August 30-September 7: Kaotic Winter Weekend, Linda and Ryan's farewell, Tank's birthday

Kaotic Winter Weekend, Mt Hutt Retreat, 30 August-1 September, 2002

A relaxing weekend with KAOS and SCA people with nothing organised except the cooking roster. Bookings for Kaotic Winter Weekend 2003 are now open.

Bad Beast! Beast, Belle (background), Charlene, Steve (obscured), Duncan
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Picasso, Mog, Jenny
Jenny, Kiriel, Charles
Kat, Matt, Thorkell, Nicola, Charlene (obscured)
Dan, ?, Schmoo
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Dinner queue: Charlene (obscured), Matt, Belle, Simeon?, Brent (obscured), Kat, Blaire (obscured), Jenny, Del, Kiriel, Charles, Peter, Danny
Seated: Beast, Dave, Vicki, Steve, Meredith, Rebecca
Dave, Dan, Kiriel, Steve, Simeon, Kat
The vigorous spa: Dust, Beast, Meredith, Belle
Charles, Duncan, Vicki, Del
Naughty Matt and Rebecca
Nicola and Kat
Background: Thorkell, Einar, Belle, Rebecca
Late arrivals: Zane, Sonya, Thorkell, Peter
Matt, Belle, Kiriel (obscured)
Background: Thorkell, Peter, ?Brent?
Picasso, Dave, Jenny, Steve, Sonya, Mouse
Robyn and her stuff
Al (obscured), Dave, Blair, Jenny, Jennifer (foreground), Bernard, Danny, Seth, Kiriel, Steve, Vicki (background), Duncan, Del
Steve, Sonya, Mouse, Jenny, Phil, Sharon, Dave, Picasso, Mog
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Jenny and Sonya
The able baker Charles
Mouse, an ailing Diana, Duncan, Al
North branch of the Ashburton River, from the bushwalk
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Mt Hutt
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Al, Matt, Thorkell, Jennifer, Vicki
A talk on corsets: Jo, Jenny, Theuns, Vicki (obscured)
Time to fight: Duncan, Peter, Al, Rebecca, Theuns, Amy, Thorkell, Seth, Steve, Mouse
The Mousemobile!
Matt on the flying fox
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Another style of fighting: Nicola and Zane
Zane and toys...
Rat, Thorkell, Seth
Al, Sonya
Ouch! Nicola
Kat, Bastian, Del, Steve, Jennifer, Simeon, Dave?, Danny, Schmoo, Sharon, Dan, Steve (obscured), ?, Bernard, Belle
Someone was naughty: Zane, Robyn, Danny
Mmmm, donuts... Jenny, Bernard?, Sonya, Meredith, Mouse, ?, Nicola, Robyn, Dust, Kat (very obscured)
Waiting for fire: Steve, Dan, Charlene, ?, Ashes?, ? (obscured), ? (camp manager), Zane, Al, Matt, Vernon
? (camp manager), Vernon, ? (child of camp manager), ?, Rebecca, ?, ?, ?, ?, Robyn, Steve, ?, Al
Sparks fly
Down to embers
Holding forth: Kiriel (foreground), Jenny, Duncan, Dan
Sleeping Vikings just look so harmless...
Duncan and Dan
Bernard prepares to gain the attention of the group. Danny looks on.
A kea on the roof
Seth, Steve, Jenny, Al, Bernard
Catching keas: Ashes, Danny, Charlene, Sharon, Amy
Watching Sharpe: Meredith, Kiriel, Del, Jenny, Brent, Dan, Vicki (foreground), Kat, Simeon (obscured), ?, ?, Steve, Sonya
Back: Kat, Vicki, Sharon, Peter, Sonya, Peter, Rebecca, Seth, Beast, Jo, Bernard, Mouse, Steve, Jennifer, Charlene, Dan, Ashes, Danny, Amy, Jenny
Middle: Robyn, Simeon, Schmoo, Kiriel, Del, Dave, Duncan, Blair, Thorkell
Front: Meredith, Jenny, Al, Belle, Charles, Matt, Zane, Nicola, Brent
Missing: Picasso, Mog and Dust (departed), Steve (hiding), Phil (photographing)
Saturday only: Rat, Pip, Theuns, Diana, Bastian
Zane, Kat, Dan (victim), Duncan, Bernard (extremely obscured), Simeon
Dan, Sonya, an escaping Schmoo, Duncan, Simeon (obscured), Steve (obscured), Dave
Discussing Rowany Festival: Steve, Beast, Jennifer, Meredith, Bernard, Rebecca, Dave, ?Del? (obscured), Matt, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Jo, Vicki, Duncan, Peter (obscured)

Linda and Ryan's farewell, St Albans Cricket Club, 6 September, 2002

Foreground: Anthony, Euan, Linda (obscured), Trudi, ?, ?
Background: ?, Simeon, Karla, Tim?, Brent, Neil, ?, ?, ?, Jenny, Ryan,
?, Simeon (obscured), Nina, Karla, Neil, Tim? (obscured), Brent, ?
Jules and Ryan
?, Keith, Linda
Linda and Ryan

Tank's birthday, Antigua Street, 7 September, 2002

A face from the past: Tank

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