July 1-3: 48-hour party: Friday night, Saturday daytime, Saturday evening, Sunday

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48-hour Party, the Bordello, 1 July 2005

Terry, Dave, Schmoo (obscured)
Schmoo (obscured), Dave
Friends of the band: ?, ?, Schmoo? (fingers)
? (obscured), David
Picture courtesy of Jason
?, Martuccio (obscured)
Richard, Will, Jade? (hands)
Martuccio, Dillon
Richard (fingers), Danny
Gold, ?
Hera (obscured), ?, Kathi
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Some are surprised to see a camera... Andre
?, Alex, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Gold, Belle, Schmoo
Tanina (obscured), Kat
Matthew, Mouse
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Sam, Will, Jade, Chris, Claire, ? (obscured)
? (hands), ? (obscured), Chris (obscured), Allanah
Luci, Kat
Damon, Al (obscured)
Background: Al, Jason, ?Gold?, Matthew
? (arm), Chris, ?, Sam (obscured)
? (very obscured), Belle
Picture courtesy of Jason
Karen, Julie-Anne?, Mouse
Background: ? (obscured), David
Picture courtesy of Jason
A suspicious-looking substance: Blue Meanie, Steve, ? (obscured)
Danny (obscured), ? (obscured), Tony
? (fur), James, Naomi
Hooch, Todd
? (arm), Hooch, Todd (arm)
Dennis, Allanah, Schmoo?
? (hands), ? (hand), Binky
Tanina (obscured), Shannon, Garry, ? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Jason
Julie-Anne? (very obscured), Tony (obscured), Rebecca, Schmoo (obscured)
Allanah (obscured), Luci, Will, Sarah, Damon
Troy, ? (obscured)
The new mousse-bearer: Amy, Andrew, ? (obscured), Josh, Matthew
Amy, ? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Jason
Mary Anne, Tinks, Gold
?, ?, Karen, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
Krispy, Kathi?, ? (obscured), Al
Picture courtesy of Jason
? (obscured), Binky, ? (obscured), Al?, Daria
Picture courtesy of Jason
Ana, Damon? (obscured)
Brian, ? (boot)
Glenn (very obscured), ?, Karen
Alison, Leah, Ana (obscured)
Russell? (obscured), Heidi
Background: ?, Mouse, ?, Meredith?
Picture courtesy of Jason
Leah (obscured), Nikki, Jason (obscured)
Gavin, Meredith
Andi, Simeon
Picture courtesy of Jason
? (obscured), Beast
Hamish, Amy? (obscured), Heidi, Fluffi, Paul, Will?, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Robin, ? (head), Jade, ?, Chris, ? (obscured)
Beth, Karen
Picture courtesy of Jason
Kathi, Hera
? (very obscured), Terry, Damon, Chris
? (arm), Joe, Julie-Anne?, Ashes ? (obscured), Hooch, Nick
Sam, Daniel, Simeon, Blue Meanie, Keenie
Picture courtesy of Jason
Picture courtesy of Jason
Luci, Gold
Picture courtesy of Jason
Tony (obscured), Ozy, Claire, Andi, Simeon, Lana
Picture courtesy of Jason
Picture courtesy of Jason
Heather, Martuccio
Picture courtesy of Jason
Karen, James
Picture courtesy of Jason
Amy, Sass, Simeon, Seth
Picture courtesy of Jason
Background: Leon?, Allanah?
Picture courtesy of Jason
? (obscured), Jodi
Dillon (obscured), Seth
Background: Matthew, Michael
Tim, Nikki, Alison, Andrew, Heather, Amy
Bastian, Jo
Jodi, ?, Danielle
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Picture courtesy of Jason
Simon, Janine
Sarah (fingers), Naomi (obscured), ?, Jono, ?, Brett, Shannon, Beth
Justin, Vania
Background: ?, Gavin, Meredith, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
?, ?, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
Jade, Daniel? (obscured), Will, Sam, ?, James
Luci, Hamish, Schmoo, ? (obscured), Sam? (obscured), Naomi, Norman, Justin, Luke, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Chris, Leon?
Pip, Dillon
Picture courtesy of Jason
Picture courtesy of Jason
Picture courtesy of Jason
Paula, Jonty
Picture courtesy of Jason
David? (obscured), Nick, Cutter
Clare (obscured), Sophie
Background: Paul, Kirk?, ?
John, Simeon, Luci
Andre, Leon
Ben, Ivan
Amy (obscured), Claire, Glenn, Gold
Picture courtesy of Jason
Schmoo, Karl? (obscured), Danny, Pip
Norman, Allanah (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Jason
Andrew, Sarah?
Simeon, Emma, Matthew (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Jason
Background: ?, Jonty
Picture courtesy of Jason
?, Sam, Alison, Leah
Jono?, Emma, Ana
Michael, ? (very obscured)
Chris (obscured), Joe
Captain, Claire (obscured), ? (obscured), Denni, Hamish (obscured), Andi (arms)
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Stuart
? (arm), Robin
Belle, ? (obscured), ?, ?
Nighttime soccer: Damon, ?, Liz, ? (obscured), Luke, ? (obscured)
Tanina, Nick
? (obscured), Sarah, Jennifer
Erebus, Ana (obscured)
Glenn, Fiona, Gynn
?, Clancy
Guffy, Matson
Neil, ? (obscured)
Will, Jade
Spike, Hamish, Becky, ? (very obscured)
Neil (background), Jonty, Kat (obscured), Liz, Simeon
Gold, Luci, Claire (obscured)

