January 18-21: Zanes's submission party, Storm's birthday, Elevenses at Jo's, Theresa's farewell

Zanes's submission party, Puriri Street, 18 January 2002

Feature light
Gary. Mostly harmless.
Bastian's bag of toys
Zane installs the cross
Submitted at last!
Diana and Theuns
Nicola and Jo
Kat showing a lack of respect for her elders
Michelle and Glenn. Brian and Kirk lurk in the background.
Jess, Al, Nicola
Bec and Phil each fail to tie the other to the cross
Shub Sethop, beast of a thousand closed eyes
Michael and Storm
Glenn lashes Gary to the cross as Danny watches
Glenn's bag of tools
Sonja and Peter
Natalia and Nigel
Diana lashes Brent
Carolyn and Phil
Jonty and ?
Brent the victim, Russell the spectator, Brian and Kirk the scorers, Nicole the mistress of the whip
Zane seems surprised at his plight...
Bastian and Zane

Storm's 18th birthday, Rattray Street, 19 January 2002

Ben as we rarely see him, and Carolyn
Meredith and Matson
Claire, Kara, Shekinah
Nicole, Ricki, ?
Ricki goths out
The cake: Meredith, Tim, ?
Leon and Storm
Matson, Glenn, Shekinah
Lisa molests Leon
Lisa and Storm
Storm, Lisa, Jonty
Rebecca, Copper
Adam, Clare, Anthony
Fancy a quick duck? Matson, Shekinah, Glenn

Elevenses at Jo's, Cornwall Street, 20 January 2002

Mmmm... scones, pikelets and jam
Al finds a jiggly thingy!
Rachel (obscured), Brent, Al, Jo, Bastian, Zane, Nicola

Theresa's farewell, Ilam Road, 21 January 2002

Theresa and Mog
?, ?, ?
Simeon and Erin
Adam, Sophie, Clare, ?

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