April 5: Perversion Party

Perversion Party, Greers Road, 5 April 2003

Joe, Thomas
Daniel (winner of the Gold look-alike contest for 2003)
Background: Charlene, Carolyn, Laura, Al
Charlene, Carolyn, Al (obscured)
Pixi, Theuns, Heather
Tentacle-things: Phil, Pixi
Al (very obscured), Pixi, Hamish, Paula
Joe (obscured), Keenie, Diana
Keenie, Diana
Nick?, Coralie
Keenie, Paula, Theuns, Heather, Starz, Daniel, Jo, Carolyn, Donnelle, Jarrod, Joe, Charlene, Thomas, ?, ?
The hosts: Simeon, Tony, Scarecrow, Hamish, Trond, James
Scarecrow, Hamish, Trond, James, Tony, ?Cody? (obscured), Simeon, Pixi?
Heather, Naomi, Donnelle, Thomas, Al, Carolyn, Trond, James, Diana
Libby, Ricki
The Village People: Tony, James, Hamish, Simeon, Scarecrow, Trond
Elizabeth, Josh, Paula
Laura, Naomi (obscured), Traci, Robert, Coralie, William, John, ?Charlene? (obscured), Matthew (obscured)
Coralie, Matthew, John
?, Cody
Jo, Mia
Donnelle, Carl, Jo
Rebecca (obscured), JL
Amy, Al (obscured), Charlene, Duane, Rebecca (foreground)
James, Cody, Jarrod (obscured), Ktn
Miche, Nick
Cody, CJ, Chris
Hooch, Karen
Nick, Beast, Nick
Dr John and Mike with their bag of fun
Simeon, Andi
Glenn, Cody, Sandra
? (foreground), Dan (obscured), Rebecca, Chris
?, Sakura
Dan, Gary, ?, Andre?, William, ?, ? (obscured), Rebecca, Michael, Traci, Jo (background), ?, Rebecca, Al, Cathy?, Karen, ? (foreground), Stacey
Background: Michael?, ?
Carl, Jenny, Zane (very obscured), ?, Matthew
Theresa, Josh, ?, John
Andre, Ricki?, ?Diana? (hard to see), Nick, Dan, Tess, ? (foreground), ?, Traci, Binky, Sakura, Coralie, Keenie? (very obscured), Karen, Ashes, John, Andi, Stuart, Mike, Michael, Simeon, Kirk (foreground)
?, Cameron, Garth, Gary
Cameron (very obscured), Charlotte, Angie, Storm (very obscured), Tria, Tess
Dan, Mel, Fiona
Michael, Yvette, Chris
Carolyn, Duncan, Trond
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Colin displays his implements of torture
Tori, Maria, Jason (obscured), Duncan, Robert, ?
Photo courtesy of Cody
Ozy, Naomi (obscured), Joe (obscured), Michael
Neil bears it all
Background: Greg, ?, Carl?, Joe, Fiona (very obscured), Leon, Josh, Norman
?, ?, Coralie, ?
?, David? (obscured), Meredith, Glenn, Miche
Jason, Paula
Background: ?, ?
Greg, Pixi
Shekinah, Rebecca (very obscured)
Rachel, Glenn, Jess
Karl, Glenn (very obscured)
Jess, Glenn, Denise, Karla, Andrew
Glenn, Karla, Andrew
Rat, Pip
Scarecrow, Nicola, Zane, Heather, Pip (obscured)
Bastian, ?
Background: ?, ?, ?, ?, Tess, ?, ?, ?
Amy, Pip, Bastian (obscured), Andrew, Shekinah
?, Mia, JL, ?, ? (obscured), Robert
?, Duane, Stacey
Yvette, Al, Colin, Danny, Sakura
Jo, Michael
Glenn, Matt
Laura, Colin, Tori, Pip (very obscured)
?Charlene?, Binky
?, Mark, ? (very obscured), Theuns, Naomi (very obscured), Matthew, ?
Lesley, Nick
Mike, Paul, ?, ?, Claire, Tori, Glenn
Paul, Donnelle
Meredith, Robert, Pip, ?Garth? (window), ?, Coralie, ?, Keely, Andrew?, Lesley, Kirk
Photo courtesy of Rat
?, Chris
Neil, Zane, Jenny
Photo courtesy of Rat
Nice boots -- Rachel, Denise, Andrew, ?
Photo courtesy of Rat
?, Dan, Fiona, Amy
Gypzy, Kim, Angela
Glenn, Carl, Kirk, ?, ?, Tess, Karen
Storm (very obscured), Karen
Tess, ?, Adam
Kirk, ?, Mary Anne
Kirsty, ?, ?, Tria?, ?, ?, ?, Charlene (doorway), ?, ?, Starz, ?Karen?, Mary Anne, Adam, Richard, Gary, ?, ?, Danny, Naomi, ?, Carl, Kirk, ?, ?, Matt, ?, Chris, ?
(and unidentified bodies beyond the doorway)
Karl, ?Matthew?, Mia, Jason (obscured), Jess, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Rat
Storm, Rat, Leon
Photo courtesy of Rat
Carolyn?, Matthew, Lisa
Kneeling: Stuart, ?, Michael
Background: ?, ?, vague blurs, Gypzy
Ozy (obscured), Karen, Troy, Gary, Tria, Garth, Storm, Amy (background, obscured)?, Mary Anne?, Simeon, Michael, ?
Photo courtesy of Rat
Charlene, Mike, Al? (obscured), Amy, Mary Anne, John, Simeon, Storm, Tria, ?(obscured)
?, Richard, David, Meredith, ?, William, ?
Trond, Zane, Nicola, Sass
Cody, Storm, Tria
? (foreground), ?, ?, ?, Bethany, Richard, Amy, Stuart, ?, ?
Heather, Zane, Scarecrow, Trond, Nicola, Ozy (obscured)
Binky, Amy, Michael, Leon, Tria, Cody (background), ?, Storm (obscured), ?
Heather, Matthew, Mark, Angela, Kim, Bethany, ? (background), Cody, Duane, Dan, ?, ?Chris?, Greg, ?, ?, Shekinah (background), ?, ?, Sakura (background), ?, ?, Beast, William, Stuart, ?
Rebecca, Claire, Charlene, Amy
Nicola, Troy
Dennis, Jenny, Neil, Karla, Zane
Kim, ?, Angela
Seth, Tony, Trond
Greg, ?, ?, Michael (hard to see), Karl, Pip, Rebecca, Storm, Tria
Matt, Fluffi
? Karl, Shekinah, William, Rebecca, Beast, ?
Photo courtesy of Rat
? (obscured), Neil, Karla
Photo courtesy of Rat
Andre, ?
Schmoo, Brian
Pixi, Nick, Diana
Maria, Colin
Tori, Morbid
Duncan, Charlene
Todd, ?
Norman, Troy, Fiona, Jonty, Elizabeth
Cat, Ashes
John, Amy, Cat
Chris, Mary Anne (obscured)
Carl, Simeon, Laura
Zane, Jenny, Amy, John
Morbid, ?, ?, ?James?, ?

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