October 12-19: Cat and Dan's wedding and lunch, Will's birthday drinkies, cat fencing, hair metal party

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Cat and Dan's Wedding, 12 November 2005

Beast, Meredith, Beth
Beth (obscured), Karen, George, Jean, Docie
Richard, ?
Erin, Caleb
Background: ?, ?
Duncan, Helen
Background: ?, ?Hamish?, ?
Dan, ? (obscured)
Al, Mel
Dayna, Phil
Nick, Becky, James (obscured), Tony (very obscured)
Unpacking the bridal party
Charlene, Alan (obscured), Cat, Amy
Alan, Cat
Standing: Charlene, Ashes, Amy, Keith, ? (obscured), Cat, Dan, Aaron, Hooch, Allan
Seated: lots of ?s...
Standing: Cat, Keith, Dan
Seated: Arthur, Robin, ?
Standing: Aaron, Liz, Hooch
Seated: ? (obscured), ?, Claire, Cutter (obscured)
Standing: Cat, Dan, Keith, Aaron, Hooch (obscured), Lisa
Seated: Arthur, Robin, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Claire, Cutter
Groomsmen: Aaron, Hooch, Allan
Seated: ? (obscured), ?, Claire, Cutter, ?
Standing: Cat, Dan, Keith (obscured)
Seated: Robin
Here comes the ring
Standing: Cat, Dan, Keith, Hooch, Aaron
Seated: Arthur, Robin, ?, ?, ?
Bridesmaids: Charlene, Ashes, Amy
Seated: ? (very obscured), Bronwynne, ?, Alan
Standing: Cat, Dan, Keith
Seated: Arthur, Robin, ?
Signing the register: Keith, Dan, Cat, Iris (obscured)
Dan, Cat
Background: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Duncan (obscured), Roger, Al, ? (obscured), Mikey (obscured)
Dan, Martuccio, Michael (obscured), Amy
Guests swarm over the lawn
The cake
Time to cut before it melts! Dan, Cat
Toasting: Allan, Hooch, Aaron, Dan, Cat, Ashes, Amy, Charlene
? (hand), Michael, Mikey (obscured), ? (obscured), Keely, Robin, Caleb (obscured), ?, Al?, ?, ? (obscured), Lana, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, Liz, ? (obscured), ?, Trond, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Slosh, ?, Duncan (obscured), ?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Suzie (obscured), Beast, Keith
Ashes (obscured), Keith, Cutter, George (obscured), Charlene, Meredith (obscured), ? (obscured)
Croquembouche, some assembly required... Nico
Background: ?, ?
Shannon (obscured), Kat, Beth (obscured)
?, Karen, Suzie, Charlene, Shannon
Croquet: Dayna, ?, John, Andrew, Claire, Phil
Goth corner: Lana, Caleb, Michael, Libby, Rikki, Robin, Erin
Rikki (very obscured), Robin, Erin, Martuccio, ? (obscured)
Taking the bride for a spin: Iris, Cat, Dan
Amy, Dan, Charlene
Background: ?, ?, ?
Things to do with fruit
Getting a wee bit breezy... Cat, Karen, Michael
Liz? (background), Lana, Robin, Slosh, Karen (obscured)
Superior table Shadowlands: Hamish, Kat, Paula, Trond, Fiona (obscured), Liz
The Sprawl: Dan, Amy, Kat, Shannon, Beth, Robin, Lana, Slosh
Rivendell: Belle, Helen, Duncan, Beast, Al, Mel (obscured), Meredith, Paula, Hamish (obscured)
Bubble warfare: Liz, Louette (obscured), Spud (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Josie, Steph, Suzie (obscured), Allan, ?, ? (obscured)
Rikki, Libby
Charlene, Richard, ?
Robin springs into action
Arcadia: Ashes, Mikey, Keely, Michael
Background: Liz (very obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Spud (obscured), Josie (obscured), Suzie, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?,?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Bridezilla! Shirley, Bronwynne (obscured), Dan (obscured), Beth (obscured), Slosh, Cat, Amy, Dan, Lana
Paula, Fiona, Trond
Lisa, Shannon, Liz, Beth, Kat, Suzie
Kat (hair), Tony, Fiona, Trond
Bronwynne, Cat, Dan
Sparkly send-off: Shannon, ?, Allan?, Beth (obscured), Martuccio, Suzie, Michael, Will (obscured), ?, Steph?, Keely, Kat, ? (very obscured), Liz, ? (background), Ashes, unidentified background clump, Lisa?, Paula, Hamish, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)

