November 5-7: SCA Lochac crown tourney -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday, post-revel

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This was the first Kingdom-level event held by the SCA in New Zealand, and was hosted by the Barony of Ildhafn.

Friday, 5 November 2004, YMCA Camp Adair, Hunua

Check-in chicks: Mari, Roheisa
Marienna, Madeleine, Robyn, Iseabail
Bernard, Duncan
Karen, Peregrine
Pavilions pop up like mushrooms...
Vital supplies: Nerissa, Angharad, Alaric
Alys, Eleyn, Eleyne
Rowan, Isabell, Duncan (obscured)
Background: Liz, Roger, William
Marienna, Sancha
More arrivals: Ulf, Vincent, Pippin, Bartholomew, Alaric, Dickon, Nerissa, Del, William
Some merchants open early: Evan, Roger, Liz
Mediaeval phone zone: Emrys, Ulf
Glenn, Vytautas, Maree
Background: Liz, Roger, ?
Marienna, Elspeth
Background: Peregrine, Bartholomew
Vincent, Kitan, Maria, Alesia, ?Henri? (obscured), Duncan, ? (background), Eleyn, Ulf, ? (background)
Terese (obscured), Duncan, Eleyn, Adele, Vincent, Ulf (obscured)
Decorated bunkrooms (and Alys)
The comforts of home: Isabell (obscured), William, Duncan? (obscured)
Luan, Robyn
Evening meal
Front left table, clockwise from bottom: Teresa?, Eleyne, Kaspar, Inigo, Asbjorn, ?, Cecilia?, Sinech, Christine
Front right table: Dickon, Katherine, Bartholomew
Rear right: Alys, ?, Roland, Vytautas, Agnes?, ?, ?, Alan, Isolde
Rear centre: Julian, Clive?, ?, ?, ?, ? (standing), ?, ?, ?, ?, Liz, Roger, Sancha? (standing), ?, Vincent
Rear right: Willemyne, Benedict, ?, ?
Singing: Isolde, John (obscured), ?, ?, ?, Teresa, ?, Christine, ? (background), Guenhyffwar, Rosalyn, Katherine, Rowan, Liz (background), Maree
Eleanor, Beatriz
Eleyn, Duncan (reclining), Kaspar, Isabell, William
Barrett (hand), ?Alison?
Del (very obscured), Vincent, Stefano, Nerissa, Eleyne, Francesca, Iseabail, Glenn, Mari, ? (foreground), Æsa, Peregrine, Luan, Karen, ?
Card players: Del, Stefano, Vincent, Eleyne, Francesca (obscured)
Roheisa, Karen, Peregrine, Glenn, Emrys, Luan, ?, Drake, Blod, Iseabail, ?, Æsa, Vytautas, ?, John, Constance, Benedict, Francesca, ?
Isolde, Christine, Isobel, Rosalyn
Background: Alan, Einar (obscured), Amalie (obscured), Henri
Cook in action: Terese
Modelling the latest in headgear: Henri, Guenhyffwar (obscured)
Benedict, ? (arm)
Naughty boy! Stefano, Blod, Drake
Background: ? (very obscured), ? (obscured), Rosalyn, ?
Background: Emrys, ?, Francesca, Bernard