Morning Activities and Battle, the Bordello and Holmes Park, 2 July 2005

The detritus after the night before... Paul, Shannon, ?, Danny
Cleaning up: Beth, Allanah
Picture courtesy of Jason
Heather, Shannon, Kat, Beth
Picture courtesy of Jason
Simeon, Jade
Picture courtesy of Jason
Assembling the tank: Will?, Simeon, Jade?, Heather
Picture courtesy of Jason
Amy, ?, Gary? (foreground), Will (obscured)
Amy, Luke, Dan (obscured)
Luke, Paula?, Hamish, ?, Amy, ?Dan? (very obscured), Gary, Richard, Robin (obscured)
Matthew?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Background: ?, ?, ?
Hamish, Kirk, Cutter (obscured), Vania, Justin
? (obscured), Heidi, Allanah, Sam, Amy, Damon? (very obscured), John, ? (obscured), Jono?, Vash?
As the Duke of Wellington supposedly said, "I don't know what effect they may have on the enemy but by God they scare me."
Robin, Allanah, Amy, Gary (very obscured), Frank, Nick? (obscured), Dan, Michael, Damon, Paul, Kirk (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Hamish, ? (obscured), Cutter
Spectators: Justin, Vania, Jono?, Vash (obscured), ?, Barty, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rebecca, ?, ?, ?
Far background: unknown
?, Barty, ?
Background: ?, ?, ?, Vania, Vash (obscured), ?, Jono, ?
Leaders meet: Barty? (obscured), ?, Amy, Robin, Dan, ?, Carl, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Matthew, ?
Formal negotiations are held: Amy, ?, Robin, Barty, Dan, ? (obscured)
Carl, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, Matthew?, ?
Battle is joined: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Hamish, Richard, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Allanah, ? (obscured), ?, Brian?, ?, ? (obscured), Gary, Frank, Matthew?
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Matthew?, ?
?, Hamish, Dan, Kirk? (obscured), ?, ?, ? (obscured)
?, ? (dead), Amy, ?, ?, ?, Robin, ?, ?, Gary (dead), ?, ?, Damon?
Watching the slaughter: Lana, Rebecca, Gynn, Shannon, Beth, Kat
?, ?, Matthew?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Testing the defences: Kirk, Dan, ?, ?, ?, Matthew?, ?, Gary, ?, ?, ?
Amy, Ana, Frank, Gary, Damon? (obscured), Richard (obscured), Paul, Chris (obscured), Nick?, Dan, ? (very obscured), ?, ?, Barty (obscured), ? (obscured), ?
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Dan, Gary, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (dead), Robin, Amy
Will, Terry, Ana, Robin, Amy, Hamish, Cutter, Kirk, Allanah, Gary, ? (obscured), Dan, ? (very obscured), Chris, Richard, ? (very obscured), Brian, Paul, Frank
Robin, ?, Nick?, ?, ?, Kirk, Hamish, Ana, Barty, ?, Frank, Luke, ?, ?, ?
Picture courtesy of Marsden
The dictator is captured! ?, Amy, ?, ?, ?, ?
Execution due to clerical error: ? (obscured), Brian, Michael?, various Alfs (background), Frank, Cutter, Robin, Amy, Justin (obscured), Gary, Richard
Matthew, ?, Sakura, ? (obscured)