Post-wedding Luncheon, Ferniehurst Street, 13 November 2005

Geeks bearing gifts... Ashes, Duncan, Dan, Richard, ? (obscured), Meredith (obscured), Beast, ? (very obscured), Charlene, Lisa, Paula, Hamish, Liz, ? (obscured)
Assorted relatives
Bronwynne, Dan, Cat
?, Paula, ?, ?, ?, Bronwynne, ?, Mikey, ?, Karen
Lisa's quilt: Charlene, Cat
Ashes, Cat, Dan

Will's Birthday Drinkies, Yaldhurst Road, 14 November 2005

Amy and the Gaiman fish
Will (knee), Charlene

Cat Fencing, Frankleigh Street, 18 November 2005

Martuccio, Harley

Hair Metal Party, Greers Road, 19 November 2005

Luci, Jason, Tony
? (obscured), Anita
James, ? (arm)
Tony (obscured), Tim, Angela
John (obscured), Luci
Karen, Hooch, Screcrow
Angela, Cutter
JL, Diantha
Erin, Adam
? (hair), Fiona, Tony, John
? (arm), Will
Scarecrow, Gypzy
Rebecca (obscured), Frank, Simeon? (obscured), Hamish (obscured)
Tony, Damon
? (boots), Rebecca, James
Chris, Cody
Kathi, ?
Suzie attempts to hang Hooch with his own bandana
Background: Hamish (arm), Amy, Chris, ? (obscured), Binky (obscured), Beth? (obscured), Charlene?
Background: ? (arm), Robert, Rebecca
Scarecrow, Matthew, JL (obscured)
Heather, Theuns
John, Simeon (obscured), Claire
Photo courtesy of Amy
The list of donors
Photo courtesy of Amy
Alison, Andrew, Sam
Hooch, Alison
Leah, Alison
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Background: ? (obscured), Charlene, Beth, Shoei?, Suzie, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Karen, Hooch
Photo courtesy of Amy
Background: Chris, Cody, Binky?
Ritual instrument-burning: Shoei, Rob, ?, Terry, John
Wheeee! Tony, James
Downstairs: Adam, Erin, ?Cody?
Here comes another one!
Upstairs: Tony, James
Downstairs: Chris?, Adam, Erin
Photo courtesy of Amy
Makes a bit of a mess, really
Spectatorial feet: Gypzy, Frank, ?, Hamish
Photo courtesy of Amy
Trond, Claire, Simeon, Andi (obscured), Fiona
Tony, John, James
Robert, Andrew, Sam, ?, Matthew, Terry, Ross, Cutter, Luci, Paula
Pyromaniac Hamish
Background: Andre (obscured), Slosh, Shannon, Storm?, Brian, ? (obscured), ?, Charlene, Terry
Photo courtesy of Amy
Burnination: John, Damon? (obscured), Suzie, Jonty, Andre?, Gold, ? (obscured), Storm?, Brian, Kat? (obscured), Rob, Beth, ?, Sarah?, Charlene, Terry, Allanah, Adam
Background: ?, ?, Liz?
Rebecca (obscured), Shannon, Kat, Brian, ?, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Storm, ? (obscured), Luci, Gold (obscured)
Brian, Kat, Andre, Storm
? (arm), Jason, Slosh
Phil, Chris, Jason, Anita
Photo courtesy of Rebecca?
Photo courtesy of Amy
Trond (obscured), ?, Gypzy, Brian, Kat (obscured)
Roisin, Ross, Kathi, Andre, ? (obscured)
Midnight picnic: Terry, Fiona, Becky, Liz, ?
Sarah, Gold? (obscured), Rob, ?
Photo courtesy of Amy

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