Saturday, 6 November 2004

Emma, Sonya, Æsa, ?Einar? (background)
A&S entry: Inigo's candles
Cordials at left by Angharad?. Pomanders at front right by Willemyne.
Alaric, Bartholomew
Rowan in action
Mappa Benedictia: Ute (hand), Benedict
? (obscured), ?, Geoffrey, Nick
John, Æsa, Emma (obscured)
Listfield: ?Maria?, ? (coffee house), Emma (coffee house), Amalie (coffee house), Peregrine, ?, ?, ?, ?, (several in lists tent), Ceina, Bernard, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Angharad, Æsa, Amalie, Karen, Emma
The ladies' solar
Background: Agro (very obscured), ? (very obscured), Iseabail, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ?Odin? (obscured), ?Christopher?, ?, Inigo
? (obscured), Torum, Rehan, Nick (obscured), Agro
Julian, Luan, Isabell, Sonya, Einar, Æsa, ? (hand)
Background: Alaric, Nerissa, Mari
Maria (obscured), Iseabail, Willemyne
Impressive costume
Background: Maria, Lesley, Darren, Glenn
Audience at court
Seated: Callum, Rowan, Chrettienne, Del, Blaeney?, Cecilia, Inigo, ?, ?, Sinech, ?, ?, Ute, ?, Teresa?, Julian (obscured), Bernard, Eleyne, Francesca, Vincent, ? (obscured), Clarice, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Emrys, Angharad, Bethany (foreground), Willehelm, Sonya, Einar, Alutha, Christine (obscured), ? (obscured), Robyn, ? (obscured), Michael (foreground), ?, Amalie?, Alesia, Glenn, Karen, Barrett, ?
Standing: ?Ulf?, Artemisia, ?, ?, ?Ædward?, ?, ?, Glenn, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Eleanor, Alys?, Kaspar, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Ingerith, ?, Clive, Stefano, Mathilde, Stephen, Sancha, Elspeth, ?
Agro (obscured), Benedict, Rugan, Rehan, Draco, Brie, Kitan (obscured), Serena, Torum (obscured), Bran
Background: ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Agro (obscured), Vincent
?, Fulk
Karel, Alaric (obscured)
Katherine Kerr's print shop: Tales of Canterbury Fair and maps, plus rosary rose beads
Broiderers banner under production
Darren, Lesley
Alesia, Henri (obscured)
Background: ?, ?
Background: Ingerith, Aylwin, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Drake, Blaeney, Blod
Brie, Rehan
Background: ?
? (obscured), Jardine, Ingerith
Katherine, Bartholomew
Background: ? (obscured), Aurelia, Ingerith
Ramano vs Alesia
Background: Lucas, Bran, Eleanor, Teresa, ?
Ingerith, Aylwin
Eleanor, Teresa
Presentation of entrants and consorts
Kneeling/sitting: Torum, Martuccio, Bran, Ulf, Eleanor, Bartholomew, Alesia, Kitan, Bernard, Henri, Robyn, Blaeney, Luan, ? (obscured), Fulk (obscured)
Standing: Agro (arm), Glynyhvar, Callum, Brie, Chrettienne? (obscured), ? (very obscured), Rugan, Katherine, Lesley (obscured), Darren, ?, Del, Karel, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, Adele, Vytautas, Artemisia (foreground), Kaspar, ? (obscured), ?, Glenn, Sinech?, Dickon, ?, ? (obscured), Stephen, Mathilde, Alan, Maree (obscured)
Marienna, Madeleine, Alesia, Alys, Henri, Draco, Serena
Selecting opponents: Chrettienne (obscured), Callum, Bran, Glynyhvar? (obscured), Ulf, Agro (obscured), Yolande (obscured), Ædward, Marienna, Madeleine, Alys, Draco (obscured), Stephen, Serena
Yolande, Ædward, Alesia (very obscured), Ulf, Bran, Agro (obscured), Inigo, Stephen, Kitan, Marienna (very obscured), Alys, Torum, Henri, Draco, Martuccio (obscured), Serena, Bernard, Luan, Fulk, Peregrine, Blaeney, Rugan, Bartholomew, Callum, Emrys, ? (arm)
Karen, Bethany (obscured), ?, Einar, Isabell, Angharad, Emma, Sonya, Amalie, Vincent, Minas
Grand melee