Ana, ? (obscured), Vash, Terry, Stephen, Naomi, Heidi, Will
Chris, Barty, Allanah, Michael, ?, Nick?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (dead), Richard, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Amy, Kirk, Cutter? (obscured), Robin (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Ana, ? (obscured)
?, Paul, ? (very obscured), Michael, Chris, Dan, Damon, ?, ? (obscured), ?
A well-disguised infiltrator: Hamish, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, Cutter (obscured), ?
The "secret" weapon: ?, Jono?, ?, Jade?, Simeon, Will
Michael, Vash
Running the gauntlet: Simeon? (head), Gary (obscured), Barty, Will, Jason, ? (background), Dan, ?, ?, Amy, ?, Robin, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Amy (obscured), ?, Damon, Kirk, Vash, Allanah, Barty, ? (very obscured), Frank, ? (background), Stephen (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Jason, Richard, ? (obscured), Hamish, Michael, ? (very obscured), Brian, Cutter, Simeon, Chris, ?, Gary, ?, Will, Dan, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Frank, Vash, picnickers (background), Luke, ? (obscured), Terry, Stephen, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
?, ?, Vash, ?, ?
Heidi, Dan
Picture courtesy of Jason
? (hand), Ana, Russell
Background: ?, ?, ?
Vash (obscured), ?, Stephen, Terry, swarming mass of Alfs, ?, Phil, ?, Heidi, Simeon, Naomi, ?, Dan? (obscured), Richard, Amy, Brian, Damon
Picture courtesy of Marsden
? (obscured), Robin, Amy, Will, Michael
Terry, Simeon, Will, Amy
Kirk, Robin
Picture courtesy of Jason
?, Will, ?, Alfs, Terry, Alfs, Simeon, Luke, Gary (obscured), Naomi, Stephen, ?, ?, ?, Richard, Frank, Barty, Nick?, Allanah
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Human battering ram: Naomi, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Dan (legs), Luke, Gary, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
Chris (obscured), Cutter, Michael, ? (very obscured), Brian, Luke, ? (obscured), Frank
?, ?, Simeon
Picture courtesy of Jason
Phil, Vania?, ?, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
A brave soldier volunteers for a battle of champions: ? (obscured), Carl, ?, ?, ?, Matthew?, ?, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
? (tank), ? (arm), ?, Steven, Matthew, Simeon, ?
Picture courtesy of Jason
Gracious losers: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Matthew?, ?, ?, Barty
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Scapegoat: ?, ?
? (very obscured), Heidi, Will, Robin, Naomi, Richard (obscured), Luke (obscured), ?, Dan, Amy, ?Stephen? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Jason
Ritual handshakes: ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Naomi, ?, ? (obscured), Barty, ?, Robin, Dan? (obscured), Cutter?, Gary, Brian? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Jason
Simeon, Andi, Gold, Vania, Justin
Caire, Luci, Gold, Dan
Starting them young: Gary (obscured), ?

