February 27-March 8: Clubs Day, Dollhouse drinkies, Classical Sparks, first meeting and party

Clubs Day, University of Canterbury, 27 February 2002

LARP club: Chris, Erebus, Dennis?
Wine Club: Heather
KAOS and friends clump together: Diana (obscured), ? (very obscured), Zane, Tinks, ? (obscured), Scarecrow, Chris, Erebus, Dennis?, Nicola, Sonya, Robert, Matthew, Dennis?, ?, Storm, ? (obscured), Tony (obscured), ? (walking), Jonty, Bekkah, ?
Chris, Dennis, Erebus, Mary Anne, Dennis?, Kat, Sonya (obscured), Nicola, Matthew, ?, Robert, ?, ?, ?, John
Schmoo, Paula, Diana, Scarecrow, Jonty, Tony?, James

Dollhouse drinkies, 1 March 2002

?, Paula, Josh?, Schmoo, Keenie, Diana, Nicole
Schmoo?, Trond, James, Keenie, Rebecca, Danny, Al, Carolyn, ?, Michael, Paula, Cateline
Michael, James, Rebecca, ?
Tony and Keenie
Cuddly toys attack Nicole
Keenie and her toy
Asleep again! Seth and Heather .
Time Warp: Carolyn, Rebecca, Diana
Brian and Kirk
Debauchery! Michael, Paula, Nicole, Josh?, Keenie
Trond and Theuns
Simeon and Vaughan
Diana, James, Fluffi, Simeon, Rebecca

Classical Sparks, Hagley Park, 2 March 2002

Heather, Seth, Belle
Robert, Jacqui, Nicole, Josh?, Rebecca, Keenie (obscured), Paula, Moz
Rebecca, Moz, Seth
Jenny (hair), Robert, Cutter, Angela, Heather, Peter, Jacqui?, Sonya, Duncan, Belle? (foreground), Paula, Nicole, Rebecca, Seth, Keenie, Josh?

First meeting and party, UCR and the New Bordello, 8 March 2002

Fridge guards the entry
Left half of seating, working the rows backward:
Angie, Keenie, Paula (obscured) | Matthew, John, Traci, Fluffi | Angela, Brian (obscured), Trond | Claire, Cat, Cateline | Jonty, ?, Daniel | ?, James | Krispy (at rear)
Right half:
Lisa, Storm, Leon, Charlene, Nicola? | Amy, ?, ? | Liam, Scott?, Defenestrator?, Jay? | ?, Nick, ? | ?, ?, ? | CJ, Chris, Michael, ?, ?
Del demonstrates weapons. Tony, Schmoo, Cat in background.
Left half, working the rows backward:
Karen (arm), Andi, Simeon, Pip | Angie, Keenie, Paula | John, Traci, Fluffi | Angela, Brian, Trond | Cat, Cateline, Daniel | ?, James | Michael, ?, Stefan | ?, Alan (standing)
Right half:
Robert | Kate, Carolyn, Diana | Lisa, Storm, Leon, Charlene, Nicola? | Amy, ?, ? | Liam, Scott, Defenestrator?, Jay? | ?, Nick (obscured), ? | ?, ?, ? | CJ, Chris | Krispy
Standing far right: Beast, Meredith, Anna
Politburo: Hamish, Scarecrow, Simeon, Ashes, Tony, Schmoo, Cat, Del
Simeon and Cat
Duncan hides the bodies...
Leon, Storm, Lisa, Ashes
Lisa (background), Brian, Tony, Trond
Morbid and Pogo
Newbies flee the camera: ?, Harmony, ?
Liam, Defenestrator, Scott, Jay
CJ, Chris, Nick
John's interesting drinks... Hamish, Tony, Fluffi, Simeon, John, Al
Carolyn, Charlotte, Cat, Kate, Claire, Amy, Brian
Cat and Claire
Adam and Scarecrow
Dr Music
Mary Anne, Robert?, Starz
? and Damon
Foreground: Karen, Del, Hamish, Andi, Tria
Background: ?, Damon, Dennis?, Anthony (obscured), Nick?, Storm, Ben, ?, Natalya?, ?, Karla (in window), Steve, Daniel, ?, ?, Brian, ?, ?, ?, ?, Diana, ?, ?, Darcy, ?, ?, ?
Nicola, Charlene, Matt, Belle
Defenestrator?, ?, Liam?, ?, ?, Amy, Meredith, Scott, ?CJ? (obscured), ? (background), ?, Leon?, Jonty, ?, ?, ?
Matthew and Traci
Victoria, ?, Tony, Nicole, ?, Tim?
Duncan, ? (obscured), Keely, Nick?, Charlotte
Pip and Keenie
Carolyn and Kate
Karla and Neil
Mia, ?Neil?, Anthony, Charlotte
Danielle and Ricki
Nick, Tony, Cutter, Angela, ?, Glenn (foreground), Diana, Cat, ?, Simeon, Hamish?, ? (foreground), Trond, ?, Charlene, Fridge, Andi
Matt, Zane, Jenny, watching...
...Rebecca, Ozzy, Belle, CJ
? (obscured), ?, ?, John, Emlyn, Meredith, Cateline, Michael
Nick, Storm, Leon
Helen, Matson, Shekinah
Mary, ?Charles?, ?
Brendon, Zane, ? (background), Jenny, ?, ?, Peter (foreground), ?, ?, Sonya, Phil, Nick, Storm, ?, Bec
Photo courtesy of Moz.
James, Sonya, Peter
Photo courtesy of Moz.
Phil, Storm, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Moz.
Robert (obscured), Tina, ?, Victoria, Leon, Ashes, Matthew, ? (doorway), Josie
Paula, Jonty, Claire
Josh? and Bekkah
Ricki (obscured), Griffin, Brendon, ?
Meredith and Stefan
?, Angie, Hamish, Angie's brother
Lisa, Brian, ?, Fluffi
Fluffi, JL, CJ, Brent
Nicole and Starz
Troy, Jason, Seth, Shekinah, Al, ?
Shekinah, Karl, Rachel
Photo courtesy of Moz.
Pogo, Moz (obscured), Bastian, Jo
Diana and Krispy
Harmony, Josh?, Bekkah
?, Jess, Paula, Cateline?, Sarah
Amy and Morbid
Fluffi, Damon, Dust
Yvonne and Mark
Mike and Michael
Matson and a nameless victim
Copper, ?John?, Andrew, Diana, Robert, Hamish, Seth
Photo courtesy of Moz.

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