Claire's albums, part 3, September-December 1996

These pictures are scanned from an album belonging to Claire Hill, and the photos were generally taken by her. The album has considerable overlap with Dan's albums for 1996, and I haven't duplicated things here that I've already published on that page.

LCR, late August/early September 1996

Colin and Helen

Watchtower video night, 19 September 1996

Kara, Mike, Claire
Zane and Simeon

Wargaming in the LCR, 19/20? September 1996

Brian?, Damon, Tim, Gevan, Kirk, Brent, Scott, ?Ian?

Gothic Vampire party, 20 September 1996, ?

Oli and Belle
Chris and Karen
Dave and Charlotte
Gary, Gold, Adrian, Mike
Kara, Hadley, Claire
Robbie, Simeon, Charlotte, Mouse, Alan
Karen, ?, ?
Bagel, Hamish, ?
Mike, Chris
Karl and Bob
Charlotte, Jon, Gold, Leonie, Karen, Simeon
Mike and Kara
Gold, Jeremy, ?
Simeon and Jason

Sarnia's party, 27 August 1996, ?

Dan and Mel
?, Caitlin, Jon, ?
Dan, Jacqui, ?, ?
Mouse, Hamish, Dan, Chris

End of lectures party, 11 October 1996, ?

Hadley, Kara, Fridge, ?Simeon?
Robbie, Traci?, Hadley

Oli's 21st, 12 October 1996, ?

Dan and Oli
Fridge and Bagel
?, ?, Simeon, Fridge, Dan
Julie, Matt?, Oli
Dave and Dan
Al and Charlotte

Adwards party, 8 November 1996, ?Watchtower?

Kara and Mike
Justine and Scarecrow
Charlotte and Gold
Caitlin and Sonja?
Lubie, Davita, Chris
Steve, Fridge, Dan

Perversion party II, 7 December 1996, Hinau Street

Robyn and Zane
Blue Peter...
...and his octopus
?, ?, Belle (obscured)
Evil sisters: Picasso and Mary
Still evil: Daniel? (obscured), Picasso, Mary
Bagel and Sonja
Matt and Brian
Jason and Karl
Vivienne and Josh
?, Al?, Helen, Hamish?
Pixi? and Picasso
Caitlin and ?
? and Joe

New Year's Eve, 31 December 1996, Watchtower?

Sarnia, Sonja?, ?, Kara
Mike, ?Kara?, Claire, Sonja?, ?, ?, ?
? and Meredith
Colin, Helen?, Gevan
?, Idiot
?Bastian?, Colin, Joe, ?

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