March 19-23: Life-change party, naval battle, Leon's stag night, Fiona's birthday

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Life-change Party, Number 8, 19 March 2004

Duncan (obscured), Ines, ? (obscured)
Amy (very obscured), Josh
Adam, Spike, Angie
Ashes (obscured), Mary Anne, Caleb (obscured), Erin (obscured), Tria, Todd
Caleb, Erin
Al, Fluffi (hand), Amy, Josh (obscured), Chris
Todd, Mary Anne (obscured)
Amy, Dennis, Robin, Brett (obscured)
Sakura, Dan (obscured), Daria, ? (very obscured)
Todd (hand), Mary Anne (obscured), Ashes, ?, Tria (obscured), Luke, Chris? (obscured), ?, Al
? (hand), Russell, ? (obscured), Michael
Background: ?, ?, ?
Chris, Daria (obscured), Fluffi, Mel
Background: ?, ?
?, ?, Caleb (obscured), Erin (obscured)
Charlotte, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Angie, Celia
Fluffi, Matthew
Mel, Dan, Carolyn
William, Daniel
Dana, Duncan (obscured)
Todd, Carolyn (obscured), Poncho?
Robin, Ashes, Cat, Spike, ?, Al, Caleb, Erin, Sakura
Carolyn (obscured), Hooch, Karen, Tria
Peter, ? (obscured)
Background: Todd, ?, Starz
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Allanah, Liz, ? (obscured)
Robin?, Luke, Adam (background), ?, Ashes (obscured), Hooch (obscured), Carolyn, Spike (obscured), Gypzy
Greg, Luke, Carolyn (hand)
Liz, Mary Anne (obscured)
Robert, ? (arm), Todd, Angie, Rebecca, Mary Anne, Starz, Dennis, Cat
Glenn, ?
Glenn, Erin, ? (obscured), Al (obscured)
? (obscured), ?, Greg (obscured)
Dana (obscured), ? (very obscured), Nick
Duncan, John
Pip (obscured), Dan (obscured), Haz, Sakura (very obscured), ?
?, Dawn
Background: ? (hand), Matson
Theuns, Gypzy
Bastian, Heather, Theuns (obscured)
?, ?
? (obscured), Starz, Evan (obscured)
William, Daria, Dawn (obscured), Fluffi, Pip (very obscured), Simeon, ? (obscured), Carolyn, Chris, Amy, Fiona
Michael, Rebecca
Chris, ? (very obscured), Carolyn, Leon, Amy
Fiona (obscured), ? (very obscured), ?, ?, Amy (obscured)
Robert, Fiona, Peter
?, Morris?
Rebecca (very obscured), Storm
Josh (obscured), Rebecca
Fluffi, Amy
Duncan, Chris
Peter, Natalia
?, Jonty, Robin, Ashes (obscured)
Carolyn, Ashes, Robin
Gypzy, Frank
Bastian (obscured), James, Adam, Chris (obscured), Dennis (obscured)
Heather, Binky, Jess
Cameron, Adam, Lex, Michael
Drunken moron: Morris?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?, James?
Nick, Andrew, Lex (hand)
Chris, ?, ? (obscured)
Nick (obscured), Quentin, ?, Lex
Andrew (obscured), James, ? (obscured), Chris, ?
Dan, ? (obscured), Jess, Sebastian
?, Sarah, Tony, ? (obscured), Rebecca, Natalia, Jennifer (background), William, ? (very obscured), Glenn, ?, John, Dan, James, ? (foreground), James?, ? (obscured), ?, Andrew, Chris, ? (obscured)
Duncan (obscured), Lisa
Michael, Lisa (obscured)
Brian, Scarecrow
Jennifer, John (obscured)
? (obscured), Andrew, Frank
Background: ? (obscured), Andrew?, Lex
Duncan, Chris
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Dan, Matson, Tony, Carolyn
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Emma, ?, Glenn, Pip

Naval Battle, River Avon, 20 March 2004

Steaming into battle: Chris, Duncan
Photo courtesy of Marsden
The French lie in wait: Dan, Duncan, Ozy, Chris
British flagship: ?, Frank
John, Simeon
Diplomatic negotiations: Dan (obscured), Duncan, Ozy, Chris, John, Simeon, ?, Frank
Hostilities commence: ?, Frank, Ozy, Dan
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Frank, Dan, ? (obscured), Ozy, Josh, Duncan, Chris
Mary Rose II: Josh, Chris, ?, Duncan, Frank
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Simeon, John (very obscured), ?, Josh (very obscured), Frank, Dan, Ozy
Liz, Robert, ?, ?
Phil, Josh
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Chris, Duncan (obscured), ?, Frank
Simeon, Robert (obscured), John, Josh, Liz
John, Simeon
?, Chris, Frank, Duncan, Ozy, Dan, ? (hand)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Civilian traffic is allowed to pass unmolested
?, Frank, Simeon, John
Duncan (obscured), Simeon, Chris (obscured), Ozy, John
Taunting the enemy: Duncan, Chris, Dan, Ozy, Frank, Robert, ?
Chris, Duncan, ?
Chris, Duncan, Dan, Josh, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Leon's Stag Night, Colligan Avenue, 20 March 2004

Leon (very obscured), Andre, Dennis, William, Adam, Troy
Leon, Andre
Nigel (obscured), Nick, Dan
Carolyn, Mary Anne, Nigel, Nick
Celia, ?
Martuccio, Nigel
Andre, Dan?, Leon
Mary Anne, Carolyn, Leon (obscured), Chris, ? (obscured)
Matson, Karl
Escort squad: Adam, Chris, Daria, Karl, William, Leon, Matson, Dan, Dennis
Tony, Nigel
Dan, Leon, Jonty
Mel, Leon (obscured)
Haz, William

Fiona's Birthday, Mahars Road, 23 March 2004

Heather, Binky
Sarah (obscured), Troy, Carolyn (obscured)
Amy, Sarah (obscured)
Theuns, Beth
Carolyn (very obscured), Sarah, Tony, James, Beth
Beth, James, Brian
Fiona, Sarah, Carolyn

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