1994-95 (ish): Photos from Dillon's Collection -- KAOS vs Alfs, Homer Place, New Year, Homer Place again, miscellany

The years may be wrong on these, and there may be pictures which don't actually belong in the batch where they're placed.

KAOS vs Alfs, UCSA amphitheatre, early 1994

Bagel, ?, Jaqui, Tina, Jason (background), Meredith
?, ?, John
?, Bagel, Nigel?, a terror weapon, Idiot
?, ?, Craig, Simeon, ?, terror weapon, ?
Craig, Isobel, ?, Jacqui (obscured), ?, Simeon, Nigel, ?, Mel, ?, ?
Later that day... Magic in the LCR: Scott, ?Carl?, Jacqui, ? (standing), Masen, Cheryl

Homer Place, 1994

The Den, at 1 Homer Place, was the home of several KAOS notables. Inhabitants included Wulf, LX, Dillon and Shoei, among others.

Mel, Seth?, Scott, ?, John, ?, Erebus
Phil sits at left side of door, Karen behind him, Seth to her right, Dan on the right of the couch, Mouse just left of Dan, Jamie behind Dan. Simply can't make out the others.
Jamie, Craig, Richard, Annette
Foreground: Bagel, Olly, Dan, Donna, Mel, Dave?, Menolly, ? (very obscured)
Midground; Seth, Craig?, Oliver
Background; David, Shaun, Farrel, Paul
Foreground: Bagel, Olly, Seth, Dan, Donna, Mel, Bevan, Dave, Menolly, Paula
Background: Seth, David, ?, Shaun, ?
Terry (Mitchell?)
?, Idiot, ?, JL, Adele, Simeon
Zilch and Wombat

New Year's, Curletts Road, 1994

Not sure if this is the party at the start or end of '94... Menolly's flat was a frequent party venue in the mid-90s.
?, ?, ?, Erebus?, Morbid?, Phil, Donna, Diane, ? surrounding the Steel Knot barbecue
Well packed hallway: ?Terry?, Danny, ? (background), Keely, Claire (hair), ?, ?, Mike? (background), Sharon, Bevan, ?, ?
Fireworks time: ?Eamon?, Bevan, Jason, ?, ?Philippe?, ?, ?, Aaron, Oliver
Oliver, Fi, Simeon, Aaron
Claire, Seth, Keely
Keely and LX
Jody? and ?
Diane, Richard, Warren, Miriam, Phil, Jo, Krispy, ? (background), Robyn, ? (background), Noel, ?, ?, ?, Rachel, Zilch, ?, ?
Sarnia, Bagel, Meredith, ?the other Dillon?

The following few were sorted in with the New Year's photos, but appear to be from a different party (or perhaps a different day, as there were several evening barbecues at Menolly's around this time)

Pete, Karen, Paula, Bevan, Noel, Robyn
Karen, Puppy, Oliver, Aaron, Daniel
Terry, Karen, Bevan, Paula

Homer Place again, 1994

Mel, Sara, Duncan
Fitz and Isobel
Claire and Seth
Danny, Shoei, ?
Neil?, Al, Sara, Dave, Phil
Den dwellers: LX, Wulf, Dillon, Shoei
Robyn and Noel
Rachel? and Karla
Fitz?, Warren, Craig Mawson, Oliver, ?, Simeon, Wulf
Mike?, Gold, Fi
Wombat and Scarecrow
Dave, Claire, Fitz
?, Jason?, Idiot (obscured), ?, Richard, ?, Bagel, Daniel
Zilch, Morbid, Richard, Vaughan, Erebus, Karl, ?


Photos from the early-mid 90s which aren't related to the other sets or have been separated from where they belong.

Dillon's 1994 birthday cake
1994 politburo. Back: Dillon, Puppy, Karl, Craig. Front: Pauline, Ian Barnes, Simeon
Jules. Thought to be 1990.
Gold, possibly c. mid-1994
Christine, Mike, Annette. 1993 toga party at a guess.
Sean/Icehawk. 1993-94-ish
Wulf, probably 1993
Joan Smith, sometime UCSA president. 1992, Chris Whelan's farewell party.

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