November 7-15: Teri's farewell, End of year party, Robyn's farewell

Teri's farewell, The Bordello, 7 November, 2000

Teri, ?, ?
Me. Danny, John, Glen, JL, ?, ? in background
Karen. LX in background
Mary Ann, Jason, Simeon, Robyn
Glen, Danny, JL, Carl, Zane, Pauline, ?
?, Andi, Ozzy, Ozzy's other half, ?, ?, Euan, Rachel, Simeon in foreground
JL and Teri

End of year party, Upper Clyde Road, 11 November, 2000

Cutter, Michael, Dennis, Mary Ann
Murray and Bastian
SCAdian couch: Einar, Bethany, Iuliana
More SCAdians: Emma, Alexander, Thorkell
On the porch: Nicholas, Kat, Mel?, ?, Cody, Hadlee, Murray?, Ashes, ?
Mary Ann and Duncan
Blockimg the doorway: Garth, Mia, Jess, ?, Cat, Andrew?, ?, ?
Pixie and Charlotte
Ghost and his human...
Nick, Alex, Jenny (obscured), Scarecrow
Pauline and Carl
Andi, Nicola, Jo, Bastian
Ryan, Tria, Theresa, Pixie, Josie
Julie, Pip, Daniel, Leon
The waiting crowd
Still waiting
Scarecrow (foreground), Mia, Johnny, ?Tria?, Ryan, Picasso, Nicholas, a bunch of unidentified or obscured people
Alex whips up enthusiasm for Trond and Troy
You Sicko! Award: Scarecrow. Mike lurks in doorway.
Where's Waldo Award: me
Colin gets recognised for the 1000-sparkler pyrotechnic
An old dictator prepares to depart
The newest dictator is carried in
The crowd begins to disperse

Random weather..., Kahu Road, 14 November, 2000

Stormy skies

Robyn's farewell, Kahu Road, 15 November, 2000

Simeon, Nicola and Dartha Vader
Jenny, Belle, Vernon, Rat
Steve, Dieter, Theuns, Beast, Simeon
Robyn, Zane, Jenny, Rebecca
Clockwise from lower left: Beast, Rebecca, Geoffrey, Vernon, Simeon, Nicola, Schmoo, Dillon
Charlotte, Del, Robyn, Mary Ann, Simeon, Nicola
The carnivore strikes!
Exodus: Zane, Dennis, Mary Ann, Morbid, Thorkell

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