October 19-November 7: Laura's birthday, Blenheim Road party, SCA Beltane, Kahu Road post-feast drinkies, Winery visits, Neil and Karla's engagement barbecue, Kahu Road drinkies, Games evening, Beltane pagan picnic, Guy Fawkes Day, Third Time Lucky celebration

Laura's birthday, Curletts Road, 19 October, 2002

Jeff and Laura
Background: ?
Nina, Rhiannon (aka Jenni), Sophie
?, Mia, Rebecca, Meredith

Blenheim Road Party, 19 October, 2002

Nigel, ?, ? (background), Chris, Natalia, Matthew, Josh, Nicole, Keenie, Andre
Danny warms up after a mudbath
Nigel and Natalia
Nicole (obscured), Mary Anne, Sarah
?, ?, ?
Phil and Heather
Meredith and ?
Amy, Bethany, ?, Cody
Time to come clean: Fluffi, Erin, Andrew
Ozzy, Neil, Cutter, Chris, ?, ?
Storm, Charlene, Fiona, Mary Anne, ?
Erin and Andrew
Background: Nick
Background: Neil, Karla
Neil and Karla
Kat, Jonty, Rebecca
Matson, Glenn, Nicole
?, ?, ?
Charlene and Traci
Background: Chris
?, Leon
?, Erin, Claire, Damon, Chris, Michael
Mary Anne, Picasso, Scarecrow, James, Chris
Kirk, Picasso
Seduced by a naughty magazine: Chris, Tria, Trond, Storm, Andrew, Brian
Let them eat cake: Angie, James, Chris
Background: ? (obscured), Keenie, Chris (obscured), Tria, Storm, Andrew (obscured)

SCA Beltane, Riccarton Scout Den, 26 October, 2002

? (background), Deordannan?, ?, ?, ?, Geoffrey, ?Alexandra?, Eleanora, Bartholomew, ?, Therese
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Visitors get seats: Elspeth, Amy, ?, Artemisia
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Fraser's AoA: Elspeth, Elizabeth, Callum, ? (obscured in shade), Fraser, Chrettienne, Angus (obscured in background, Vitale, Duncan
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Apprenticing ceremony: Genevieve, Thorkell, Rowena, Lughaid
?, Fraser, ?
The hall: Arnfridr (obscured), ?Alexandra?, ?, Cristia? (standing), ?Rosa?, Genevieve, Elspeth? (seated in background), ?, Dickon?, ?Chrettienne? (seated in background), ? ?, Gwynhefwr, William (standing), Sinech?, ?, ?, Geoffrey, Iuliana, Lughaid, Angus?
William and Muirenn

Kahu Road post-feast drinkies, 26 October, 2002

Over the road to drinkies: Stacey, Amy, Duncan, Elspeth, Al, Lughaid, Theuns, Wayne (obscured), ? (obscured)

Winery visits, 27 October, 2002

Wine tasting at Canterbury House: Elspeth, Al, Duncan, Dan, Thorkell (obscured), Belle (obscured), Seth

Neil and Karla's Engagement Barbecue, New Bordello, 27 October, 2002

A carpet of fallen leaves...in springtime!
Danny, ?, Rachel (seated), Karla, Mark, Karl
?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, Karla, Rache
Frisbee on the lawn: Bastian, ?, ?, Danny, ?, ?
Looking at pictures: ?, Neil, Matson, Rachel, Bastian, Glenn, Karl, Shekinah, Jo

Kahu Road Drinkies, 1 November, 2002

Claire, ? (foreground), Nina, Natasha, Al, ? (obscured)
Amy and James
Rat and Euan
? (boot), Seth, Thorkell, Al, Jenny, Heather, Dan, Duncan

Games Evening, Olliviers Road, 2 November, 2002

Orlando (cat), Stefan, Rebecca, Beast, Ben?

Beltane Pagan Picnic, Riccarton House, 3 November, 2002

Andre and a flowery Josh
Storm and Leon

Guy Fawkes Day, Auburn Avenue/Auburn Reserve, 5 November, 2002

Traci, John, Laura, Nick, Paula, Rebecca
Leon and Storm
Schmoo returns...
Background: ?
Barbecuing: Daniel, Jenny, Traci, Carolyn, Schmoo, Heather (foreground), Keenie (obscured), Scarecrow, Josh, Diana, John, Theuns
Heather in a typical pose...
Josh and Keenie
Mike returns too
?, Sakura, ?, Leon?, ?, Andre?, ?, Anthony, Amy, Dust, ?Claire? (obscured), ?, Steve, Sandra, Carolyn, Lisa, Cody
Jenny, ?, Heather, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, tree, ?, ?, Carolyn, ? (standing), ?Schmoo?, Anthony?, ?, ?, Leon, Storm, ?, ?
Sakura, ?, ?, Morbid, Josh, Keenie, Rebecca
Glenn, Heather, Nina, ?, Seth
Tony, Sandra (obscured), ?, Carolyn, Steve (obscured), James, Dan, Anthony, John?, Traci?, ?, Storm (foreground), Dust (standing), ?, Leon, ?, Andre, ?
?, ?, Stacey, ?, Wayne, Mike, Simeon, Robert, Jennifer and Steve (it's a day for faces from the past)
Hand-helds: ? (seated), Al, ?, ?, ?, ?, Heather, ? (obscured), Scarecrow?, ?, ?
And more...
Sparklers are much weaker this year than last, unfortunately...
...but they leave cute glowing remains!

Third Time Lucky Celebration, Kahu Road, 7 November, 2002

Simeon drinking alcohol, Kat, Belle
Jenny, Meredith, Brent, Linnet
Jenny, Zane, Nicola, Martuccio, Charlene (obscured)
Seth and Amy
Mirror: Zane, Seth, Schmoo
Note that Schmoo's shirt cannot be safely viewed other than in a mirror...
Nutkin scales the heights

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