February 12-15: Baby-eating dinner; Silk, Satin, Leather and Lace party

Baby-eating dinner, Kahu Road, 12 February 2003

Martuccio (obscured), Lorenzo, Steve (obscured),
Duncan, Charlene, Belle
Mmmm, dessert...
Mel, Al
Steve, Martuccio, Dan, Theuns

Silk, Satin, Leather and Lace party, the Bordello, 15 February 2003

Cat people: Stacey, Dan (obscured), Amy, Carolyn
Diana, Carolyn, Miche, Maria
Daniel (obscured), Jenny
Glenn, Carolyn
Michael, Rebecca, Matthew, Miche
?, Carolyn (obscured)
Theuns, Diana (obscured)
Diana, Schmoo
Tinks, Claire
?, Dust
Lubie, Michael (obscured)
Colin, Bastian
Charlene, Belle following instructions, Amy (obscured)
?Amy? (obscured), Paula, ? (obscured), Daniel, Maria
Bastian, Karen
Nick, Theuns, Lubie, Hamish, Miche, Chris, ?, Paula, Bethany, Andre, ?, ? (foreground), ? (obscured)
Jason, Adam, Ashes
Diana, Robert, Morbid, ?
Cheez Whiz: Martuccio, Glenn, Sandra, Belle, Maria (obscured), Lubie
Neil and Karla
? (obscured), Rebecca, Jason
Cheez Whiz gets everywhere... Martuccio (background), Amy, Bastian
Phil, ? (background)
Cousins: Coralie, Keenie
Duncan, Tria, Lubie
Sakura, Lisa, Adam
Euan, Keenie (background), ?, Trudi, Danny, Daniel
Nick, Craig, ?
Mike, Glenn
Mary Anne, Scarecrow (obscured), Amy, Andrew
Amy (very obscured), Scarecrow, Andrew, Adam
Matthew, Andrew
Chris, Darcy
Erin, Andrew, ?
Dan molests Ricki
Libby?, Ricki
Shekinah, Rachel, Jo
?, Leon, ?, Danny, ?, ?
Scarecrow, Storm, ?
Andre, Stacey, Adam
Wayne, Bethany
Jenny, Zane, Sonya, Peter
Keenie, Paula, Coralie
Rat, Seth
Belle, Rat, Amy, Maria
Glenn, Sandra, ?
Amy, Maria, Colin
Sam, Michael, Darcy
Michael (obscured), Darcy (obscured), Sam
Claire, Pip
? (foreground), Ricki, Andrew, Libby, Charlene, Lubie, Seth, Jason, Morbid, Martuccio (background), Diana, Jonty, Simeon, Picasso, Amy, Andre
Dan, Picasso
Glenn, Sakura, Natalia
Claire, Jonty, Al (very obscured), Mel, Belle, Dan, Picasso
Photo courtesy of Rat
Andrew, Denise
Jody?, Danielle
? (obscured), Keenie (obscured), Mike (very obscured), ?, Claire (very obscured), Charlene, Jason, Miche, ?, Diana, Nick, ?
JL, Pip, Tria, ?
Photo courtesy of Rat
Dean, Stacey
Rat in a trap
Photo courtesy of Rat
Amy, ?
Matt, Josh
Danielle, Paula, James (and Hamish's boot)
Michael, Keely
Rat, Storm, Shekinah, Rachel, Tria
Mel, Al, Leon, Diana, Keenie, Coralie, Theuns, Amy, ?
Jess, Sarah, Claire
Daniel, Miche, Amy
Simeon, Miche, Stacey
Photo courtesy of Rat
?Brian?, Jess, Troy
Photo courtesy of Rat
?, ?, ?, Charlotte
Background: Shekinah, ?, ?, Adam, ?, Simeon, Matt
Karla, Karl, Pip
Photo courtesy of Rat
Miche (obscured), Amy, Stacey
Photo courtesy of Rat
Brian, Keenie
Greg, Coralie
Yvonne, Kyle, Mark, Jason, Charlene
Dean, Yvonne
Charlotte, Phil
Mike, Daniel, Ben
Brian, Tinks
Mark, Hamish, Simeon
Chris, ?, Jonty
Pip, JL
Adam, Brent, Keenie, Mark
Jenny plays a rabbit again...
Glenn's rose

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