January 1-8: Picnic, Operation Sandcastle, barbecue, games day, Amy's birthday, Coes Ford trip, Godley Head walkway

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Picnic, Hagley Park, 1 January 2004

Karen, Theresa
Theresa, Karen, Isaac, Jeff
Photo courtesy of Isaac

Operation Sandcastle, Brighton Beach, 2 January 2004

Maria (obscured), Amy, Dust
Dust, Ozy
Fortifying: ?Karen?, Tony, Paula, ?Samantha?, Hamish
Angela (obscured), John (obscured), Maria, Vanessa, Mouse (obscured), Brian (obscured)
Nicola, Fluffi, Brian (obscured)
Buttering the monkey: Amy, Simeon, Carolyn, Danny, Colin (obscured), Rebecca (obscured), Mel (obscured)
? (obscured), Binky
Angela (obscured), Robert, Paula, Rebecca
The fort
Background: Tony, Mouse, Paula, Mel, ?Karen?
Colin? (obscured), Trudi, Euan
Katrina, Mike
Binky (very obscured), Julie, Charlene (obscured)
Karen, Fluffi, Carolyn
Brian, Mel
Robyn, Mouse, Karen, Tess
?, ?, ?, Katrina, John, Amy, Tony, Simeon, Colin, ? (obscured), Carolyn (obscured), Beth, Brian, Nicola (hat), Mouse (obscured), Sarnia, Robyn, ? (obscured), Binky, Charlene (obscured), Julie (obscured), Amy, Danny, Dust? (obscured)
John (obscured), Schmoo, Rebecca, Nicola, Mouse (very obscured)
The enemy: ?, Carl
Julie (obscured), Charlene? (obscured), Alan, Sarnia (obscured)
Robert, Cutter
Digging in: Carl, Mike
?, Norman
Background: Angela, Mike, Schmoo, Rebecca, Mel
Fluffi, Brian, Mike, Dan, Amy, Carl, Simeon
Mike, ?, ?, Amy, ?Paula?, Dan, Brian, ?Nicola?, ?, Tony, Cutter, ?, Hamish, Carl
Charlene (obscured), Julie, Robyn, Steve, Norman, ? (obscured), Simeon, Carolyn, Amy, Mouse, Fluffi
Background: Binky, ?, ? (very obscured), ?, ?, Dust
Dan, Mike, Brian, Amy, Carl
Crossing the line: ? (obscured), Brian (obscured), Dan, Robert, Alan, Charlene, Carl, Steve, Colin?, Sarnia, Julie, Robyn, Norman, Simeon, Fluffi, Amy, Carolyn
Dan, Amy
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Sand ninjas: Cutter, Hamish, Tony, John
The duel: Simeon, Dan
Background: Sarnia, Julie, ?, ?, Angela, ?... Photo courtesy of Marsden
Simeon's victory dance...
Hamish, Fluffi, Cutter, Tony? (obscured), Carl, Simeon, John? (obscured)
Theuns, Alan, Mouse
Simeon, Dan
Brian, Amy, Carolyn, Amy
Amy, Brian, ? (obscured), Carl, Amy
A mousehole
Return of the ninjas: Tony, John, Cutter, Hamish
Carolyn, Carl, Simeon, Norman, Mike
Photo courtesy of Marsden
John (obscured), Amy, Carolyn, Hamish, Cutter (obscured), Carl (obscured), Simeon, Tony
Simeon, Brian, Carl, ? (obscured), Carolyn, Sarnia
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Tony, Simeon, Hamish, Amy, Charlene
? (obscured), Hamish, Carl (obscured), Amy? (obscured)
?, ?, Katrina (obscured), ?, ?, Dust, Colin (obscured), Sarnia (obscured), ? (obscured), Amy, ? (obscured), Rebecca, ? (obscured), Charlene, Robyn, Vanessa (obscured), Hamish, Binky, Nicola, Tony, Theuns, Mike, Amy, Alan (obscured), Robert (hat), Fluffi, ?, Mouse, ?

Barbecue, Greers Road, 2 January 2004

Mel, Carolyn
Binky, Vanessa, John, Mouse, Robyn, Amy, Mel
Mel, Trond, Carolyn
Photo courtesy of Mouse
James (obscured), Mel, Phil, John
Photo courtesy of Mouse
Colin, Maria, Steve, John (obscured)
Carolyn (obscured), Beth
Tony, Charlene (obscured)
Maria, James, Copper, Mouse, John
Mike, Amy, Mel, Vanessa, Schmoo
Colin, Charlene
Maria, Katrina, Mike
Charlene, Dan
Binky, Julie
Mike, Vanessa, Fiona, Darcy
Amy, Simeon
Trond, Scarecrow, Mel

Games Day, Puna Street, 3 January 2004

Evo: Seth (obscured), Rat, LX, Ray, Dan, Colin
Guillotine: Dillon, Seth
Citadels: Shane?, ? (obscured), Amy
Something went wrong... Chris, Seth
Brat, Trudi

Amy's Birthday, Riccarton Road, 3 January 2004

?, Rebecca, Natalia, Sonya, Nigel, Cherry, Peter, Amy, Dust, Schmoo, Amy (obscured), ?

Coes Ford Trip, 4 January 2004

Dust, Matthew, Angie, Rebecca
Angie the troll
Incoming rock! Dust, Angie
Dust (obscured), Rebecca
Super Angie

Godley Head Walkway, 8 January 2004

Looking back towards Taylors Mistake
Hillside walkway
Ruined cave dwelling
The wave comes in...
...and goes out

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