February 4-9: SCA Canterbury Fair -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

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Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days over the weekend nearest Waitangi Day.

Photos by other people are credited to the camera owners -- I know many of them were actually taken by different hands, but have little idea whose...

Wednesday February 4, 2004, Waipara Riverside Park

Preparing the marquee: Lorenzo, Martuccio, ? (obscured), ?Alan?, ?, Rowen, Karel, Roheisa
An all-too-common sight...
Inveterate volunteers: Rowen, Nicolette
In the Mong: Miles, Nicolette, Clarice, Nicodemus, Aaron, Theodora (foreground), Rebecca, Mine, Barrett
Theodora, Nicolette
Background: ? (obscured), Del, Aaron
Photo courtesy of Mine
Theodora, Karel's possum, Bernard
Coffee wench in action: Clarice, Asbjorn (obscured)
Asbjorn, Teresa, Martuccio, Michelet (obscured), Miles, Roheisa (obscured), Nicolette
And so the Tablero begins... Rebecca, Barrett, Inigo (obscured), Mine (very obscured)
Sanchia, Vitale, Teresa (obscured)

Thursday February 5

Bernard, Karel, Magnus, Miles, Duncan, Deamon, Martuccio, Miles, Willehelm
Roheisa, Bliss
Miles, Willehelm, Deamon (very obscured), Vitale, Callum (obscured), Richard (obscured), Miles (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Mari
Miles, Vitale, Miles, Deamon (squashed), Willehelm, Tycho, Callum, ? (obscured)
Magnus, Willehelm (obscured), Miles, Callum, Tycho, Richard, Vitale, Peregrine, Deamon, Sigurd, Asbjorn, Yolande? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Mari
Miles, Deamon, Miles
Beatriz? (obscured), Inigo, Leandra?, Isolde? (obscured), Aaron, Del, Mine, Barrett, Nicodemus, Rebecca, Benedict
Not so much a mouse as a monkey... William
Emma, Clarice (obscured), ? (obscured)
Dance practice: Del, Avril, Rebecca, Pergrine, Yolande, Sonya, Einar, Mine, Hercules, Amalie, Emma? (very obscured)
Yolande, Edward, Mine, Avril, Peregrine, Sonya
Wax tablet notebook: Ulf, Amalie, Emma
Veronica, Nicolette (obscured), Roheisa, Karel, Clarice, Rotte
Nelson Mediaeval Guild: Kate, Mike, David, Rebecca
Stephen? (obscured), Mari
Benedict, Bernard, ? (obscured), Martuccio, Miles (dead), Deamon, Peregrine, Callum, Deordanaan, Amalgaid
Vitale, Tycho, Katherine (obscured)
Alex, Rosetta, Dickon, Peregrin
Sasha, Ulfrikr
The object of cattle raiding...
Photo courtesy of Mari
Travelling musicians: Aahmes?, Theodora, Yuri
Mine (obscured), Cynethryth (obscured), David, Robin (obscured), Rebecca (obscured)
Bartholomew, Iuliana, Sonya, Aahmes? (background), Amalie, Einar, Alan, Gwenhwffar, Yuri, David, Del, Rebecca, Mine, Adele (obscured), ? (obscured), Robin
Kjartan, Kazimira, Katherine, Bartholomew
Fen, Alys
Nicodemus, Nicolette, Del, Francesca?, Cynethryth
Nimue, Deamon

