December 25-30: Christmas, Al's birthday, games day

Christmas, Kahu Road, 25 December 2001

Thorkell, Nutkin and Belle
Want ham now!
Matt, Theuns, Diana, Catherine, Al, Steve's knees
Mmm, dessert: Belle, Steve
Al, JL, Belle, Natalya, Theuns, Diana
Leon and Storm
Rebecca, Theuns, Diana, Catherine
Al and Nicola
The foundations are laid for Castle Schmoo
Nigel finds there's none left
Rat chariot
Dan, Sonya (obscured), Matt
The other castle
Merry constructors: Mouse, Thorkell, Steve, Russell, Sonya
Daniel, Brent, John
Jess and the thing
The ex-dictator's new hairstyle

Al's birthday, New Bordello, 27 December 2001

The New Bordello
Drunken frisbee: Mouse, Ben, Al
Mouse, Jason, Steve
Ben, Ashes, Nicola
Jess and Danny
Karla, Neil, Glenn
Jason, Nicola, Al
Jevon returns

Games day, Puna Street, 30 December 2001

Euan, Heather and Trudy
?, Jess, ? and Puppy playing Evo. Fun game.
Rat, Seth, Chris and Andrew playing Tigris and Euphrates
Jess, Trudy, Seth, Heather, Rat

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