December 2-11: MRS dance, cocktail drinkies, SCA Christmas revel, Spike's birthday, Quinn's farewell, MRS meeting, Beast and Meredith's at-home, Gladson Ave party

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MRS Dance, Auburn Reserve, 2 December 2004

Amy, Amy, Peter, Nicola, Rebecca
Alison, Karen, Natasha, Roland, Louise?, Kylie, ?
Running the gauntlet: Karen, Kylie (background), Natasha, Ruth?, Alison, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Roland
?, Louise?, Alison, ?, Ruth?, Karen
Josh, ?, Kylie, Karen, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Roland
Nice cloud

Cocktail Drinkies, George Street, 3 December 2004

Storm, Claire, Pip, Allanah, Theuns, Ozy, John
Quinn, Caleb, Erin
Dan, Claire, Jason
Neil (obscured), Allanah, Luke, Ozy, Rebecca
Photo courtesy of Jason
Theuns, Quinn, Caleb, Fiona, Tria, Oliver, Erin, Sass
Allanah, Storm, Glenn, Robin (obscured), Seth, Amy, Neil, Rebecca, Phil (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Photo courtesy of Jason
Storm, Pip, Dan
Photo courtesy of Jason
Seth, Robin, Lana (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Dennis, Fluffi (obscured)
Fluffi, T
Photo courtesy of Jason
Photo courtesy of Jason
Photo courtesy of Jason
Rebecca, Seth (obscured)
Dan, Sass, Storm, Jonty
Photo courtesy of Jason
Pip, Robin
Photo courtesy of Jason
Dan (obscured), Mary Anne, Storm (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Photo courtesy of Jason
Tria, Al, Vania, Glenn, Lana, Robin, Justin, Quinn, Mary Anne
Matson, Dan, Robert (obscured)
Background: ?, ?, Binky
Karl, Robert (obscured), ?Matson? (hand)
? (obscured), Tony
Andre, ?
Seth, Fiona, Lana, Robin, Justin, Vania, ? (head)
Storm, Matson, Dan
Dan, T
Justin, Vania
Photo courtesy of Jason
Glenn, Shannon, Justin, Binky, Vania, Jason
? (phone), Shannon, Glenn
Desperately seeking something: Caleb
Simon, Theresa, Fluffi (obscured)
? (obscured), Peter, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
?, Sally, Jason
Simon? (hand), Theresa, Caleb, Dan (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Luke, Andre (obscured), Chris, Tria (obscured), Fiona (obscured), Amy, Lana (arm), Dan, Simon, Theresa (very obscured)
Matson, Robin
One of our ferrets is intoxicated: Charlene (hands), Amy

SCA Christmas Revel, Hagley Park, 4 December 2004

David, Roheisa, Danny, ?, Katherine, Pippin?, ?, Matilda, Dickon?, Guenhyffwar, Bartholomew, ? (obscured), Josh, Beth, Adele, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Therese, Carl, Richard
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Katherine, Beth, Martuccio, Guenhyffwar (foreground), ?, Matilda, Fraser? (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Ethan

Spike's Birthday, Yaldhurst Road, 4 December 2004

Theuns, as usual
Martuccio? (obscured), Spike
Seth, John
Cat directs operations
Ethan, ? (obscured), Cat
Ethan, Martuccio, ? (obscured), Brent, JL
Spike (obscured), Ashes
Shannon, Beth
Hooch, Karen
Eamon, Beth, Hooch
Simon, Todd (arm)
Janine, Kat? (very obscured)
Robin, Lana, Heather, Theuns
Glenn, Spike
Dancing in the rain: Sass, Fiona
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Todd, Jenny, Brent, Charlene, Martuccio, Beth (obscured)

Quinn's Farewell, Picton Avenue, 8 December 2004

Stacey (obscured), Amy
Diantha (leg), Quinn, Al, Stacey (very obscured)
Stacey, Charlene, Dan (leg)
Dan, Al, Melissa

MRS Meeting, Ricarton Road, 9 December 2004

Louise?, Alison (obscured), ?
Nicola, Heather
Josh, Amy, Louise?, Alison (very obscured), ? (obscured), Nicola, Heather, Sonya, Amy

Beast and Meredith's At-Home, Ollivier's Road, 11 December 2004

Luke, Dave, Diantha, Duncan
Belle, Peter, Vicki, Jacqui
Beast, Danny, Phil
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Jacob, Amie
Ethan (obscured), ? (obscured), Martuccio, Brent, Vicki, Damon
Natasha, Amy, Amy
Background: Josh, Luke, ?
Al, Duncan, Martuccio, Melissa, Belle, David (foreground)
Luke (obscured), Beth, Belle, Brent, Dan, Dave, Diantha, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Peter, Sonya
Josh (obscured), Theuns
? (very obscured), Nicola, Josh, Spike, Luke (obscured), Chris, Danny (obscured)
Peter, Amy, ?, ?
Topless men... ? (knee), Heather, ? (head), Theuns, Nicola, ?, Josh, Amy (arm)
Indoors: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Jacqui, Charlene, Meredith, Steve, Heather?, ?, Peter, Sonya, ?, Amy, ?, ?
Outdoors: Amie, ?, Jacob, Martuccio
?, Spike, Damon, Beth, Charlene, Rebecca, Ethan, Martuccio, ? (obscured)
Damon, Amie, Jacob, Beth, Cat, Charlene
David, Oliver
Jenny, Anna, Kathleen
The invisible puppet... Beast, Damon

Gladson Avenue Party, 11 December 2004

Racky, Robert
Theuns, Heather
Jonty, Tria
Tony, Storm
Bethany, Fiona (boots)
Gypzy (obscured), Cat, Spike
Chris, Gypzy, Luke
Jordan, ? (obscured)
John, Spike (obscured)
Clare, Luke, Ben, Sophie, Alex, ?
Jonty, Gypzy, Claire, Theuns, Charlene (obscured)

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