December 4-6: A walk in the hills, a walk in the garden

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A walk in the hills -- Harry Ell track, Thompson's track, Victoria Park, 4 December 2012

Early in the walk.
Upper plateau with mountainbikers.
Darkness in the trees.
Eastern Christchurch at night.

A walk in the garden, Frankleigh Street, 6 December 2012

Millipede, maybe 1cm long.
Fly's head.
More of the fly.
What's this?
A rather less ugly fly.
Small beetle.
Cute little spider.
The little stick insects are growing up. They may be fewer in number, though.
The twigs have eyes!
Yet another fly.
And another.
Golly there are a lot of flies...
Hunting spiders roam the back fence in the evening sunshine.
They're quite well comouflaged, so there may be more than we realise...
Spider and victim. Nearly as many different spiders as flies.

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