December 11-18: Euan's Xmas Party, Memorial Ave flatwarming

Euan's Xmas party, Puna Street, 11 December 99

The piñata
Karen the Hat swings a blow
Piñata aftermath
Rat 'n' Brat
The old folks' corner: Seth (obscured), Sharon, Ryan, Linda, Brat, Diana, Krispy
One might almost get the impression Angie doesn't like cameras... Angie, Matthew, Zane (background), Andrew
Santa Euan, Dave?, Pip, Trond, ?
The waiting crowd. Clockwise-ish from bottom left: Duncan, Dan Parsons, ?Olly?, Steve Hoare, Neil, Carla, John Seaton, Rebecca, Dillon, Glen, Karen, Teri, Rachel, Julie, Beast, Sarah Pitcaithly, ?
Beast and her beastie - a vibrating chameleon
Would you really trust this man with a chocolate penis? Jason, Dennis
Nice dress. Linda (obscured), ?Fluffy?, Seth, Charlotte, Clare, Beast
Seth has a whale of a time...

Memorial Ave flatwarming, 18 December 99

In the garage. Vanessa, ?, Picasso, Matthew
Jammin' ?, Nick
Sacrificing Picasso. Wasn't that a movie?...
The propaganda campaign.
No, they haven't been to an SCA event. Glen, Shekinah, Zane, Simeon?
Theresa. Simeon, Zane, Michael? in background
Ashes, Erebus & Cutter
Gothland. Kirsty, Chris & Tria
Secret rites of the First Church of Christ, Loony, filmed at great personal risk. ?, Alex, ?John? (obscured), Rebecca (foreground), Aaron, Heather, Nick?, Anthony, Mel, ?
Misc crowd shot. Seated: ?, Teri?, Karen, Angela, Joe, Rebecca?, Adam, Andrew, Meredith, Schmoo. Standing: Alex, Beast (obscured), Dan, Robert, Dan, Picasso.
In the garage again. Rebecca, Heather, John, Schmoo, Becs, Mike.
That's a rather seedy looking Angela...
Trond & Teri

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