March 4-17, 2001: SCA archery tourney, Peter's birthday, toga party, SCA A&S, St Patrick's Day party

SCA archery tourney: Kirkwood Intermediate, 4 March 2001

Katharine, Michelet, Emma, Ashleigh, Stephen, Ihon, Roland, Bethany, Stefan (obscured)
Callum, Chrettienne, Richard
Duncan, Iarnulf, Stephen (foreground), Vitale (background), Emma, Heloise, Clarice, ? (foreground), Aliena, Chrettienne, Katharine, Andre, Roland (obscured), Michelet, Ihon, ? (foreground), Callum, Ashleigh

That damned cat...

Dark cat. White wedding gear. Oh dear...

Peter's birthday: Ilam Road, 9 March 2001

Katharine, Nicola, Peter
Newcomers: Sonya and Ashleigh
The demonic duo: Zane and Simeon
Sonya, Del, Steve, Ashleigh
Zane aims a tail at the donkey, watched by Ashleigh and photographed by Simeon
Mmmm, cake...
Heather, John, Rebecca, Dillon
Lounge lights

Toga party: Matai St West, 10 March 2001

Erin, Andrew, Chris, CJ, ?
Vernon, ? (obscured), ?, Monie
Mary Anne
Copper and Storm
?, ? (obscured), Dillon, Meredith, Al, Andi?, ?, Mary Anne, Cat, ?, Charlene, Rebecca
Zane and Jenny
Euan, Meredith, Dillon (obscured)
The hallway: Andrew, Chris?, Angie? (obscured), Tess, John (foreground), Charlene, MaryBeth, Andrew, ?, Cameron
Charlene and Julie play with fire
Corey and ?
Russell, Al, Peter, Adam, ?, ?, ?, Colin, Fridge?, Michael, Trond, Schmoo, Rebecca
Chris, Spud, Alex, Mike
Simeon. Andrew and Erin in background
Mary Anne, Alex (obscured), Phil, Josie, Heather, Del, Leon, Mia, Duncan
Picture courtesy of Marsden

SCA A&S meeting: LCR, UCSA, 14 March 2001

Women's garb-making. Clockwise from bottom right: ?, Katharine, Kat, Storm, Copper, Amy, Sonya, ?, Rebecca, ?, ?, Gwynheffar, Lauren, Ethelind, Heloise, ?
Male garb: Ashleigh, Roland, Zane (foreground), Einar, ?, ?, ?, ?, Russell (background), Brian, Michael? (background), ?

St Patrick's Day party: Blenheim Road, 17 March 2001

What you see as you arrive: Andrew, Nick, Daniel, Russell, John, Tria, Al, Chris, JL, Chris, Colin, Mary Anne, Charlene
Blocking the door: Nick, Danny, Duncan, Julie (obscured), Andrew, Daniel, Russell (obscured), John, Tria
Lots of green! Julie.
Al, Daniel, Darcy
Not a good photo, but it's a long time since we saw him. Wayne?
Storm, Andre, ?Yani?
Ozzy and Sentinel
Mary Anne and Fiona
Mr Green
?Al?, ?, Mike, Garth, Russell, Jess, Alex, Colin, Tony, Robert, Fiona?, Mary Anne, Jess
Few but enthusiastic... Andre?, ?, ?, Ricki, John, Storm
Leon, Mia, Josie, Nick, Anthony (foreground), Nigel, Russel, Jo, Danny, Caleb, ?, ?, Duncan
Josie, Russell, Mia, Anthony
Kat tries to avoid the camera, restrained by Duncan
Jess and Al
MaryBeth and Lisa
? and Brian
The crowd has dwindled... Dillon and John

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