October 13-November 1: Drinkies for Ethan, Wine Club dinner, Rebecca's birthday, Gold et al's flatwarming, Beijing by Night, Danny's birthday, Anaura Bay walkway, boardgames, Claire's birthday, boardgames

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Drinkies for Ethan, Frankleigh Strret, 13 October 2005

Brent, Belle, Al
Beth, Charlene
Guest of honour: Ethan
Steve, John, Brent
Schmoo, Steve (obscured)

Wine Club Dinner, Strawberry Fare, 14 October 2005

Amy, Helen
Paula, Hamish
Helen (obscured), Duncan
And now the playing with food... Amy
...and Hamish

Rebecca's Birthday, Foo San, 15 October 2005

Beast, Rebecca

Gold, Luci and Seth's Flatwarming, Gresford Street, 15-16 October 2005

Seth? (feet), Euan
Claire, Simeon, Beast, Vania? (foreground), Gold, Michael, Keely, Binky, Justin, Andi?
Justin? (knee), Simeon, Andi, ?Trudi? (legs), Vania
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot: Sonya, Peter, John, Ethan
Binky, Dust, Beast, Rebecca, Gold, Slosh
Ethan, Mike (obscured)
Graffiti fridge: Gold (obscured), Michael
? (feet), Seth (knees), Theuns
Roisin, Seth
Dust? (obscured), Rebecca (obscured), Luci, ? (hand)
Binky (obscured), ?Stuart?, Michael
Luci, Storm
Storm? (obscured), Pip, ?Luci? (obscured)
Michael? (obscured), Heather, Luci, Amy
Gold makes breakfast
Bang: Damon? (hands), Amy, John, Steve, Seth, ? (arm)
Quarto: Paula? (legs), Nikki, Luci, Jason (obscured)
Nikki (obscured), Paula, Seth
Typical pose: Seth
Alhambra: Damon, Amy, Luci, John, Nikki, Heather
China: Seth, John, Amy
Doom: Gold, Luci, Terry, Ethan, Michael
China: Seth, John, Amy, Nikki, Damon
Jason and his pet

Beijing by Night, Staff Club Gardens, 20 October 2005

Will, Frank, John, Sass, Cutter (very obscured), Hamish, Paula, Allanah, Nikki
Sinister ducks
Nikki, Allanah, Sass? (background), Paula, Hamish
Richard, Frank, Cutter
Ambush! Frank, Will?
The chase: ? (background), Will, ?, Sass
? (background), Cutter
Cutter, Will
Richard? (obscured), Tony
Sass triumphant
Cutter, Will (obscured), Frank, John, Paula, Sass, Nikki, Richard, Tony
Cutter, Will

Danny's Birthday, Frankleigh Street, 21 October 2005

Martuccio, Carl, Meredith, Rebecca, Beast
Meredith (elbow), Beast (hands), Danny, Jenny, Damon, Stacey
Jenny (obscured), Meredith

Anaura Bay Walkway, 24 October 2005

Paddocks turn into streams
The bush is nice and green, though
And the ents seem quite vigorous

Boardgames, Frankleigh Street, 25 October 2005

Anno 1503: John, Heather, Nikki, Josh

Claire's Birthday, Hulbert Street, 29 October 2005

Hamish, Vania
Kirk (arm), Binky, Colin, Gold, Julie
Simeon (obscured), Claire, Kirk
All drink together: Nikki, Gold
Allanah, Nikki
Paula, Hamish
Simeon, John, Gold (obscured)
Claire, Damon (obscured), Amy, James, Dan, Tony, Hamish, Kirk (obscured)
Vania, Justin, Kirk
Karl, Gold (obscured)
Julie (obscured), Binky? (obscured), Karen
Dan, Damon? (legs)
Tony (arm), Jonty, Damon, Amy
Nikki, Allanah, John
Claire (obscured), Dust
Karl (obscured), Terry
Vania (arm), Fiona, Karl
Claire (arm), Rebecca

Boardgames, Frankleigh Street, 1 November 2005

La Citta: Heather, John, Nikki, Jess

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