On the field: Bran, Martuccio, Emrys, Agro, Willehelm, Ramano, Alutha, Bernard, Henri (obscured), Asbjorn, Inigo? (obscured), Alaric, Kitan, Bartholomew, Callum, Lucas, Stefano
Background: (tent inhabitants), Einar, Lowry, ?, Katherine, Pippin, Peregrine, Nick, Geoffrey, Darren,
Foreground heads: Simon, Muirenn, Grace, ?
On the field: Bran, Martuccio? (obscured), Asbjorn, Kitan? (obscured), Inigo, Ramano, ? (obscured), Henri, Alutha (obscured), Kaspar, Alesia, Bernard, Callum, Lucas, Willehelm, Stefano, Emrys
Background: Eleyne, Katherine, Peregrine, ?, Darren, Benedict, Drake?, Griffith, Aurelia, ?, ?, Ingerith, ?, Aylwin, ?, ?, Blaeney, Evan?, Fulk, ?, Geoffrey, ?, Luan, Barret, Maree?
Foreground: Simon, Muirenn, Grace, Eleanor, Bastian, ?Alison?, ?Christopher?
Kitan, Æsa
First bout: Alesia v Ædward
Background: Draco (obscured), ?, Serena, Einar
Stefano vs Inigo
Background: Rugan, Torum, Callum, Willehelm, Cecilia, Lea
Stephen vs Callum
Background: ?, ?, Cecilia, Æsa, ?
Rugan vs Bernard
Background: Torum, Stephen, Agro, Callum, Cecilia, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Isobel
Roheisa (obscured), Martuccio, ? (obscured), Minas
Photo courtesy of Veronica
Bran vs Luan
Background: Nerissa
Fulk vs Martuccio
Background: Torum (obscured), Rehan, Cecilia, Nikky, ?, ?
?, Isobel, Ramano, Muirenn
Simon, Muirenn
Background: Ulf, ?, ? (obscured)
Anna, ?
Pick-up bout: Alesia, Alaric
Ulf vs Agro
Background: ?, Rehan, Draco, Serena, Nerissa (obscured), ? (obscured), Callum (obscured), Rugan, Torum
Blaeney vs Bartholomew
Background: Dickon, Katherine, Peregrine, Benedict, Elena, Jardine, ?, ?, Ute, Karel, Griffith, Aurelia
Photo courtesy of Mari
Fighting a bye -- Asbjorn vs Stephen
?Alison?, ?Christopher?, Barrett, Eleanor, Inigo, Stefano, Alutha, Vincent, ?, Christine, Isobel, ?, Anna, Mari, Alys, Veronica, Ulf, Agnes (very obscured)
Ædward vs Ulf
Background: Katherine, Lesley, Elena, Darren, Jardine (obscured), Benedict, Del (obscured), Peregrine, Griffith, Aurelia, Artemesia, Blaeney, Ingerith
Photo courtesy of Veronica
Inigo vs Blaeney
Background: Asbjorn, Kaspar, Draco (obscured), Nerissa (obscured), ? (obscured)
Stephen vs Torum
Background: ?, Maria, ? (obscured)
Mathilde, Artemisia (very obscured), Alesia (obscured), Clive? (background), Luan, Blaeney, Glenn, Vytautas, Robyn, Damon, Geoffrey, ?, ?, Evan (background), Liz
Nick, Elena, Jardine, Julian, Del, Karel, Griffith
Medieval Shop stall
Ladies' solar: ?, Cecilia, Beatriz, Maria, ?, ?
Background: Nick, Elena, Julian, Del
Lists tent: Drake, Lowry, Eleyne, Francesca, Del
Bran vs Kitan
Background: Elspeth, ? (obscured)
First semi-final: Bran vs Stephen
Background: Chrettienne? (obscured), Æsa, Damon (obscured), ?, ?, Maria
Second semi-final: Ulf vs Blaeney
Background: Marienna (obscured), Asbjorn (obscured), Draco, Æsa, Serena, Elspeth (obscured), Agro, Rugan
Preparing for the final: Artemisia, Blaeney, Ædward
Background: ? (obscured), Nick (obscured)
Alaric, Benedict, Agro, Draco, Marienna (obscured), Serena, Asbjorn (very obscured), Ulf, ? (obscured), Willehelm, Inigo
Katherine, Aylwin, Kitan, Mathilde, Stephen, Henri, Peregrine, Blaeney, Ædward
Background: ?, Drake (obscured), Alys? (obscured), Ingerith (obscured), ?
The final: Blaeney vs Stephen
Background: Æsa, Torum, Rugan, ? (obscured), Damon, ?, ?, ? (foreground)
Stephen vs Blaeney
Background: ?, ?, Lowry, Eleyne, Alys (obscured)
Stephen vs Blaeney
Background: Drake, Lowry, Eleyne, Alys (obscured), Rowan, Pippin, Bartholomew (very obscured)
Draco, Stephen, Lowry (background), Mathilde, Alys, ?, Pippin, Blaeney, Bartholomew (very obscured)
