November 19-December 7: SCA St Catherine's Fair, Kahu Road drinkies, MRS feast, Discworld party

Rainbow close-up

SCA St Catherine's Fair, Motu Moana Scout Camp, Blockhouse Bay, 22-24 November, 2002

Battle of Sluys: Ruadh, Doug, Willehelm, Romano, Brian
Barret and Brian
Willehelm, Barret, Brian (foreground), Emrys, Romano, ? (obscured), ?, ? (background), Sinech, ?
The English defend a hilltop: Magnus, Willehelm? (obscured), Barret, Brian, Ruadh, Emrys? (obscured), Doug
Sinech, Sanchia and her album, Cameron
Clockwise from left: ?, Brian, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Sinech (obscured), Teresa, Natalia, Inigo and the tricky beaker
Beatriz, Teresa, Niamh
Magnus, Brian, ? (obscured), Fulk? (obscured), Del
? (hair), Emrys, Del, Cameron, ? (obscured)
Spectators? (obscured), Sanchia, Isolde, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Benedict, Cameron? (obscured), Magnus
The cook: Romano
Marienna dealing in spices
The Mediaeval Shop stall: ?, ?, Ulf, Del
Dance lessons: Beatriz, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Del, ?. Sanchia, Cameron
Foreground table: Natalia, ?, Eleyne, Kaspar
Middle table: Cameron, Bernard, Asbjorn (standing), Isolde, Emrys, ?, Marienna (standing), ?, Beatriz, Teresa (standing), Messalina, Del, Magnus
Far table: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Teresa (obscured), ?, ?, Redbeard
Teresa the auctioneer
The ball: Brian, Isolde, ?, Del, Inigo, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Singers' corner: Bernard, Niamh, Redbeard
Redbeard, ?, ?, Ulf
Late at night... Inigo, Romano
Fulk, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, Cameron, Bernard
Scoring up: Bernard, ?, Fulk
Bernard receives beer from Fulk
Asbjorn, Benedict, Magnus, ?, Ulf
? and Niamh
Closing down: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Niamh, Natalia, Eleyne, ?, ?, Isolde, Beatriz, Marienna

Kahu Road drinkies, 29 November, 2002

Dust, Thorkell, Stacey, Zane, Al, Jenny, Amy
Theuns and Heather

MRS feast, WEA Center, 7 December, 2002

Roland, Amy, ?
Therese (obscured), Berengar, Guenhefar, Adele, Michelet, Muirenn
Front table, clockwise from left: Ceina, Amy, Amy, Stephen, Berengar, Therese, Genevieve, Muirenn
Rear table: Aliena (very obscured), Emma, Einar, Roland, Cev
The cook: Duncan
The Viking game: Theuns, Seth, Cev, Roland, Bastian, Bethany, Emma, Amy
Bernard, Bastian, Roland, Amy, Bethany, Cev, Duncan, Iarnulf
Vincent, Ceina, Vadim, Amy, Amy, Stephen, Natasha, Berengar, Guenhefar, Bethany, Michelet, Genevieve, Adele? (obscured)
Push-wrestling: Vincent and Iarnulf
Background: Aliena, Ceina, Amy, Stephen, Bethany
Roland vs Bastian
Background: Iarnulf and Aliena

Discworld Party, White Palace, 7 December, 2002

Photos courtesy of Marsden.

Matthew, Miche, Carl
Claire and Mike
Mike, Simeon, Fluffi, Daniel, Al
Claire, Matthew, Leon? (foreground), ?, Carl, Becky?, Karen?, Storm, Rebecca, Paula, Al, Mary Anne
Paula (obscured), ? (obscured), John, Duncan, Sam?

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