December 8-11: More content from gardens, and hills

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In the garden, Frankleigh Street, 8 December 2012

Damned aphids.
Our ally, the ladybird.
Bumblebee on a spring onion flower.
Interesting little spider on the nettles.
Unidentified fly.
Maybe not technically the greatest picture, but the timimg is impeccable.
Spider and victim.
Winged aphid.
Twisty, turny, tentacular tendrils.
Bee-mimicking fly.
Some sort of plant hopper?
Jumping spider.
Unidentified fly.
Medium-sized stick insect.
Alien lifeform, probably evil.
Unidentified beetle.
Unidentified moth.
Unidentified raspberry-eating beetle.
Raspberry-eating earwig. Bastard!
Earwig on parsley.
Unidentified spider.
Click beetle.
Unidentified moth.
This is not an arthropod.

In the garden, Frankleigh Street and Natasha's house, 9 December 2012

Ailing honeybee.
Spider with egg sac.
Some sort of orthopteran in Natasha's garden.
And again.
Unidentified moth; maybe some sort of grass moth.
Unidentified fly.
Unidentified fly.

In the garden, Frankleigh Street, 10 December 2012

Enemy of gooseberries -- the currant clearwing moth.
Not sure what's going on here -- there was a lot of loud buzzing involved. Can't tell if they're just different genders or different species.
Jumping spider.
Unidentified beetle.
Random vegetation.

A walk in the hills, via the Harry Ell track and Victoria Park to the top of Sugarloaf to see the sun set

Afternoon hills.
My destination.
Nicely coloured conifer.
Twilight on the harbour.
The transmission tower road.
Looking east.
Setting further.
Lights of western Christchurch
Last light.

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