Friday February 6

Richard, Peregrine, Elise, Darius, William, Beatriz, Callum, Emrys (obscured), ?, David, Emma, Avril, ? (obscured), Kazimira?, Fen, ?, ?, Lukas?, Turloch, ?
Callum, Darius, Elise (obscured), Peregrine, Richard
Gilbert, William, David (obscured), Giles, Emrys, Mari, Beatriz, Dani?, Inez, Willhelm
Lukas?, Elise, Beatriz (obscured), Callum, Mari
Spike, Veronica
Einar and Sonya's tent
Einar, Del, Francesca, Sonya, Elise, Amalie, Iuliana?, Lukas?
Miles vs Deordanaan
Background: Bernard, ?, Inigo, Richard, Willehelm
?, ?, ? (obscured), ?
Denise, Dieter, Roheisa
Background: Katherine, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roheisa
? (obscured), Theodora, Dayna, Phil
Amberhearth encampment
Sigurd (obscured), Willehelm, Emlyn, Cherry?, Peregrine (obscured)
Lorenzo, Martuccio, ?, ?, ?, Duncan, ?, Katherine, Elise, ?, Alys, ?, Yoshitoshi, Clarice, Alfric, Lukas?, Rosanella, Gwenhwffar, ? (obscured), Cherry, Mike, Ædward, ?, Thora?, Richard, ? (obscured), Callum, ?, Mari, Inigo
Callum, Ædward, Sigurd
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo
Deamon vs Inigo
Photo courtesy of Mari
Michelet managing the Mangy Mongol
Photo courtesy of Mine
Marienna's spice stall
Rebecca, Stacey, Emma, Nicodemus, Fen, Beatrice, William
Calum, Roheisa, David?, Rebecca
Vincent, Thora, Bliss
? (obscured), Hercules, Darius, ?, Phil (foreground), Ulfrikr, ?, ?, Sonya, ? (obscured), Einar, Peregrine, Rebecca, Denise, Duncan, Alys, Therese, Marienna, Adele (very obscured), Mari, David, Arnfrithr, Del, Mine (foreground), Emlyn, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Cecilia, Dieter?, Michelet, Gwenhwffar
Gilbert, Ayfra (obscured), ? (obscured), Cateline
Crowned Heads of Europe coconut shy: ?Grace? (obscured), Alex?
Mike, Rebecca, Sinech, Barrett
Kate, Mike
Jacob, Giles
...and here's why Giles looked perturbed: ? (arm), Roheisa (background), Rosanella, Teresa, Bartholomew, Lukas? (obscured), ? (background), Yolande (background), Miles, Yolande, Amalie
Emlyn (obscured), Yoshitoshi, Marion
Puppet show: Yuri
Audience: Katherine (obscured), Rebecca, Lukas?, Aaron, Vadim, Willhelm, Natasha, Elise, Robbie, Madelein
Sigurd (very obscured), William, ?Theodora? (obscured), ? (background), Bethany, Amalie, Spike? (obscured), Ilar, Darius (obscured), Clarice, Duncan, Michael, Bartholomew, Fraser
Magnus and his wares
Rebecca, Chrettienne, Killian (obscured), Sinech
A Benedictine map
Bards for sale: Vitale, Alfric, Isolde, Iuliana, Bartholomew, Katherine, Sasha, Ilar, Theodora, Veronica
Rosanella (very obscured), Francescsa, Deordanaan, Gryphon, Daniel, Barrett, Phil
Background: ?Amy?, Alan, Rebecca
Barrett vs Cev
Audience: Darius, Willhelm, Dieter, Elise, Denise (obscured), Inez, Rosanella, Daniel (obscured)
Domanic, Niki
Foreground/middle: Sasha, Lukas?, Darius, Cev, Duncan
Audience: Inez (obscured), Willhelm, Deordanaan, Francesca, Alexandra, Peregrine, Gryphon, Barrett (obscured), Giles, Phil, Alan, Sonya, Amy, Michelet, Einar, Emma, William, Inigo and Nicola?, Francesca, Karel, Emma, Killian (obscured), Lorenzo, Cynethryth, Bliss
Giles, Duncan
Take up your bed and walk... Marion? (obscured), Eleanora, ?, Turloch, Sigurd, ?, ? (obscured), Chrettienne
Sanchia, Beatrice, Cecilia
Rebecca, Barrett, Emma, Aaron
Before the Ball: Del, Aaron, Rebecca, Kylie, Francesca, Vadim? (obscured), Emma, Rowen, Alfric (obscured), Miles (obscured), Iuliana, Avril, ?, Cherry, ? (obscured), Ædward
Photo courtesy of Mari
Petit Riens: David (obscured), Emma, Del, Elise, Sonya, Einar, Amalie? (obscured), Peregrine (obscured), Avril, Roheisa (obscured), Michael (foreground), Rebecca, Miles?, Natasha, Barrett, Emma, Sanchia, Mike?, ?Cateline?, Willehelm, Emrys
Stephen's new raiment
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Spagnoletta?: Emma, Sonya, Del
Alexandra, Francesca
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Therese at work
?, Amalie, Lorenzo (background), Rowen, Martuccio, Dayna, Alys, Sanchia, Alan, Francesca, Sinech?, Sonya, Inigo, Ulf, Aahmes?, ?Cherry? (foreground), Yuri (obscured), Roheisa, Mine, Avril? (foreground), Yolande
Amberhearth party: Bliss?, Thora? (obscured), Æsa (obscured), Willehelm, Giles, Benedict, Peregrine
Photo courtesy of Miles
Background: Aaron (obscured), ?, Rebecca, ?, Richard
Photo courtesy of Miles
Barrett, Isolde, Teresa, ? (very obscured), Caitlin, Æsa (obscured), Willehelm, Thora, ?, William, Benedict (obscured), William (obscured), ? (obscured), Sigurd, Clarice, Richard, Gryphon, ? (obscured), ?
Photo courtesy of Mari
Yolande, Del
Isolde, Thora, Robin

