1988-89: The Rat files, part one. 1988 Orientation, Menagerie party, unknown party, miscellaneous, 1988 48-hour party, Mark Harwood's birthday, Peterborough St party

1988 Orientation

KAOS in New Church of the Great Old Ones robes demonstrates against fees (nothing changes...). Shane Murphy in patriarch's cotume, Chris Whelan as cardinal, Miche is short person in sackcloth.
David Duckworth? becomes a victim. Possibly Martin Duckworth (no relation) holding the axe
? and ?

Party at the Menagerie

? and ?
?, Lynd?, Andrew?
Occles or Mofe and Andrew
?, Occles or Mofe
A toe job... Ian in background, ?, ?, ?, ?
Sean, Martin, Mike
? (obscured), Rat, Ferret, ?, ?, Sean
?, NML, Rachel, Cooch
Occles or Mofe, Rachel, NML
NML?, Rachel, Occles or Mofe
Heather and ?Barry?
Heather, ? (obscured), Craig, ?, ?
Hmm, what have we here...
...aha! Chris, Charlotte, Shane

Unknown Party

Martin, ?, ?, Barry
Andrew, Belle, ?, Chris, ?, ?
?, ?, Miche, Andrew


Mark in the LCR
George being heckled by Chris
LCR massage: ? and ?
Belle in LCR. Possibly Nigel on left
Menagerie kitchen: David, Bart
At a guess, those are KAOS people in the window...

1988 48-hour Party, Mel's Peverel St flat

Clockwise from bottom left: Rachel, Heather (obscured), Mark (in red), ?, Craig, Tarns, ?, Phil (reading), ?
Clockwise from front: Rachel, Heather, Sarah, ?, Arizona, Carl, Craig, Tarns, ?, Cooch (in black), Mark
NML, Pete Hogg?, Tarns, Sarah

Mark Harwood's Birthday, The Bordello

Sean?, Craig?, NML, Jeremy, Ferret, Belle, Tarns, Kim, Mark, Mofe or Occles, Heather, Rachel
Rachel, Belle, Heather
?, Mark
Sarah and NML
Rachel, Heather, Mofe or Occles, Sarah, Belle
Heather and Jeremy

Peterborough St Party?

Heather and ?
NML and Belle
Belle, Wombat, LX
Wombat, Mofe or Occles, Sharon?
Andrew and Ryan

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