More Partying, the Bordello, 2 July 2005

Kat, Binky, Luci, Gynn
Danny, Joe
The Unexploded Cow: Claire, Simeon, Gold, Gynn, Paul
Neil, Melissa
Sam?, Emma, Naomi, Ana (obscured), Daniel, Will
?Sam? (legs), Vash, Ana, Will, ? (very obscured), Daniel, Joe, Jade, Chris, Jono, ? (legs), Paul (obscured)
?, ?
? (obscured), Amy, Robert
Gary? (legs), Paul, Jono, ? (obscured), Jade, Will, Sam?, Russell, Ana, Allanah
Sam, Neil (obscured), ? (obscured)
Tria, Peter
Ryan, Vic
Ryan (hands), ? (hands), Vic (arm), Charlene, Binky, Amy (obscured)
Frank, Josh
Russell (hair), Ana, Will
JL, Pixi
?, ? (background), Pixi, Theuns, Anita
Vic, Ryan, Robin
Robert (obscured), Kathi
Binky, Michael, Kathi
Gypzy, Tony, Luci? (obscured), Pixi
Josh, Kat
Chris (arm), Shannon, Leah, Kat, Alison
Vash, Dennis, Ivan
Gynn, Binky (obscured), Anita
Vaughan, Ben
? (hand), ?Luci? (obscured), Johnny, Blue Meanie
Heidi, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Daria, Andre, Hera
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Theuns? (obscured), James, ? (obscured), Simeon
Anna (obscured), Brian, Kathy, James (obscured)
Andre, Josh, Norman (arm)
Karen, Johnny
Vic, Dust
Matthew, ? (obscured)
? (obscured), Leon, Andre? (obscured)
Kat, Shannon
?Morbid? (obscured), Gynn, Gary, Tony, Gavin, Jodi, Paula (obscured), Kat? (obscured), Meredith, Keenie, Claire, Andi (obscured), Simeon, Allanah, Ben, ? (very obscured), Dillon, ? (obscured), Theuns, Damon?, Dennis, Frank?, Sam?, Luke, ? (obscured)
Sophie, Vaughan (obscured)
Sheryl, Lex (obscured)
James, Helen, Lex? (obscured), Jennifer
John, Ashes, Gary, Robin, James, Leah (obscured)
Lex, Duncan, Heather, Nick
Jodi, Paul
?, Jonty, Michael, ?Gynn? (hair)
Chris, Heather
Background: ? (hand), David, ?
Keenie, Tony? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Glenn
Hamish, Claire, Shannon
Hamish (obscured), Seth, Pixi? (obscured), Johnny (obscured), Andi, Dillon (obscured), Simeon
Johnny (obscured), ? (obscured), Claire
Erin, Nick? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Brett, Morbid, Nigel, Ivan, Adam, John
The fire begins
?, ?, John (obscured), Binky, ?, ?, ?, Tony?, ?, Adam, ?, Hamish
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Show's over... John, Hamish
Andi (obscured), James, ? (obscured), Simeon, Shannon, ? (obscured), Lance, Kat, Leon (background), Paul, ?, Norman, Ben?, Binky, Gynn, ?, ?, ?, Ashes (obscured), ?, Ivan, ?, ?, John, Amy
Storm, Seth, Dillon
Clare, John (very obscured)
Charlene, Ashes, Paul
? (arm), Norman
? (background), Brian
? (obscured), Danny
Luke, Greg
?, ?, Paul
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Gary, Daria, Phil (hair)
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Heather (obscured), Alison, Nikki, Binky
Rebecca, Karen
Tony, Anita, Gary
Clockwise from left: Michael, Gold, Robin, Luci, ? (doorway), Daniel, Emma (obscured), Kathi, Roisin, David
Hamish, Nick, Becky
? (arm), Amy
Sophie, Todd, ? (head), Ivan, Erin, Vaughan, Chris, Kathi
Will, Luci, Roisin
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Nick, Rebecca, Amy, Damon?
Vash, Dan, Amy, Kat, Lance
David, Luke, Will, Roisin
? (arm), ? (obscured), ?Jade? (arm), Sophie (obscured), Simeon, Damon, Amy (obscured), Andi (obscured), John, Michael, Claire, Dennis, ? (obscured), Gynn, Gold, Rebecca, Chris, Andre, ? (obscured), Kat
Binky, ? (obscured)
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Now you kiss! Luke, Roisin, Will
Picture courtesy of Kathi
? (obscured), Fridge
John, Sophie, Vaughan
Picture courtesy of Kathi
Amy, Damon
? (hand), Storm, Tony
The mine of Damocles
Picture courtesy of Kathi

Boardgames, the Bordello, 3 July 2005

Metro: Heather, Will, Dave, Fiona
San Juan: Dave, Will, Alex, Heather, Simeon
China: Amy, Amy, Heather, Stacey
Evo: John, Robert, Alex, Damon, Dave
Simeon, Emma, Will
Chess: Ozy, Neil
Blokus: Neil, Ozy
Tongiaki: Tony, Seth, Gynn, Cutter, ?, Amy
Kat, Beth, Charlene
Hansa: Gynn, Tony, Cutter, Ozy
Carcassonne: the City: Amy, Damon, Heather, Stacey (legs)
Blokus: Emma, Jade, Simeon, Paula
Doom: Gold, Russell, ? (obscured), Josh, Luci
Evo and Blokus: ?Sam?, Alex, Naomi, Jono?, Melissa, ? (arm), Neil
Background: ?, ?, Cutter
Modern Art: Gynn, Ana (obscured), Tony
In the Shadow of the Emperor: Damon, Heather, Dave
Munchkin: ?, Jade, Ana, Jono, Daniel, Alex, ? (hands)
Melissa, Karla
Fearsome Floors: Amy, Alex, Gynn, Damon
Blokus yet again: John, Jono, Simeon, Seth

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