October 5-16: Spring picnic, party at Keenie's, a christening, Ilam Horror, frotty birthday party, LCR

Spring Picnic, Hagley Park, 5 October 2003

Arriving in style: Matthew (obscured), Stacey (obscured), Carl, Miche, ?, Hamish (obscured), Paula (very obscured)
Sakura (obscured), Rebecca (obscured), Cameron, Simeon, Heather, Joe, Carl, Nicola, ?, Angela, Cutter, Paula, Hamish, ?
Matthew, Leon, Miche, Chris, ? (obscured), Rebecca, Sakura, Carolyn, Amy, Cameron, Chris, Joe? (obscured)
Jenny, Zane
Nina, Leon, Chris, ? (very obscured), Chris, Celia, Carolyn (obscured)
Karen, Natalia, MaryBeth
?, Nick, Diana
Natalia, Amy, Theuns, Nina, Hamish (obscured)

Aldwins Road, 9 October 2003

Nice clouds

Party at Keenie's, Stanbury Ave, 10 October 2003

Keenie, Josh
Danny, Glenn, Todd

A Christening, ?St Patricks?, 11 October 2003

Pip, James
James, Pip, ?, Rat, Linda?

Ilam Horror, Ilam Gardens, 11 October 2003

Tony, Cutter, James, Mel, Duncan, Amy, Liz
Robert, Angela (obscured), Cutter, John, Scarecrow, Amy, James, Liz, Mel (obscured), Fi, Matthew
A place of power
Forces of KAOS: James, Matthew, Chris, Duncan, Amy? (obscured), William, Leon, Cutter, Jonty
Cultists: Mel, Robert, Fi, Scarecrow, Liz, Tony
On patrol: Leon, Jonty, William, James, Matthew
Jonty, Matthew, Liz, ?Leon?, William
Mel vs Cutter
? (obscured), Robert, Angela, John, Mel
Fiona, Scarecrow, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mel, Tony
Mel, William
Cutter, Scarecrow
The duel: Tony, Cutter, James, Amy, Angela
Liz, James, Fi, Mel, Jonty, Tony
? (obscured), Scarecrow, Trond, Matthew, Leon
Duncan, Liz, Tony
Ai! Ai! A shoggoth is come! ? (shoggoth), Liz, Scarecrow, Trond
Background: Matthew, ?, ?, ?, Duncan?, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
William, James, Cutter, Chris, Matthew, Amy (obscured), ? (obscured)
Cutter, shoggoth, William, Duncan (background)
Amy, Tony? (obscured), James, Jonty, Cutter, Duncan, Scarecrow
Shoggoth eating Jonty

Frotty Birthday Party, Bordello, 11 October 2003

Duncan at rest
Phil, Heather
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? (obscured), ?, Karen
Evan (obscured), MaryBeth, Duncan
? (obscured), Jonty, ? (obscured)
Canadian visitors: ?, ?
?, Angie, ?, ?
Rachel, Shekinah
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
Mike, Ashes
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
Richard, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Karl, Ozy, Emma, Amy
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
Carolyn, Binky, Mel
? (obscured), Claire
Mike, Fluffi
Amy, Andrew, Mike, Euan, Trudi
Melissa? (obscured), Karla, Neil, Danny
And it goes all the way up... Emma, Karl
Amy, Ozy
? (obscured), Garth, Claire
But it was infeasibly large... Kat
Duncan (obscured), Amy, Theuns, ? (obscured)
Fi, Celia
Simon, Richard
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
Todd, Mark
JL, Mary Anne, Matthew, Natalia, MaryBeth, Ashes
Picasso, William, Heather, ? (obscured)
? (obscured), Storm
Brett, ?
Bastian, God-Emperor of the Universe
Storm, Tria, Dust, Keely
Background: Dust, ?, ?, ?
Angie, ?, ?
Hamish, Glenn
Pip, Amy, Storm, Garth, Carolyn (obscured)
Cat, Yvonne
Yvonne, Lee
Hooch, ?Karen? (very obscured), Karen, Euan, Trudi
Caleb, Phil, ?, ?
Chris, Todd, Simon (obscured)
?, Shekinah, Chris
Adam, Tess, Angie, Matthew
?, Lubie, Troy, ? (obscured)
Pip, Karl, Bastian, Jo (obscured), ? (obscured), Rachel
Karen, Glenn, Ozy
? (obscured), Mia, ? (obscured)
Denise, Ozy (obscured)
Amy, Chris, Binky
John, Spike, Nick
? (obscured), Euan, Pauline
Evan (obscured), Danielle, Paula
Keely, Pip, Seth, Karen (very obscured)
? (obscured), Andrew
Cameron, Charlotte
Tony, Carolyn, Andre?, Chris (obscured)
Mike, Claire
John, Emma, Lubie, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Karl/Rachel
? (obscured), James, Claire
Glenn, Pip
Angie, ?, Tria
Karl, Bastian

LCR, 16 October 2003

?, ?, Jonty, Mel, Brett, Fi, ?, ?, Sass, Matt, Evan

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