Congratulatory mob: Yolande? (arm), ? (background), Agro, Kaspar (obscured), Vincent (obscured), Vytautas (obscured), Robyn, Draco, Luan, Blaeney (obscured), ?Stefano? (very obscured), Asbjorn, Stephen, Artemisia, Willehelm, Glenn?, Alesia, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Mathilde (obscured), Kitan, Henri? (obscured), Ingerith, Aylwin, Alys, Brie (background)
Lots of pointy hats: Mathilde, Stephen, Draco, Serena, Alaric, Nerissa, Joh (obscured)
Background: ?, ? (obscured), Vytautas, Glenn, Rugan, Bartholomew, Torum, ?
Katherine (arm), Bartholomew, John, Pippin, ? (obscured)
Ballo del Fiore: Del, Sonya
Martuccio, Roheisa
Luan (obscured), Rowan
Serena, Kitan, ?Henri? (obscured), Draco
Background: Del, ?, ?, Emma, ? (obscured), ?, Stephen (arm)
Gathering for court
Front: ?Odin? (obscured), ?Christopher? (obscured), ?Alison?, Muirenn, Fulk, Roger (obscured), Liz, ? (very obscured)
Back: Karen, Aylwin, Ingerith, Constance, ?, Teresa?, Cecilia?, John, Henri, Vytautas, Drake, Mari, ? (obscured), Æsa, ?, Francesca, Bernard, Rowan, Sancha, Martuccio, Roheisa (hat), Minas
Stephen, Rugen, Mathilde, Brie, Agro, Draco, Glynyhvar, Kitan, Serena, Torum, Rehan, Peregrine (obscured)
Bran (obscured), Asbjorn, Marienna
And now it's over: Rugen, Mathilde (obscured), Benedict, Marienna, Agro (obscured), Draco, Asbjorn, Glynyhvar, Serena, Kitan (obscured), Torum, William, Rehan, Peregrine
Stepping up: Rugen, Mathilde, Brie, Inigo, Draco, Cecilia, Glynyhvar? (obscured), Serena, Kitan, Torum, William, Rehan, Peregrine
Appointing ladies in waiting: Katherine, Rehan, Bran, Inigo, Teresa, Cecilia, Eleyne, Marienna, Benedict
Men at arms: Bran, Lucas, Eleyne, Inigo, Ramano, Teresa, Cecilia, Marienna (obscured)
Swearing fealty: ? (background), Drake, Ingerith, Roheisa (hat), Jardine? (background), Ulf, Aylwin, Stephen, Agro, Rugan, Mathilde (obscured), Brie (obscured), Benedict, Marienna, Draco, Kitan, Inigo, Serena, Torum, Asbjorn? (foreground), Rehan
Appointment to the Company of Archers: Stephen, Rugan, Mathilde, Brie, Emrys, Benedict, Agro (obscured), Glynyhvar, Draco, Kitan, Torum, Serena, Rehan
Ceina, Bastian
The soteltie
Gathering for the feast
Left: Elena, Angharad, Alaric
Center front table: Bethany, Amalie, Sonya, Vincent, Einar, Emma, Agro
Center second: Æsa, Glenn, Maree, Vytautas, Alan, Roland, Karen
Third: ?, ?, Eleyne, ?, Kaspar, Isobel, ?
Fourth: Alana, ?, ?, Muirenn, Simon
Fifth: Michael, Eleanor?, Bran (standing), ?, Minas?
Distant tables: Katherine, ? (standing), ?, ?, ? (obscured), Geoffrey, ? (very obscured), Liz (very obscured), Roger, Aurelia (obscured), Adele (standing), Griffith, ?, Joh, Isabell
The soteltie is displayed: Bran, Minas, Eleanor, , ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Willehelm, ? (obscured), ? (arm), Bastian, Michael, Sinech (obscured), Evan, Ulf
Matilda, Agnes
Background: Joh, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Grace
Constance, John
?, ?
Matilda (hand), Edward, Bastian (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Veronica
Bartholomew, Agro, Einar, Sonya, Vincent, Kitan?, Alaric, Amalie, Ute
Duncan, Emma, Eleyn, Matilda, Nerissa, Mari, Ceina
Aurelia, Griffith
Background: Alys, Alana, ?, ?, Bran, Fulk, Liz, Muirenn, Roger
John (obscured), Clive, Fulk
Roger, Liz, Aurelia (obscured)
Michael, ?
Background: ?, Julian, Karen (obscured), ?, Peregrine, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Alan, Maree (obscured), ?, ?, Alana, Eleanor, ?
Tablero: Willehelm, Drake, Blod, Elspeth