Saturday February 7

Del, Emrys?, Giles
Rosetta, Dickon, Alex, Grace, Katherine
An unusual mix of weapons: Asbjorn, Del
Aaron (obscured), Iuliana
Miles, Ulf? (obscured), Miles, Kjartan, Sigurd, Etienne, William, Asbjorn, Deamon, Richard, Willehelm, Peregrine, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Callum, Dieter? (obscured), Giles, Bernard, Karel
Barrett, Rebecca, Aaron
Francesa, ?
Etienne, Inigo (very obscured)
Ulf announces the tourney for St John's relic
Peregrine, Duncan, Deamon, Giles
Stitching in the Mong: Alan, Amalie, Hercules, Avril, Rowen
Inigo, Asbjorn?, ? (obscured), Ulf (obscured), Miles, Peregrine (obscured), Etienne, Vincent, Benedict, Miles?, Duncan
Background: Alys, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Sigurd, Vitale, ?
Benedict, Etienne, Vincent, Sigurd? (obscured), Vitale, Peregrine (dead), ?
Background: Alys?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Inigo, Kjartan
Duncan, Dieter, Asbjorn, ?, Ulf, Inigo, ? (obscured), Miles, Sanchia, Vincent, Peregrine (obscured), Benedict, Miles, Magnus?
Background: ? (obscured), ?, ?, Alys
Angus, Arabella, Ædward
?, Peregrine, Miles (obscured), Ulf, Vincent, Inigo
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Cateline's embroidery
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Bartholomew, Callum, Orla, Sasha, Grace, Robbie?, Ilar, ?, Dickon (foreground), Pippin, ?, Alfric, Alex?, Roisin? (obscured), Rosetta?
Background: Callum, ? (obscured), Roisin?, Robbie
? (obscured), Bethany, Phil
Maille class: Emma, Yolande? (obscured), Sonya, Karel, Avril
Cherry, Emma, ?, ? (very obscured)
Steel demo spectators: Fraser, Dayna, Phil (obscured), Deordanaan?, Michael, Spike, Sigurd, Vincent, William, Mari, Martuccio, Yolande, Karel, Emrys, Ulf, Roheisa, Nicodemus, William (obscured), Lorenzo, Rebecca, Giles, Aaron, ?, Magnus
Sinech (obscured), Katherine, Alys
Kylie, Mari, Alan?, Peregrine, Sasha
Gwyneth, Will, Avril? (obscured), Hercules (obscured)
Feast -- tables, from back to front, left column first:
Ædward, Peregrin, Yolande, Dickon, Asbjorn, Marienne, Ulf, Alys
Arnfrithr, ?, Iuliana,?, Alfric, Æsa, Bliss, Thora
Aaron, ?, David, ?, Mari, Alan
Del, Mine, Miles, Michelet, Amy
Theodora, Veronica, Rebecca, ?, Magnus, Miles?, Barrett (walking)
Ayfra, Emrys, Gilbert, Willehelm, Beatriz, ?, ? (obscured)
?, ?, Heloise?, Cristia?, ?, Vitale, Tycho
Katherine, Grace?, Bartholomew, Will, ? (very obscured)
Fraser, Cherry, ? (obscured)
Alys, Theodora, Ayfra, Emrys, Gilbert
Kitchen at work: Del, Sigurd, Vitale, Francesca, David?, Adele, Bernard
Callum, Giles, Peregrin, Ædward, Dickon, Yolande, Asbjorn, Marienna
Witnesses in the trial of Willehelm: Gunnar's wife, Thora Gunnarsdottir, Gunnar (aka Benedict, Thora and Æsa)
Background: Miles (obscured), Bliss (obscured), Mari? (obscured), ?, ?
Background: Aahmes?, Yuri
Mine (very obscured), Gwenhwffar
The Inc Committee are presented: Alfric (obscured), Vitale, Francesca, William, William, Æsa, Isolde, Bernard, Roheisa, Ædward, Yolande
The birthday cake: ? (obscured), Bliss, Roheisa, Yolande, Giles, Ulf
Background: Chrettienne, Ædward
Stephen gets his Tear: Giles, Stephen, Ædward, Peregrine, Yolande, Martuccio, Asbjorn, Ulf, Marienna (obscured)
? (obscured), Yolande, Mine, Katherine (obscured), Francesca
Kazimira, Kjartan, Alfric, Aahmes? (obscured), Yuri, Emrys, Sonya, Avril? (obscured), Isolde, Arabella, Rebecca, Miles, Geoffrey, Rowen, Francesca, Nicodemus, Robin, Del (obscured), ? (obscured), Cynethryth, Sinech? (obscured), ?
Green glow their bogling forks... William, Emrys, Turloch
Tent of iniquity: Thora, Roheisa, Alan, Dayna, Phil, Cev, Niki

