December 25-31: Christmas, Black Company war practice, Al's birthday drinkies, Orana Park trip, Games evening, New Year's Eve

Christmas, Auburn Avenue, 25 December, 2000

Fisher family: Mother, Rebecca, Laura
Beast at the stove
Diners gather: Rebecca, Schmoo, assorted relatives, Laura, Belle, Matt
Meredith, Stefan and Beast deal with presents
Belle and Matt

Black Company war practice, Kahu Road, 27 December, 2000

Resting after manouevres: Miles, Rowena, Michelet, Emma, Alexander, Lesley, Alastair on ground; Duncan, Rotte, Bastian, Vincent standing
Rotte, Bastian, Vincent

Al's birthday drinkies, Kahu Road, 27 December, 2000

Theresa (obscured), Alan, JL, Schmoo
Bastian, ?, Al, John, LX (obscured)
The bear
Jason and Picasso
Tria, Schmoo, Chris
Morbid stares in fascination
Psycho Al
Al, Jess, ?, Euan, Matt

Orana Park trip, Orana park, 29 December, 2000

Matt, Jenny, Jess, Al
A bellapotamus
Weird Aussie lizards
Monitor with a great enthusiasm for small children
Tuatara again
Spider monkeys
Noel returns
Jenny at lunch
The dot on the runway is a cheetah after its dinner...
Back to mundane animals: Jess's family's new kitten

Games evening, Hounslow Street, 30 December, 2000

Helen, Jess and Linda playing Black Death

New Year's, Plunkett St, 31 December, 2000

Blonde Mia
Erebus dyes Darcy's hair as Morbid watches
?, Aaron, Pixi, Cabbage
Iris from Austria
Dan, Anthony, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Johnny?, Kat, Daniel, Ricky, Mary Ann, Mel, Jess
Iris, Dan, Trudy, Euan
Stuart, ?, Sabrina, CJ
Gary, LX, Richard, Danny
Jamie and Isobel
Lubie adds another name to her snogging card
Meditating Dillon and Charlotte
?, Daniel
Neil, Susan, Emma, Karla
Distracting women: ?, Sally, Jess. Seth? and Charlene in background
Just after midnight
Erin and Andrew
Blue Meanie, arriving late due to making Christchurch's first arrest of the new millennium. Mary Ann and Dennis in background.
Garth, Pip, Charlene
Adam, CJ, Yvette
Morbid and Sally
Mary Ann, Charlene, Cat (obscured), Theresa and Ashes attack Hooch
Johnny and James
Andreas and ? from Sweden
Jess and Lubie
Colin and JL
Sucking up to the politburo: Tony, Kat and Andrew's rum and coke

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