June 10--11: Wellington trip -- trip up, Darchester Tavern Revel, Charlotte's birthday, Sean and Susan's return, Dance practice, trip back

Wulf, Jennifer and I head for Wellington to attend several events there -- the SCA proto-shire of Darchester's tavern revel, a couple of parties for different friends on Saturday afternoon and evening, and the Wellington Mediaeval Guild's dance practice on Sunday morning.

Trip north, June 10, 2000

Christchurch, 5am. An unreasonable hour
Kaikoura, 7am
Dawn, 7:30-ish
Picton, 10am-ish. On the ferry and waiting to leave.
Nice scenery in the sounds
Clouds loom over Wellington, 1pm-ish
Steve, Jennifer and Chris at Chris's flat

Darchester Tavern Revel, Te Aro Community Centre?, June 10, 2000

Visitors from the Order of the Boar. Magnus and Vincent in the background.
Marcus the cook
Push-wrestling: ? vs Bearnard. Cynethryth? in background.
Nikolai holds the Bawdy Dragon arms
Various folks: Teresa (foreground), Cynethryth, ?, Nicolai, ?, ?
Teresa cloves a lemon to be auctioned
More people arrive? ?, ?, Mel?, ?, Cynethryth, ?, ?, Ilar, ?, ?, ?, Bearnard, Vincent
Visitors: ? (obscured), Duncan, ?, Francesca, Vincent, Magnus
Kristine?, ?, Bearnard, Jon Visser?, Duncan
Looking down the hall

Charlotte's birthday, June 10, 2000

Birthday girl: Charlotte
Assorted guests. Chris at far right.

Sean and Susan's welcome home, June 10, 2000

Broadley parental units (at left of seated group)
Susan and her father
Dillon, Puppy, ?
Jennifer and Bops
? and Georgina
Assorted guests: Jennifer, ?, ?, Bops, ?, ?, Susan, Puppy
Seth, Leonie, Sharon, Sean

Guild dance practive, Te Aro Community Centre?, June 11, 2000

?, Janet?, Adam?
Lesley, Peter, Brenda
Assorted folks: Lesley, Brenda (background), Adam, Ethelind, Ava (foreground), Duncan, ? (lying), ?, Janet?, ?, Miles, ?

Trip south, June 11, 2000

TopCat's wake on the way home
Dry Marlborough hills
Back on the flat again
Nearing Kaikoura
Sun vanishes behind the mountains as we get food in Kaikoura

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