September 3: Otago dictatorial games, dictator's birthday party

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Dictatorial Games, Woodhaugh Gardens, 3 September 2005

Simeon, Kathy
Nicola, ? (obscured), Robert (obscured), Anna, Sam, Kathy, ? (obscured)
Bad hair contest: Phil, Daniel, Simeon, Carys, Natalia
Photo courtesy of Robert
Brendan, Carys, Natalia
? (obscured), Sam (obscured), Nicola, Anna
Sam, Kathy, Nicola, Meran, Daniel, Joe, Anna, Frank, Chris, Natalia, Miche, John, Will, Simeon
Heidi (wing), ? (obscured), Anthony
Jade vs Will
Background: Brendan, Carys, Nigel, Frank, ? (obscured), Peter, Kathy, Natalia, Simeon, Maria, Joe, Anna? (very obscured), ?, Daniel, Meran, Robert
Frank, Nigel, Natalia, John, Simeon, Anthony, Kathy, Maria, Heidi, ?, Robert, ? (obscured)
Simeon (obscured), Kathy, Natalia, ? (very obscured), Frank, Heidi, Nicola? (very obscured), John, Sam
Cameron, Anthony, Terry
? (obscured), Carys, Nigel, Brendan (obscured)
Joe, Frank, Miche, Natalia
? (very obscured), Robert, Heather, Simeon, Nicola? (obscured)
Background: unknown
Brendan, Jade, Daniel, Peter
Heidi, Anna
An unsympathetic crowd: Chris, Simeon, Natalia, Will, ? (obscured), Joe, Jade, Peter, John, Miche, ? (very obscured), ? (very obscured), Terry, Maria, Anthony, Heather (obscured), Meran, Frank?, Kathy
Peter, John, Daniel, Terry, Anthony, Mike, Maria, Natalia, Meran, Simeon, Robert
Simeon, Claire, Andi
Simeon, Katrina, Luci, John, Claire, ?, Gold
Photo courtesy of Robert
Heidi, Jade
Photo courtesy of Robert
The good side wins: Jade, Heidi
? (obscured), Jade, Maria, Anna, Sam
The heir apparent: Jade, Simeon
Sam, Peter, Anna, Natalia, John, Miche
Photo courtesy of Robert
Finalists: Anna, Peter
Background: Claire, Gold, John?, Will
Luci, Katrina? (obscured), Meran, Heidi (obscured)
The duel: John, Cameron
Photo courtesy of Robert
Chris, Natalia
Photo courtesy of Robert
A fatal stroking: Carys, Miche, Nicola, Anna, Natalia, Joe, Meran, Heather, Maria, Sam (obscured)
Torn limb from limb: Natalia, Miche, Heather, Jade, Daniel, Cameron, Meran, ?, Sam (obscured), Will
?, Natalia, Will
Meran, Heidi, Sam, Cameron, Robert (obscured), ?, Simeon, Will, Anna
?, ?, Heidi
Lovecraftian vegetation

Dictator's Birthday Party, Malvern Street, 12 August 2005

Natalia (obscured), Brendan
Natalia, Nigel
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Carys, ? (obscured)
Robert, Miche, Heather, Chris
Miche (obscured), Cameron
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Robert, Frank, Nicola, Jade
?, Joe
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Reece, San (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Brendan
?, Trish, Nathan?, Angus?, Jade, Frank, Natalia, Peter, ? (obscured), Heather, Chris, ?
? (obscured), Cameron, Colin, Natalia, Brendan
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Brendan (obscured), Craig?
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Nigel, Natalia
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Colin, Maria
Nathan?, Miche
Background: Brendan, ?
Background: Brendan, Carys, Nigel
Joe, Meghan, ? (obscured)
Dodgy uncles and aunts: Shelley (obscured), Cameron, Reece, Natalia, Carys, Nigel, Brendan, Craig? (obscured)
? (arm), Kathy (obscured), Robert, ?, Heather, ? (obscured), Maria, Nathan?, Trish, Seth?, Sam (obscured), Chris, Joe, Miche, Frank, ?, Meghan (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ?
Reece (obscured), Keith?, ? (obscured), Brendan
Cameron, Reece, Heidi, Carys, Brendan (very obscured)
Shelley (obscured), Daniel, Cameron, Nigel, Reece (obscured), Natalia
Cameon, Reece, Natalia (obscured), Brendan, Carys
? (obscured), Cameron, Reece
Photo courtesy of Brendan
? (obscured), Daniel, Cameron (obscured), Reece (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Cameron, Reece, Lisa, Natalia (obscured), Carys
?, ?, ?
? (arm), Brendan, Craig?
Sam, Seth, ? (obscured)
Trish, Sam, Angus, Kathy (obscured)
Background: ?, ?
? (obscured), Anthony, ? (obscured)
? (obscured), ?
Nigel, Craig?, Carys, Reece (obscured), Natalia
Reece, Daniel, Shelley (obscured)
Craig (obscured), Natalia
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Photo courtesy of Brendan
The dodgiest uncle and aunty: Cameron, Craig?, Daniel, ? (obscured), Carys, Reece
Angus, Sam, Frank
Trish, Kathy
Background: ?, ?
? (obscured), Kathy (obscured), Russell, Reece
? (obscured), Daniel, ?
Luci, ? (obscured)
? (obscured), Kathy (background), Adam
Luci, Simeon, Gold, John, Andi, Simeon, Claire, Robert, Katrina, Frank, Mike
Peter, Jade
Background: ?, ?, ?
Joe, ? (arm), Dave, Andi
? (obscured), ?, Terry?, Frank?, Lisa, Freya (obscured), ? (hair), Meghan, Colin, John, Will, Maria
The bottle dance: Dave (boot), John, Chris, Heidi, Andi, ? (obscured)
John (legs), Chris, Simeon? (obscured), Ana, Joe (very obscured), Gold, Dave
Katrina (obscured), Mike, ?, ?, ?, Lisa, Christa?, Cameron, Meghan, Keith?, Heidi
John (obscured), Gold, Anna, Joe (obscured), Dave, ? (very obscured), Peter (obscured)
Jade, Gold (obscured), Daniel
John, Chloe, Gold (obscured), Daniel (obscured), Dave
Kathy, Claire, Luci, Andi, Katrina (obscured), Daniel
Sam, ? (obscured), John
Nicola, ? (very obscured), Frank, Angus, ?, Lisa, Freya, Seth?, Meghan, Cameron, ? (foreground), Jade, ?, Will, ?, ? (obscured), Natalia, Cameron, Shelley, Reece, Keith, Anna, ?, Ana, Robert (obscured)
Claire, Joe, Gold, Luci
Photo courtesy of Brendan
Gold? (obscured), Claire, Russell, Heidi, Simeon
Nicola, ? (obscured), Chloe, ? (very obscured), Cameron, ? (obscured), Claire, ?, ?, ?, ? (very obscured), Simeon, Daniel, ?, Heidi, Cameron, Maria, Daniel
? (hair), ?, Gold
? (obscured), Keith? (obscured), ? (hair), Zara, Ana, Dave, Claire, Andi, ? (hair), Gold, Simeon, Jade, ?, Luci, ? (obscured), Maria, Heidi (obscured), ? (very obscured)
?, Anna, Kathy, Robert

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