June 8-23: Nigel's birthday, SCA bardic evening, Tina's housewarming, Trivial Pursuit at Spud's, Kahu Road drinkies, SCA Feast of Tarts

Nigel's birthday, Puriri Street, 8 June 2001

Fluffy, Beast, Spud
Darcy, Michael, Schmoo, Jenny, John, Traci
Cutter, Danny, Oliver
Russell, Ben, Fluffy
Rebecca, Zane, Copper, Schmoo, Belle, Danny, ?
Enthusiastic imbibers: Russell and Nigel
Russell, Nigel, ?

SCA bardic evening, Matai Street West, 9 June 2001

Some people brought snacks...
Bethany's birthday cake
Cheerful crowd: Iuliana, Rowena, ?, ?, Sonya, Einar, Iarnulf, Niamh (obscured), Brian
More of the room: Einar, Iarnulf, Niamh, Brian, Katharine (background), Becs, Valerian
Wenches corner: Lubie, Clarice, Cassandra
Isabella, Iuliana, Rowena, Duncan
Hercules, Cassandra, Martuccio

Tina's housewarming, Nursery Street, 15 June 2001

Keith, Paul and Theuns's boots
Clockwise from centre front: Schmoo, Beast, ?, ?Nigel?, Tony, Kaye, Robert, Jenny, Daniel
Settlers players: Stefan, Anna, Keith, Rebecca, Meredith
Diana and Theuns
A rare sight: Greg

Trivial Pursuit at Spud's, Otley Street, 16 June 2001

Charlene, Paul, ?, Tony, Mike, Ashes, John, Cat
Josie holds Nigel at bay
?, ?, Del (foreground), Duncan, Tony, ?, Mike, ?
Mia and Phil

Kahu Road drinkies, 22 June 2001

Earlier that week: the furry cockroaches strike! Nutkin, Belle, Motley
Tim and Thorkell
Nigel, Belle, Al, Pip, Jonty
Danny, Russell, Jenny, Belle, Jenny, Tina, Al
Tablero da Gucci: Al, Jonty, Pip, Heather, Belle
Zane, Jenny, Russell (obscured)

SCA Feast of Tarts (Yule), St Barnabas' hall, 23 June 2001

Cassandra and Isabella
Brian, Thorkell, Ihon, Ceina, Isabella, Dennis, Bastian, Cassandra (obscured), Lughaid
Duncan at work again
The golden girls: Adele and Therese
After the feast: Iarnulf, Aliena and a laser pointer

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