Late 80s-mid 90s: Fitz's Photos -- KAOS and SCA

Photos taken by Fitz in a wide range of situations. I mostly don't know precisely when and where. I've divided out several sets which appear to go together (though I may be mistaken in a few places, especially in the first set). These are: a party in the early '90s, people in the UCSA building, misc. KAOS, the Menagerie feast, SCA shoemaking, fighters pratice in the ballroom and at Airdmhor, and the Pen Gwynne War.

Chris Whelan's flat, Clyde Road. Prob 1990-92

Krispy, Diana, Evan?
Sarah, Chris, Vicki
Chris doesn't like sheep...
Someone's having fun... Keely and Evan
Evan and Sharon
JL and friend
? and LX
Mike, Kristine, Andrew
Krispy, Diana, ?, ?, Chris, Jules
?Scott?, Chris, Mike, Jules
Chris, Jules, JL
Mark (boot), Jules, Mike, Krispy?
Phil, Sharon, Adele?, Kristine, Mike
Mark, Rat, ?Sharon?, Diana, ?Krispy?
Rat and Sean
Tania, Steve, ?
Tania, ?, Kristine
Someone must have an Instamatic: Sean

KAOS at home

People in the UCSA building.

Dillon, UCR
Phil and ?, LCR, probably playing bastard gin
Steve and Rowley, UCR
Charlotte, UCR
Cocktail bar, UCR
Left-hand row, working front to back: ?, Charlotte, JL?, ?, ?, Mike?, unidentified people
Next row: Andrew, Phil, Bart (behind pillar), Marie, John, ?Barry?
Belle at study, probably LCR


Assorted pictures of assorted people.

Andrew and Isabelle
Belle and Fitz, probably at Andrew Crampton's wedding
Charlotte, David?, ?
Fitz the photographer
Fitz doing SCA-ish stuff
JSR and a Tank Soc sign
LX and Alexander
A very young LX
LX and Phil, Menagerie porch, late '80s
LX and alcohol
Roleplayers: Andrew, Rat, LX. Probably one of Steve's or Fitz's games.
Mike Tarsitano -- possibly at the UCSA flat in Brockworth Place during the Whelan presidency
Mike and LX
Roleplaying again: Rat and Steve, probably at Fitz's
S.D. Murphy
Jennifer and Steve
Steve and ?Joan?
Steve again

Menagerie feast

A mediaeval feast at the Menagerie, 1988-89-ish.

Annette in the Menagerie lounge (with the infamous ceiling parachute)
Belle and Annette


Eleanora's weekend-long shoemaking slass at the WEA, mid 90s.

? Bastian, Lughaid, ?
Callum and Ulf
And again...
Callum, ?, Sigurd, Ulf and a couple of concealed people

SCA fighters

Fight practice in the ballroom.

Bastian and his balloon
Bastian mistreats his balloon
? and Eoghan
Eoghan and ?. Note the bar in the background.
Bastian and Alys
Alys and Bastian
? and Bastian

More SCA fighters

Fight practice at Airdmhor.

?, Alys, Ulf, ?
Alys and Ulf
?, Alys, Ulf?

Pen Gwynne War

Lochac invades Southron Gaard, Swannanoa, late 1992.

Rowena, Ulf, Alys
Edward, ?Kane?, ?, Duncan Crockett Mackay, ? (marshall), Agro, Philippe, ?, Robear?, ?Brian de Kaffa?, ?, ?, ?
Richard Scheib, probably Baron Thomas behind him, Duncan Crockett Mackay seated, Brian de Kaffa? at right
Agro, ?, ?, ?, Ulf
Rowena and Rotte
?, ?, Baron Tom, ?
?, ?

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