Sunday February 8

Gilbert, Ulf, Richard, Ædward, Bartholomew, Kjartan, William?, Deamon, Willehelm, Magnus, Vitale, Tycho
Ellen, Ulf
Looting the Mong: Tycho, Kjartan, Ædward, Willehelm
Geoffrey, Arabella, Bliss (obscured)
Background: ?Marienna?, ?, ?
William, Kjartan, Ulf, ? (obscured), Deordanaan, Ædward, Tycho, Willehelm, Richard, Magnus, Deamon
Willehelm, Magnus, Richard (very obscured), Tycho, Kjartan, Deordanaan
Deordanaan, Miles, Magnus, Willehelm?, Kjartan, Richard, Tycho
Ellen, Adele
Photo courtesy of Duncan
Leandra, Inigo, Nicola
Background: Deamon, Vitale (obscured), ?, Miles?, Dieter
Photo courtesy of Duncan
?, Bronwyn, ?, ?, ?
Ædward, Ulf, Bartholomew, Gilbert, Bethany?, Vitale, William, Magnus, Miles, Miles, Willehelm, Tycho, ? (obscured), Deordanaan, Kjartan, Deamon
Bartholomew, Ædward, ? (obscured), Miles?, Willehelm, Deordanaan, William (very obscured), Kjartan, Tycho, Miles
Lorenzo, Einar, Martuccio
Background: Willehelm?
Photo courtesy of Duncan
Their Majesties Ædward and Yolande
Attendants: Martuccio, Peregrine
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo
Page school graduates: Arabella, Chrettienne, Dickon, Martuccio, Ædward, Grace (obscured), Peregrine, Rosetta?, ? (obscured), Yolande, Pippin (obscured), Alys, Alex, Philippe
Standing: Vitale, Angus, Deordanaan, Del, Duncan, Giles, Callum, ?William?, Arabella, Asbjorn, Ædward, Sanchia, ?, Emrys, Benedict, Martuccio, Alys (very obscured), ?, Ulf
Seated: Daniel, Therese, Rowen, ?, Amy? (obscured), Nicodemus (obscured), ?, Clarice (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Veronica, ? (obscured) [aisle] Iuliana?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ?, Alfric, ?, Æsa, Willehelm, Bliss, ? (obscured), Miles (obscured), ? (obscured), ?
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo
Fencing prizes: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), William, Veronica, ? (obscured), Chrettienne (obscured), Asbjorn, Ædward. Sanchia?, Peregrine (obscured), Emrys, Iuliana?, Benedict
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo
Wrestling award: Angus? (obscured), Amalgaid, Giles, Duncan (the winner)
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Presenting the Better Keeps and Baileys award: Tycho, Sanchia, Ulf, Marienna, Asbjorn (obscured), ? (obscured). (Awarded to Nelson Mediaeval Guild.)
A new citizen of Ildhafn: Benedict, Asbjorn, Duncan, Marienna, Sanchia, Isolde, Emrys, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Her Majesty is overcome by Martuccio's prowess as she awards him a Rowan... Ædward, Yolande, Dickon, Peregrin, Alys, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Him again... Duncan receives a Tear: Ædward, Peregrin (obscured), Yolande, Dickon, Duncan, Peregrin, Alys
Long overdue AoA: Ædward, Dickon (obscured), Yolande (obscured), Peregrin, Alys, Ellen.
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Giles, Duncan (very obscured), Roheisa, Arabella
Lochac explained: Roheisa, ? (obscured), William?, Miles, ?, Bliss, Alys, Del, Miles, Mine, ?, Yolande, Deamon, Giles, ? (very obscured), Duncan, ? (obscured), ?, Bartholomew, Emrys, ?, ?, ?
An expert at work, Roheisa, Miles
The victim: Mari (obscured), Miles, Katherine (obscured), ? (obscured)
Veronica, Ulf
14th century costume class: Peregrine, Veronica (obscured), Kate?, Benedict, Ulf, Alys, ?, Beatriz, Ædward
Einar (obscured), Hercules, Sonya, Avril, Bethany?, Emma, Cherry
Michelet on duty
Taking a break: Nicolette
Giles, Sanchia, Alan
Beatriz making soap
Iuliana, Inigo, Karel, Miles, Emrys, Rowen, Hercules, Benedict, Thora, Adele, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Cynethryth, Mari (foreground), David? (obscured), Arnfrithr
Avril, Fraser
Einar, Sonya, Emma, Cherry
Callum, Chrettienne
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Lorenzo, Martuccio, Benedict (obscured), Magnus? (obscured)
Song for Cecilia: Alys, Mari, Cecilia, Bethany, Inigo, Michael
Roheisa (obscured), Rosanella
Karel, Roheisa, Giles, Gwenhwffar

Monday February 9

The aftermath: Bliss, Miles, Karel, Therese, Alan, Iuliana

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