obscured), Pip, Dan, Naith, Melissa, Allanah, Fiona, Chris, Al, Stacey (obscured), Matthew, Amy, Liz (leg)
Al, Matthew, Amy, Liz, Angela, Cutter, Jen, Robbie, Schmoo, Dust
Lana, Robin
Santa in full flight: Al (head), Michael (obscured), Ethan, ?, Fiona (obscured), Melissa? (head), Euan
Photo courtesy of Jason
Meredith (obscured), Glenn (obscured), Trudi, Damon, Fiona, Amy, Jason, Melissa, Storm, Allanah, Dan, Pip, Al, Naith (obscured), Chris, Stacey (obscured), Matthew, Amy, Liz, Angela, Jen
Santa Euan popping pills
Background: ?
? (hand), Heidi
Photo courtesy of Jason
Ethan (obscured), Trudi, Pip
Lana, Robin, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Liz, Jess (obscured), Quill
Glenn, Pip, Quill, Storm, Amy, Dan, Schmoo

Gold's Welcome Drinkies, the Bordello, 23 December 2004

Zane (foot), Quill, Pip, Schmoo, Jason, Simeon
Euan, Mark, Zane
Zane (obscured), Jenny
Claire, Simeon, Andi
Storm, Quill, Lubie
Nicola, Lana, Zane, Schmoo
Simeon, Andi, Will, Liz, Euan
Luke, Danny
Liz, Jonty, Luke
Schmoo (obscured), Binky, Andi, Jonty, Liz, Luke
Keenie, Gold (elbow)
Rebecca, Fridge (obscured)
Luke (obscured), Brian
Karl, Pip

Christmas Eve, Yaldhurst Road, 24 December 2004

Amy, ? (obscured)
Mmm, goodies
Martuccio, Stacey
? (arm), Charlene (obscured), Diantha, Fridge (obscured), Dave
Al, Cat, Melissa
David? (obscured), Diantha? (obscured), Vanessa, Mouse
Schmoo, David, Michael, Cat
Spike?, Will
Spike produces an illuminated Christmas sign for Cat...
Simeon, Rebecca, Amy (obscured)
David, Dave, Beast, Michael, Meredith
Liz. Charlene? (obscured)
Beth, Vanessa
Jonty, Spike, Liz, Tony
Simon, Janine, Robijn
Kat and kitten

Waifs and Strays' Christmas, Frankleigh Street, 25 December 2004

Michael, Rebecca
Tony, Michael (obscured)
Charlene, Lubie
Al, Melissa
Gold, Storm, Dan
?David?, Vadim
Rebecca, Stacey, Dan, Storm (obscured)
Storm, Michael (obscured), Vanessa
Preparations begin: Charlene, Storm, Dan, John (obscured), ?David?, Amy, Stacey, Steve, Martuccio, Belle
Artist in action: Belle, Stacey (obscured), Martuccio, Rebecca, Gold, Dan, Amy, Storm (obscured), Schmoo (obscured), Charlene, Rebecca, Steve, Matthew, Mouse, Vanessa, John, Natasha, ?David?, Vadim (obscured), Heather
The result
The Christmas Goth: Gold
Jen, Robbie
Mark, Danny (obscured)
Del, Steve (obscured)
Danny, Fiona, Melissa, Rob (obscured)
Amy, Dan, Dave, Duncan, Rat (leg)
Heather, Amy
Jonty, Matthew (obscured), John, Diantha
? (arm), Rat
Steve (obscured), Vanessa (obscured), Rob, Jess
Helen, Dave (window), Lubie, Amy, Dan, Gold
Aaron, Mia
Claire, Theuns, Aaron (obscured)

Games Day, Puna Street, 26 December 2004

Vinci: Rat, Chris, Trudi, Ray, Euan, Steve
La Strada: Vanessa, Rat, Mouse, Gold
Evo: John, Qarl, Gold, Neil, Euan, Trudi
King Me: Mouse, Vanessa, Dillon, Rat, ? (hand)
Valley of the Mammoths: Dillon, Rat, Steve, Colin, Mouse (obscured), Dan
This one was nearly won by the forces of nature
Amy, Diantha, Storm, Trudi
Lubie, Dillon (obscured), Amy, Rat, Shannon, Storm

Al's Birthday, Peverel Street, 27 December 2004

Al, Diantha, Dave
Helen, Duncan
Duncan (obscured), Dan, Julie, Colin, Stacey (leg)
Melissa, Stacey (obscured), Rob, Jess, Al
Diantha, Dave, Dan, Peter, Tria, Julie, Colin
?, Vanessa, Mouse, Emma, Jason, Amy, Duncan (feet)
Pass the scotch... Colin (arm), Dan

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