September 1-18: Lisa's farewell, Winter Weekend, Beatles karaoke evening, Dictator's birthday, Liz's birthday

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Lisa's Farewell, Picton Avenue, 1 September 2004

Vanessa, Fridge (obscured)
Fridge, Aaron, Mia
Dust, Nick, Aaron (obscured)
Schmoo, Fridge, Amy, Dave, Heather, Vanessa, Theuns, Matthew, Will
Erin, Adam
Amy, Lisa
Amy (obscured), John (obscured), Will

Winter Weekend, Mount Hutt Retreat, 3-6 September 2004

Matthew, Heather, Jenny, Vicki, Danny, Jenny, Brent, Amy, Steve, Cat, Dan
Power Grid: Steve, Matthew, Beth, Dan, Amy
Background: Danny, Stacey?, Martuccio, Vicki
Jo (obscured), Peter, Belle, Martuccio, Sonya
Peter, Sonya, Dave, Martuccio, Meredith, Heather? (very obscured), Beast, Dust
Ashes (obscured), Bernard
? (obscured), Rebecca, Dan (obscured), Ashes (obscured)
? (hand), Martuccio
Wings of War: Dan, Bastian, Steve, Dave
Jo, Martuccio, Amy, Bastian
Crafty types: Amy (outside), Al, Beast, Martuccio (outside), Bernard, Jo, Vicki, Charlene (obscured)
Sonya, Jenny
Vicki, Al, Jo, Bastian? (obscured), Heather, Melissa, Dave (obscured), Steve?, Amy, Beast, Charlene, ? (hand)
Bernard, Martuccio, Peter
Martuccio, Bernard, Peter
Checking out I33 techniques: Dave, Al
Matthew, Dust
Belle, Matthew
Video room: Dust, Rebecca, Beth, Matthew, Ashes, Stacey, Amy, Amy, Melissa, Charlene, Heather
Beth, Cat, Charlene, Meredith, ?David?, Spike, Amy, Bernard, Melissa (obscured), Dave, Vicki, Dan, Bastian, Sonya, Jo, Ashes, Steve, Stacey, Jenny, Heather, Amy (obscured)
? (hand), Vicki, Amy, Brent, Steve, Heather, Matthew, Beast, Jenny, Ashes, Amy, Danny, Belle, Martuccio
Matthew, Amy, Bernard, Melissa, Stacey, Al, Beast, Dave, Jenny (obscured), Dan? (hair)
The late Seth
Melissa, Dan, Amy (obscured), Al, Dave, Spike, Beast, Stacey, Jenny, Vicki, Sonya, Jo, Cat (background), Bastian
Cat (obscured), Jo
Sonya, Cat
Zombie: Amy, Steve, David, Bastian
Bastian, Bernard, Al (obscured)
Jenny, Brent
Seth, Dave, Bastian
Articulate: Bernard, David, Jenny, Stacey, Amy, Beast, Ashes, Meredith, Cat, Sonya
Blokus: Brent, Amy, Vicki, Seth
Background: Amy, Meredith (obscured), Jenny, Cat (obscured), Bernard
Ashes, Charlene
Dan remonstrates sternly with Dave
Cat, Ashes
Charlene, Melissa (very obscured)
Melissa (obscured), Al, Stacey, Belle, ? (obscured), Steve
Seth, Melissa (obscured), Amy, Al (obscured), Stacey, Bernard
Belle, Amy, Al, Bernard
Ashes, Beth, Amy (obscured)
Brent, Dan, Beth, ?, Al, Bernard, Melissa, Seth, Charlene, Jenny, ?Stacey?
Dan's wake-up call

Beatles Karaoke Evening, Dollshouse, 10 September 2004

John, Lana, Jenny, Schmoo, Danny
Schmoo, Jenny, Danny, Beast, Amy

Dictator's Birthday, Greers Road, 11 September 2004

Dave, ?, Hamish
? (obscured), Paula (obscured), James, ?, Justin, ?, Dave, Binky
Beth, Scarecrow, Hamish, Kirk, Vania, Carolyn
Sass, T
Ashes, Beth
Not a flattering hairstyle! Fluffi, Justin
Amy, Fluffi
Yes, we can make a prosthesis: ? (hand), Dave
Carefully building to scale... Dave
Tidying up: Fluffi, Vania
Damon, Robin, ? (arm), Duncan
Daria, Robin (obscured)
?, Leon, Duncan (obscured)
Allanah, ?
Duncan (obscured), Theuns, Lana, ? (hand)
Binky (obscured), Danny
? (obscured), Mel
Angie looks uncomfortable in her unusual costume...
Background: Lana, Dave
Adam, Theuns
?, Caleb
Peter, Tria
Charlene, Fluffi (obscured)
Fiona (hand), Sass, Robin, Carolyn
Robin, Carolyn
Cutter, Angela
Theuns, Fiona

Liz's Birthday, Homer Place, 18 September 2004

Claire, Robin, Storm, Amy, Lana
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Janine (hand), Fiona
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Tony, Liz
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Hamish, Paula
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Helen, Vanessa
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Peter (obscured), Tria
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Fiona, Simon, Janine
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Spike, ? (obscured), Brian, Nick, Dave, Duncan, Helen
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Simeon, Andi
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Becky, Claire?, Carolyn, Binky, Fridge
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? (very obscured), Sakura
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Vanessa, Fluffi
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Binky?, Dan?, Storm, Tria, Peter (hiding), Dave, Amy, John
Photo courtesy of Marsden

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