December 19-31: Sunday barbecue, Xmas Eve, Alastair's birthday, at the museum, New Year's Eve

Sunday BBQ after archery at Puriri Street, 19 December 1999

Assorted diners. Zane, Seth, Sharon, Jess, MaryBeth, Steve, Simeon

Xmas Eve Kahu Road, 24 December 1999

Misc people. Jess, Charlotte (in foreground), Fluffy, Glen, Danny
More misc people. Danny, Belle, Billy, Beast, Gryphon

Alastair's birthday, the Bordello, 27 Dec 1999

The birthday boy. Danny, Teri, Alastair, Robbie?
A returning prodigal. Matt, Sarnia, Teri, Rachel
You will eat cheese! Dave being fed by Jason and Al (top), Andrew? and Duncan (bottom)
Who are they pointing at? Colin, Dave, Glen, ?(obscured), Julie, Jevon, Duncan (sitting), Mouse, Dan, Matt, Teri (sitting), Sarnia

At the museum, 29 Dec 1999

Simeon and a toy
A sloth in the Botanic Gardens

New Year's Eve, Clyde Road, 1999-2000

A tired host before it starts. Dillon, Zane
Michael, Menolly, Trond. Headless Ross in the background.
?, Michael, ?, ?, Schmoo, Ross, John, ?
Andrew, ?Chris? (obscured), Wombat, Matthew?, Aaron, John (hair only...), Picasso
Old guard (mostly). Chris Manson, Menolly, Jenny, JL, Belle
Annual visit. Pretzel and Craig
Migrants from the north: Menolly, Idiot Savant, Agent 99
And more visitors: Amy and Lyric
Incoming redheads: Karen and Kara
Troy boy and Belle
Still-uncrowded dance floor: Belle, Henny, Kara, ?, Teri, John
More dancers: ?, ?, ?, Belle, Charlotte?, Karen, Henny, ? (foreground), Leon?, ? (background), Kara, Andrew, Nick, Anthony
Hail the new dictator! Troy, Picasso (obscured), Dillon, Trond
Getting crowded... Joe?, ?, Becs, ?, Nick, ?
Counting down to midnight... People facing the camera: Joe, Robyn, ?, Andrew, Schmoo?, Jo, Andrew, Erin, ?, Robert, Michael, Zane, Daniel, Jenny, ?, ?Rochelle?
Nearly there... Belle, Nick, Henny?, ? (obscured), Erin (obscured), Ulf? (background), Andrew, Andrew, ? (obscured), JL, Sebastian, ?, Seth, Sharon, ?, ?, Robert (background), Fridge, ? (foreround), Duncan. Zane's hat also visible.
Y2K! Confetti flies: ?, Sebastian, Seth, ?Sharon? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, Fridge, Duncan, ?, ?, ?, Cutter, Michael, Dillon, ?Rochelle?, Glen?, Danny. Schmoo? and ?Rebecca? snogging in foreground.

And then the memory card was full, thanks to Fluffy playing with the settings...

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