Reannag Fhara First Feast, Christchurch Music Centre, 27 May 2000

Fighters prepare: Feran (obscured), Tycho, Richard, Duncan, Sigurd, Vincent (obscured), Vitale
Clan Bruce: Dave, Johanna, Ayeshah, Jarnulf (foreground)
Signing up at the lists: Geoffrey, Tycho, Vincent
Eleanora's new gown
Wulf vs Vitale
Angharad and Madelein
Hydes senior and junior: Dickon, Bartholomew, Perry
Playing with the necklace: Ilar, Vitale (background), Teresa of Darchester, Richard, Ethelind (foreground), Heloise
Tatooed ladies: Kassandra and Theodora
Crowd at court. Far seats: Ayeshah, Iarnulf, Michelet, Lesley, Andre, ?, Bastian, Bragwyth, Martuccio, Ulf, Rowena (standing). Near seats: Rebecca, Linda, Angharad, Madelein, Geoffrey, Minna, ?Niamh?
Rowena's Laurel scroll at last: Eleanora, Callum, Rowena, Ulfric
Rowena makes a request...: Sigurd, Chretienne, Eleanora, Rowena (foreground), Callum
...and receives permission to marry: Tycho, Richard, Sigurd, Rowena (foreground), Chretienne, Eleanora, Callum
Bastian and Ulf bring Martuccio forward: Katharine, Feran, Aliena, Michael?, Cassandra, Bethany, Bastian, Martuccio, Ulf, Sinech
Tribute offered and blessing received
Everyone smiles...
Feasters. Near table: ?, Lesley, ?, Rebecca, Duncan, Therese. Far tables: Alys, Angharad, Beatrice, Steven, Dave, Johanna, Ayeshah, Iarnulf, Cassandra, Theodora
Looking down the hall. Near table: Ulf, Alys, Angharad, Beatrice, Bastian
Sigurd signs the Sea Beggars' papers
Miles and Vincent
Rebecca, Lesley and Michelet
Aliena and Katharine
Quest discussion: Geoffrey, Niamh, Emma, Alexander, Einar, Andre, ? (far background), Minna, Del (background), Therese
Ulfric and Robert
Quest finale: ?Richard?, Katharine, Rowena, Bragwyth, Martuccio, Einar, Aliena?, Eleonora, Cristia

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