January 3-14: Orana Park, Willowbank, 2006 first drinkies, Lyndon Street drinkies, Sign of the Bellbird walk, games day, Friday 13 drinkies, beach party

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Orana Park, 3 January 2006

Asian small-clawed otters
Red-fronted kakariki
Lace monitor
Some sort of gecko
Shingleback lizards
Spider monkeys
Ring-tailed lemurs
Chapman's zebra
Rothschild's giraffe
Giraffe and Gypzy
Robert, Ryan, Gypzy, Claire, Allanah, Sam, Menolly
Southern white rhinos
Black swan, Menolly, Ryan, Claire
So do some people...
Hielan' coo beasties
Peacock and Ryan

Willowbank, 6 January 2006

Belle, Matt, duck and deer
More ring-tailed lemurs

2006 First Drinkies, Greers Road, 6 January 2006

Theuns, Tony, Nick, Allanah, Becky
Theuns, Tony
Tony, Paula, Hamish
Tony, Claire
Andi (boots), Robert, Rebecca
Trond (obscured), Will, Charlene, Theuns
Darcy, ?, Charlene
Simeon, Andi, John
Mel, Justin, Vania, Trond, Jennifer (obscured)
Chris, Paula
John (obscured), Mel, Hamish
Jennifer, Claire (obscured)
Allanah, Fiona, Kirk
Careful preparations: John, Trond, Hamish, Mel?, Tony
Hamish tees up an incendiary golfball
Hamish experiences success!
Trond, Tony
Allanah, Trond
Trond, Hamish
Allanah, Will
Jennifer, Mel, Trond, Paula, Tony
Charlene, Lubie

Lyndon Street Drinkies, 7 January 2006

Gavin, Meredith, Steve
Will, Jo
Beast, Allanah
Jo (obscured), Will
? (obscured), Steve, Lubie, Ozy, Beast
Steve (obscured), Tony, Trond, Ozy
Gavin (obscured), Amy, Damon, ? (obscured)
Jo (foot), Charlene, Robert
Damon, Tony, Schmoo, Trond, Lubie
Charlene (elbow), Spike
? (knee), Tess, Trond
Trond (obscured), John
Cat, Spike
Bastian brewing up popcorn

Sign of the Bellbird Walk, 8 January 2006

Sign of the Bellbird
Lyttelton Harbour

Games Day, Puna Street, 8 January 2006

Railroad Tycoon: Euan, Brat, Ray, Seth
Evo: Euan, Rat, Ray

Friday 13 Drinkies, Frankleigh Street, 13 January 2006

Schmoo, Martuccio, Heather, Sonya, Robert (obscured)
Paula, Jenny (obscured)
Synchronised drinking: Hamish, Robert
Martuccio (elbow), LX
Belle, Sam
Tony, Jenny (obscured)
Dan, Amy, Schmoo
Dave, Dan
Schmoo, Shannon

Beach Party, Woodend Beach, 14 January 2006

Luci, Hamish, Paula, Gold, Ozy
The work begins... Hamish, Gold, Ozy
... and spectators appear
Tony, Trond, Luci, Dan
Anita, Hamish
A practical puzzle: Jennifer, Paula, Jason, Dan, Hamish
Jason, Luci, Theuns
Trond, Ozy
Tony, Trond
Mix-master John
John, Terry, Theuns, Anita, Paula, Jennifer
Al, Amy, Dave, Dan
Vania, Hooch, John
Robert, Chris
Ozy, Luci, Amy, Dan, Dave
Hooch (obscured), Vania, Rebecca
Ozy?, Claire, John, Andi, Justin, Trond?, Dave, Luci
? (legs), Vania, ? (legs), Paula, Anita, Jennifer, Hooch, Karen, Theuns
Petanque: Anita, Terry, Ozy, Al
Hamish, Cutter, Gold
Down goes the Sun
Damon, Amy
Claire, Gold, Simeon
Claire, Justin, Simeon, Andi
Vania, Angela
Cassie finds a hedgehog
Steve, ?, Hamish, Tony, Claire, Anita, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?Ryan?, Dan?, Jennifer, Paula
Back to the beach... Claire, Ozy, ?, ?, Anita, Gold
Anita, Hamish, Paula, Tony
? (arm), Trond, Paula (foreground), Charlene, Claire?, Spike, Cat
Dan, Amy, Amy
Background: Chris
Tria, Dan, Amy
Amy, Hamish, Dan, Chris, Anita, Tony

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