Feb 10-24, 2001: Plunkett St party, Del's retro party, Clubs Day, SCA demo tourney, Gothic revival party

Plunkett Street, 10 February, 2001

Arrivals:?, Erin, Erin's brother (obscured), Chris, Tim, Andrew, ?Al?
Loungers: Dillon, John, ?, Stefano, Charlotte, Karen
Erin's tattoo
MaryBeth and Helen
Erin's brother, Erin, Andrew
Stefano, Beast, ?, ? (sitting), Julie, ? (obscured), Chris, ?Alex? (obscured), Colin?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?Kat?, Ricky, Jason, LX
Blancmange and Scarecrow
OK, who's this? The face looks familiar...
Karen and Theresa
John and Simeon
Little Red Riding Hood and a wolf
Erebus, Kat, Morbid

Del's retro party, Churchill Street, 15 February 2001

The early birds get the jellies: Linnet, Peter, Belle, Phil
Zane, Tim, Peter, Andrew, Nicola, Erin, Simeon, Charlotte, Del
Sebastian being sleazy...
Belle and Nick
Dancing to an antique tune: Tim, Sebastian, Fridge, Brent, CJ
Psycho Zane
Darcy and Kat

Clubs Day, UoC campus , 21 February, 2001

KAOS desk: Charlene, ?, Kat, ?, MaryBeth, Alex, Michael?, Lisa
SCA desk: Einar, Aliena
Presidential coke delivery: Matt, MaryBeth, Nigel, Traci, Jarrod
Aliena and Heloise
Mia and her amazing auxilliary nipples...
SCA demo: Richard, Aliena, Vincent, Vitale
Need bigger guns! Catherine learns weapon handling techniques.

SCA demo tourney, Tai Chi glade, 24 February, 2001

Bartholomew and Katherine
Newcomers: ?, Einar, ?, Vincent (obscured), ?
Vincent is punished for not ensuring he was signed up in the right list: Vitale, Tycho, Vincent, Duncan

Gothic revival party, Auburn Ave, 24 February 2001

Stefan's safety chain
The cake
Oliver, Nick, Schmoo, Krispy, Meredith
Back again: Sophie, Pixi, Jason
Interesting hair... ?, Charlotte, ?Meredith?, ?
Daniel (Garth in background)
Trond and Brian
Theresa, Morbid, Sophie, ?, ?, CJ, Sebastian, ?Taz?, Nick
Theuns and Nicola
Anna and Kathleen
Richard, Trond, Brian, Dan
Birthday girl cuts the cake
Back left: Garth, ?, Jess, Euan, Rebecca, Al. Back right: Rachel, Oliver, Karl, Krispy. Front: Wayne, Theresa, Sophie, Glen, Beast
B&D corner: Rachel, Karl, Jo, Bastian
Surprised inhabitants of Schmoo's Wardrobe of Lurve: Pip and Dan
Glen and Sabrina
Original photo courtesy of Wayne

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