Canterbury Fair 2001 and Night of Champions

Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days over Waitangi weekend. This year's Fair was the biggest yet, with visitors from around New Zealand, as well as Australia and the US, including His Majesty Ivan, King of Caid. It is estimated that approximately 150 people passed through the gate.


Setup day; site not open to the general public yet.

Shit shifter, shit shoveller 1, shit smeller pursuivant and shit shoveller 2. Don't ask. (Steven, Duncan, Michelet and Edward)
Gwynhavyr and Agro start assembling their toy.
Magnus pampers Therese.


The gates open. War collegium, evening repast, opening court (with lots of awards).

Bruceton: Iarnulf (obscured), Martuccio, Rowena, Magnus, Hjordis, Duncam, Bastian, Bearnard, Stefano
Distribution of largesse: Deordann, Tycho, Alvarro, Shaya, ?Brent?, Alexandra, Ivan
In the Mangy Mongol: Becs, Einar, Gilbert?, Killian, Bearnard, Emma, Alexander, Dennis
The Black Company presents gifts: Adele, Rebecca, Catherine, Bearnard, Alys (foreground), Michael, Becs, ?, Shaya, Clarice?, Rowena, Killian, Ulf, Emma, Alexander, Ceina, ?, Bethany, ?, ?, Stefano, Einar, Bastian
Shaya smiles.
Wellington Guild: Lesley?, Ava, Adam, Peter, Brenda, ?, ?, ?. Background: Arnfridr, Rebecca, Adele, Therese, Daniel
High table: ?, Tycho or Vitale?, Eleanora? (obscured), Ivan, Shaya, Sigurd, Agro, Cristia, Callum
Black Company presentation to His Majesty Ivan
Michael's Harp Argent for maille
Einar's AoA
Emma's AoA: Emma, Alexandra, Therese, Madelein, Richard, Ivan, Cristia


Team melee tourney, archery tourney, market day, feast.

Market day
Stefano's class on food and feasts: Fen, Isobel?, Kaspar?, Stefano
Katherine Kerr. Background: Niamh, Geoffrey, Ceina?, Rachel, Pauline?
Miles before his warfare class
The purple gang: Rachel, Carl, Karl
Mel and Bearnard
Stefano, Del and Thorkel in the Black Company social tent
Gryphon defends his feast
Swimming hole
The good ship Not Yet Named: Berengar?, Magnus, Miles, Duncan, Inigo, Agro
Guild canopy: ?, Adam, ?, Ava, ?, Peter
Feast hall
Ulf takes Asbjorn as his squire:
Cool tent: Peter, ?, Kate, Mike (visitors from Wellington and Nelson)
Martuccio is tested by the King
Crowd in the Mong. Front tent; Fen, Angel?, Thorkel, Gryphon, Bastian, Hiordis?, Stefano, Einar, Niamh?, ?Eleyne?, Miles, Geoffrey. Back Tent: Lesley, Michelet, Therese, Daniel?, ?Steven?, Becs, ?, ?Monie?, Feran?, Clarice, Cassandra, Dennis
Last singers left: Angel, Iarnulf, Aliena


War scenarios, wedding of Rowena and Martuccio.

Iarnulf's stuff... ?, Einar, Inigo, Iarnulf, Angel, ?
Ship to shore battle. Black Company, Amberhearth and the King are on the left
Pip and Rotte
Ildhafners: Isobel, ?, Kaspar?, Cecilia. Killian and Turloc in background.
Gwynhavyr, Agro and Ulf
Ivan and Bastian
Callum and Chretienne
Simon and Madelein
Einar, Martuccio, Vincent, Duncan
Fen, Steven, Duncan, Vincent
Marienna, Asbjorn and child. Background: Fraser, ?, Iarnulf, Killian
Wedding accoutrements
Wedding procession: me, Erica, Dickon, Rowena, Adele, Peregrin, Teresa, Therese, Eleanora, Ayeshah, Cassandra, Hiordis, Iuliana, Tycho, Vitale, Magnus
Original photo courtesy of Rowena
Rowena, Father Stephen, Martuccio
Rowena gives Martuccio a ring
Marital kiss
Well-wishers: Thorkell, Cecilia, Bethany, Inigo, Adele, Alexander, Emma
Priest becomes musician: Stefano, Hiordis, Iulinana. Teresa, Arnfridr and Bartholomew in background.
Some of the food
To bed! Steven, Bethany, Iarnulf, Martuccio, Stefano, Bastian, Rowena, Ulf, Del?
The marital bed
Many hands make light work
The audience: Iarnulf, Ceina, Isolde?, Thorkell, Adele, Therese?, Angel, Dennis, Bearnard, Becs, Alexander
More audience: Willehelm, Yolande, Duncan, Lesley, Bastian, Ulf
A final blessing


More war, archery, arts solar, Laurels' Prize tourney, investiture court.

Knighting of Tycho and Vitale
Original photo courtesy of Rowena
Tycho, Vitale, Bastian, Agro, Ivan, Shaya. Background: ?, Maeve, Miles, Rebecca, Brenda, ?, Ulfric, Geoffrey, Adam?, Cynethryth, Mike, Ava, Kate
Original photo courtesy of Rowena
Archers prepare for battle
Mixed combat
Baroness's arts solar
Target archery
Aliena's stitchery
Ethelind's embroidery
The Guild dances Buffonz
Iarnulf's arrows
Ulf and his wax tablet
Stefano's meal -- starting dishes
Brass hats enter court
Therese presents a stepping-down gift from the Black Company to Sigurd and Eleanora
Eleanora and Sigurd depart
Inigo arrives to be knighted: Bastian, Ulf (obscured), Inigo, Asbjorn, Willehelm
The buffet
Steven's AoA
Feran gets a Dolphin
Dickon (obscured) and Peregrin receive Acorns
Callum and Chretienne are invested
Ladies in waiting: Arnfridr, Clarice, Heloise
Ivan gives a present to Their Excellencies


Baroness's tourney, pack up, go home.

Bruceton slowly vanishes
Ildhafn visitors: Marienna, ?, Asbjorn, Inigo, Cecilia, Willehelm

Night of Champions

Stefano and Bastian looking stern
Katherine, Yolande
Visitors from Riverhaven, Lochac
Cheerful crowd: ?, Magnus, Einar, Katharine, Hiordis, Michelet, Riverhaven visitor, Alexander, Riverhaven visitor, Emma, Gwyhyfar, Phoebe, Martuccio, Killian
Pirate team: Magnus, Rowena, Martuccio
Players at the game of condottiere... Clockwise from bottom left: Katherine, Rowena, Einar, Iarnulf, Bastian, Agro, Thorkell, Phoebe, Emma, Killian
Stefano, Duncan, Miles
Agro, Thorkell, Phoebe, Bastian
Viking team: Ihon, Aliena, Iarnulf, Einar
Emma and Duncan
A pirate with a parrot, in vision once I saw... Agro.
A late-arriving Clarice

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