Sunday, 7 November 2004

The market is open: Kaspar, Isabell, Willemyne, William, Bernard, ?, Joh (very obscured), Bartholomew, Michael?, Peregrine, Einar, Rehan?, Sonya, ? (background), Karen, Torum, ? (background), ?, Alana, Angharad, Marienna
An evil monster lurks...
Pippin, Emrys, Blod, Geoffrey
Luan, Æsa, Robyn, Katherine, ?, Karen (obscured), Roger, Liz, Alana, Einar, Adele, Inigo
Marienna, ? (obscured), Eleyn, ? (obscured), Bartholomew, William, Grace (arm)
The t-shirt
Barett, Pippin, Ulf (obscured), Inigo (obscured)
Hunting party: Grace, Dickon, Asbjorn, Maria (obscured), Perry, David? (obscured), Cecilia
Killing the foe: ? (obscured), David?, Pippin
Triumph: Grace, Dickon
Drake, Iseabail, Alys
Background: Bernard (obscured), Francesca, Guenhyffar, ? (obscured), Yolande, Asbjorn, Grace? (obscured)
Grace, Barrett, Katherine, Sinech
Stefano, Ute, Vincent, Ingerith (obscured), Luan
Background: Emma, Michael, Mari
Bernard, Bethany
Ramano, Duncan
Aylwin, William
Glenn (obscured), ?Jane?, ?, Vytautas
? (obscured), Amalie, Karen, Einar, Sonya
Background: Evan, Robyn?, Iseabail
Aylwin, Martuccio
Background: Emma, Michael, Mari
Alys, Ulf
Yolande, Ædward
Luan and Tiddles
Background: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Stephen, Roheisa, ?, ? (obscured), Bastian (obscured)
Aylwin, Fulk
Aylwin, Emrys, Maria? (background), Luan, William, Benedict, Fulk, Martuccio, ? (background)
Closing court: Peregrine, Inigo, Cecilia
Sitting/kneeling: Benedict, Willehelm, William, Emrys, Isabell, ? (obscured), Ulf, Vytautas, Iseabail, ? (obscured), Roger, Robyn, Fulk, Liz, Luan, Kaspar, Ute (foreground), ?, ?, Ceina, Karen, Bastian, Julian, Emma, Agnes (obscured)
Standing: Katherine, Bartholomew (obscured), Alutha, Marienna, ?, Estrid?, Rowan, ?, Isobel?, Angharad, Glenn, ?, Geoffrey, Clive, ?, Henri, ?, ?, Roheisa?, Glynyhvar
Stephen, ?, Mathilde
The dagger auction: Æsa, Vytautas, William, Isabell, Willehelm, Emrys, Stephen, Glenn, Fulk, Iseabail
Bastian's patent of arms, by Nerissa
Checking weapons before the duel: ? (obscured), Bartholomew, Kaspar, Emrys, ?, Luan, William
Luan, Bartholomew
Visiting costumery: Elena, ?, Willemyne
Coffee house regulars: Einar, Amalie, Michael, Sonya, Bethany, Barrett
And down it all comes: Asbjorn

Post-revel, Karen's Place, 7 November 2004

Lucas, Bernard
Roheisa, Martuccio, Luan, Damon
David, Kitan, Henri, Damon
Drake, Lea, Meoghan, Elena
Tablero again: Drake, ?, Isolde, Roheisa, Elspeth
Yolande, Elena, Roheisa, Lowry (background), Elspeth, Eleyne?, Alesia, ?, Rowan, ?Rosalyn?, Drake (obscured), Blod (obscured), ? (arm)
Alana, Stephen
Names and credit withheld to protect the guilty...

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