March 10-23: Peter's birthday, toga party, SCA baronial anniversary

Peter's birthday, Puriri Street, 10 March 2002

Peter looks at his cake

Toga party, Papanui Road, 16 March 2002

Dodgy Simeon
Innocent Diana, and Theuns
Where the boys are: Tony, ?, Dennis, Trond, Leon (very obscured)
Storm escapes, aided by Nick
James, Nick, Chris
Engaged! Nigel and Natalia
? (obscured), Michael, Zane, ?
Happy barbecuers: Jay, ?, ?, Scarecrow? (obscured), Scott, Simeon, Tony, Liam, Hamish, Robert, Daniel?, Belle?, ? (obscured), CJ?, Leon, Storm, Rebecca, Natalia, Nigel, Carolyn, James, Heather? (obscured), Peter, Nick?, Zane, Jenny
Hamish, Damon (obscured), ? (obscured), CJ (obscured), Leon
Dennis, Carolyn, Simeon (obscured), Rebecca, James, Belle (obscured), Natalia, Nick
New kids: Liam, Scott, ?, Andy, Jay, ?
Claire, Ben, and Storm decorating Leon
Belle trying to look innocent
Natalia at left, Tony, ?, ?Chris?, Scarecrow in background
Natalia, Liam, Belle
Del and Hamish
Diana and the Dictator
Troy and Jason
Storm, Nick, Rebecca
Background: ?Cutter?
The Fates: Pip, Tria, Emma
Background: Kirk, ?Cutter?
Leather fetishists: Nicola and Simeon
Barbarian invasion: Zane, Peter (obscured), Jenny, Trond, Dennis, Sonya
Trond and Brian
Toe job! Diana, Nick, Chris, Belle
Background: Nick, Belle, Chris (all obscured)
Kirk, ?, Cutter? (foreground), Lisa, Mia, Del
Liam, ?, ?Heather? (crouching), Meredith
Scott, Belle, Heather, Traci, Andy
Background: ?Tria?, Simeon
Paula and Jonty
Garth and Jess
Claire, ?, Dust
Heather, Theuns, Diana
Stuart and Mia
Tony and James in the treehouse
Background: Belle (blur on left), Carolyn, ?, Schmoo?
Sonya, Peter, Nicola
Award time: Stuart (foreground), Glenn?, Chris, ?Amy?, Schmoo, Dust, Ozzy?, Dan, Bekkah, ?, Ben, Peter, ? (obscured), Natalia (obscured), Cat, Zane, Nick, Jenny, Fiona, ? (foreground), Rebecca, ?, Mary Anne, Karen, Hooch
Award for winner of the first killing round: Simeon, Leon, Tony, Schmoo, Del, Hamish
Duncan (arm), Troy, Heather, Charlene (obscured), ?
Charlene, Lubie
Stuart, Rebecca, Carolyn, Nigel, ? (obscured), Mary Anne, Tria, ?

SCA baronial anniversary, Christchurch Music Centre, 23 March 2002

Southron Gaard's gift to Lochac is displayed to the local populace before being sent off.
Lucrezia and Duncan
Alexandra, Deordannan, Francesca
Photo courtesy of Daniel
Fighters make their salutes to the crown: Callum, Richard, Vitale, Tycho, Sigurd, Vincent, Martuccio, Bartholomew, Angus
Photo courtesy of Daniel
Standing/kneeling in background: Lucrezia, Bethany, Vincent, Gilbert, Avril? (obscured), Bartholomew, Jonty, Katherine, Erica
Front seated group: ?, Richard, Eleanora, ?, Phoebe, Ethelind, Geoffrey, ?Arabella? (obscured), ? (obscured), Daniel, ?, Hercules
Rear seated group: ? (foreground), ?, Ilar, Amy, ?, Sonya, Thorkell, Claire, ? (obscured), Einar (foreground), Damon, ?
Photo courtesy of Rowena and Martuccio
Iarnulf, Martuccio, Hercules
Photo courtesy of Rowena and Martuccio
Edric, Duncan, Danny, ?, ?, Phoebe, Jonty, Damon, ?, Claire, ?, ?, Avril, ?, Hercules, ?, ?, Katherine, ?, ?, ?, Arabella, Geoffrey?
Photo courtesy of Rowena and Martuccio
Fighting at the barrier: Ulfric (obscured), Callum?, ?Deordannan?, Martuccio, ?, Edric, Daniel, Vincent, Sigurd
Photo courtesy of Rowena and Martuccio
Court: Vitale, Elizabeth, Arnfridr, Callum, Chrettienne, ?(obscured), Edric, Catalina, Aliena, Duncan, Michael, Aidan
Audience: Ulfric, Iarnulfr, Madelein, ?, Tycho
Photo courtesy of Rowena and Martuccio
Aidan guards the royal chambers
Photo by Emma
The adjacent basilica at sunset
Photo courtesy of Daniel
Cassandra, Gabriel, Amy, Sonya (very obscured), Einar, ?
Photo by Emma
Arnfridr?, Chrettienne, Aliena (obscured), Edric, Catalina, Elizabeth, Aidan, Duncan
Photo by Emma
Edric, Catalina, Aidan, Duncan, Iarnulfr
Photo by Emma
Front table: Veronica serves Alexander, Jonty and Muirenn
Left rear table: ?, Stefan and Genevieve are served by Einar
Centre rear table: ? (obscured), ?, Iuliana, ?, ?, ?
Right rear table: Richard?, ?
Standing rear: Ilar, ?
Busy kitchen: Beatrice, Lucrezia, Alexander, Rowena, Bethany, Iarnulfr, Einar, Aliena

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