February 19-24: Meredith's birthday, Clubs Day

Meredith's birthday, the Dollhouse, February 19, 2000

Birthday girl
Mr Goth-man: Dillon
Denizens of the Realm: Blancmange, Ozymandius, Edward Ursus. Background: ?, Angie? (obscured), Cameron? (obscured), ?, Chris, Andrew
Dancefloor starts to activate: Fluffy, Schmoo?, Hamish?, Kirk, Cutter, ?, Stefan, Anna (obscured), ?, ?, ?
Quiet room: Schmoo? (hands), Beast, Tina, Daniel, ?
Mid-generation KAOS: Neil and Debra
Crowded corner: ?, Lisa, Keenie, ?, ?Teri?, Adam?, Sebastian
The evil one arrives: Joe, Alex, Dave, Sophie, ?, ?
Bad hair night: Dan
Black and flesh: John, Traci, Aaron, Diana, Schmoo (obscured), Rebecca
In the kitchen at parties... Richard, Neil, ?, ?, ?, Kirk, ?Hamish?, Tony
Rare visitors: ?Penny? and Pete
A frottage line... Gold, Charlotte?, Andrew, Diana, Michael
The Scandinavian contingent: Johanna and Trond
What happened to that neck? ?, ?Scott?, ?
Busy dancefloor: ?Scott?, ? (foreground), ? (obscured), Andrew? (obscured), Seth, ?Hamish?, ?, ?, Todd, Erebus, Trond
You are feeling relaxed... Traci and John
More dancers: Olly, Paul, Gold, Michelle, Todd, Meredith, Erebus, ?, Sarah, Hamish, Rebecca (obscured), Lubie, Teri?, Dennis, ?, ?

Birthday lunch, Pagoda Palace?, February 20, 2000

Clockwise from left: Rebecca, Schmoo, Anna, Meredith, Tina, ?(obscured), Beast, Tony, Ross

Clubs' Day, University, February 24, 2000

Aliena at the SCA table
KAOS and Bridge Club: Darcy?, Robert (background), Angela, Leonie, Troy, Chris?, Alex, Brian, Tria, ?, ?, Garth?, Vanessa, Karen, John?
KAOS: Diana, Michael, Leonie, Teri, Tria, Garth?, Leon, Alex, Anthony, Cameron
Gaming club: ?, ?, ?, Chris, Robert, Diana

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